Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Gordon Brown
10 Downing Street

Notice of the People’s Reclamation of the land of Great Britain

Dear Gordon Brown

Please read this letter very carefully. It is a notice. It means what it says. It requires no response as its content is a statement and is not negotiable.

I did not write this. Who wrote these words is not important. What is important is what they say. What is important is that I feel them as though I’d written them myself. What is important is that I know that, as you read them, I know that I am one of many all joined in thought at this time. All knowing that each and every one of us feel these words and have come together in this way to show you who we really are.

I know that right now, you live in denial. Because you know, like I know, that something is terribly wrong. It matters not anymore. What matters, is that you confront your denial and admit to yourself that for all the good you may feel you can do, in reality you can do nothing. You do not really know what to do.

But that is of no significance because now you need not do anything. Becoming a politician was your downfall, because it has restricted you along with all the other politicians who, like you, can do nothing to stop what is and what will be. I know who controls you, dictates to you, funds you and owns you. They always will because you lack the strength to stand against them and join the ones who elected you.

It is us, the people who ultimately will show you that we elected you and all your colleagues to govern and protect us from the loss of our Natural Born Sovereignty. We elected you just like we elected all before you and they let us down just like you have. You possibly didn’t mean to, you just did. We elected you because you were one of just a handful we in turn were presented with. We had no choice but to elect one of you. That is not democracy.

You, like all the rest before you could not, and never will, be able to give us what we elected you to do. We elected you to abide with us in our freedom that we may live in a country of warmth, safety and prosperity. It is my belief that we as human beings deserve to live our lives the way we choose, in a responsible and respectful manner toward our fellow beings on this land, and to share our warm welcome with others from far lands, and to move freely in our own world in peace.

You and those before you care not for us. You care only for yourself and never listen to the real voice of the people you consider that you govern. So it is now time for us, the people, to take back what you have taken from us. Our Natural Inalienable Rights of the Common Law of this land which you and all those before you chose to take from us, and then offer back to us in the form of privileges. You stole our children from us, and kept us from the knowledge of how you did it. You used this knowledge and created us as legal fictions called ‘persons’, in order to entrap and enslave us in the debt which you have accrued over time with a privately owned corporation known as the Bank of England.

Fleet Law, the law of the waters, does not apply to human beings on the land. You have used this law and with sleight of hand, using meanings to words which only you and your society understand, in order to cheat us from our liberty and our freedom.

You and all those before you have created a complex inter twined society of secrets to which we are not invited. You use these secrets to cheat us and lie to us in order to keep us in fear and guilt and hate. You manipulate us that we may fight each other, police each other, resent each other, thus distracting us from what is real. And the truth is that we are real. We are conscious flesh and blood human beings with a living soul.

We abide by the Common Laws of this Land and never knowingly cause loss, harm or injury to another fellow being. These are the only Laws by which we need to be governed. Your fictional Statutory Rules are becoming an obsession for you, and all those who support you in them. We take the view that you have no soul, no compassion, no empathy and no love for your fellows. Therefore you either have no soul, or you live in the pain of not knowing who you are.

So here and now let it be known to you and your peers that no army in this world can stop us from taking back our birthright. We will not fight you with guns. We will not riot and thus give you the excuse you and your masters desire in order to enslave us further. We will not fight you physically at all. We will fight you with what we possess – knowledge and Common Sense. In doing so we will take down your agents and judiciaries, because we know their workings, and we know what to say to them and we know what to write to them. We know the right questions to ask. We know how to pose unanswerable questions to which Common Sense and the rule of Common Law are the sole answers.

We will now live our lives the way we wish, and you cannot stop us. You have twisted words and used them against us to gain your false power. We now take back those words and use them against you in their natural and most powerful meaning and understanding. False Statutory Rule will fall as it is fiction created by you and the ones before you, and all that it has created will fall with it.

We no longer accept your rule.

We will not fight you or cause chaos on our streets.

We will not fight each other

We will not join your armed forces

We will not fight beings from other lands on your behalf

We will not join your police force

We will not pay your taxes

We will not listen to your lies

We will not register our newborns

We will not force our children to do that which they do not want to do (OH Update; actually I will, the lazy shits)

We will not join another nations rule

We will stand by and protect our sovereignty

We will protect our land from the oppression of other lands and their leaders

We will force your system to shut down and fail

We will never allow your system to rise again

We will stop the cash flow through your privately owned banks

We will educate others of your secret societies and corrupt business of ruling

We will create our own freedom

We will remain peaceful at all times

We are implacable

We are honourable

Without us your system is nothing. Your system cannot function without the people who make it work. We are the people who work in your corporations. We are the people who work in your courts. The people who work in your shops and your offices and your transport network and your postal service. We are the moving parts of your machine and we will stop your system from working.

We have the power to do all of this and you know this is the truth. You knew this was coming all along. You were waiting for this. It releases you from your pain. If you have a backbone you will stand down from your position and join us. If you are true to your people you will do this. If you wish to lead us, then join us. Stand up to the ones who control you and tell them you believe in your people.

I am one of many and the many are growing by the day. Join us in our freedom if you will. The door is open to all human beings, if indeed you are one.

Sincerely without ill-will, frivolity, or vexation,



Goodnight Vienna said...

"Without us your system is nothing. Your system cannot function without the people who ..."

Not bad at all, OH. Galt's Gulch, here we come!

JD said...

Yes, Yes, Yes,
Lotsa copies (suitably amended) going to Brian Cowen here in ROI.

Dungeekin said...

That's bloody good.

Thanks for publishing it - reproduced at mine with appropriate credit your way.

This letter deserves a lot of publicity.


Anonymous said...

Spot on except the bit about us electing Brown.

Barnsley Bill said...

hmmmm. May steal this and offer little in the way of a hat tip (as per usual).

Well done noblik.

Chris said...

"We elected you to abide with us in our freedom that we may live in a country of warmth, safety and prosperity."

Nice turn of phrase.

I daily stand amazed that the cretinous Socialists fail to understand so simple a rule of government as: 'Don't fuck up the country.'

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. None of this ties in with my BNP manifesto. I best be off to shine my head.

Harrithebastard said...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I'm afraid I have registered my children. Awfully inconvenient, life without a birth certificate. Maybe that'll change, once he's had his notice.

Old Holborn said...

"Awfully inconvenient, life without a birth certificate."

Not half as inconvenient as life with one.

Just think of all the tax you'd never pay.

What's the first thing an asylum seeker does when he arrives here? He eats his passport. For a good reason.

defender said...

Thanks for that OH, I have sent it here http://isupporttheresistance.blogspot

hat tip and all.

Anna Raccoon said...

Brilliant OH, you are about to join other exalted company and get posted up on Anna Raccoon - with a suitable credit.

You really have said it all.

Mummy x said...

Fuck me that's fab!!!
We will now live our lives the way we wish, and you cannot stop us.

mc_nebula said...

More failure - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03/17/energy_quango_power_running_out/

Dazed and Confused said...

Why are you bothering in attempting to communicate with a man who clearly thinks he's above us all?
This is a man who assumed power after somebody else won his mandate for him.
This is a man whom balked at going to this Country at the back end of 2007, as his instincts for survival out weighed the choice.
This is a man who refuses to assume the blame for anything, and I mean ANYTHING at all.
This is a man whom listens to no other point of view other than that of his own inner circle, where he himself, holds centre stage. Those are the characteristics of a control freak.
This is a man whom is unable to communicate as a public orator, and so sulks childishly behind the scenes.
This is a man whom loathes the term "England" afore any other, and thus refuses to mention it in a direct form.
This is a man, neigh a coward, who wrote a book on "courage" but has none of his own.
This is a man whilst in opposition, spun mercilessly about Tory screw ups and yet had Damian Green arrested when he did something of a similar vane.
This is a man whom has crippled each and everyone of us with a State debt that will take a generation and more, to see the back of.
This is a man who has taken it upon himself to vote for Sixty One million of us, and join the E.U. superstate, where corruption is a by word that is accepted as the norm.
This is a man whom has filled his entire cabinet with political non entities to make himself look acceptable to the rank and file of the British public.
I would hazard a guess that this is a man whom loathes himself, his life, his constant screw ups, and above all, the very Island he purports to represent.

And so given the evidence, I must ask politely.....

How can you possibly communicate with that?.....He neither listens nor cares one jot, for our very existence, as they don't fit neatly in with his own "visions" of a Socialist utopia.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Worth printing & hanging on the wall. Personally though, rather than Brown joining us, I'd prefer him dangling from a lamp post by the famous piece of piano wire, after a suitable 24 hours or so of extreme torture. These cowards don't like it up 'em.

Goodnight Vienna said...

@ 13.37 "Worth printing & hanging on the wall".

Not really. Just do it.

Shirking From Home said...

Sandblasting the dried on bogeys and worse no doubt. The filthy disgusting cunt.

Anonymous said...

thats what the jews sent in a 1932 letter innit postmarked A hitler?
where you been living in france or what!
you write some good shite but fucking hell thats the hammer!

Revolution Harry said...

"Awfully inconvenient, life without a birth certificate."

Not half as inconvenient as life with one.

You're right, you should watch this. In fact every one should.


Anonymous said...

a surrender letter zu den fuhrer

Gordon Brown said...

Piss off OH, and please leave me a dozen red roses next time you go for a walk. Cheers, son.

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