Tuesday, 31 March 2009

"Fire" Minister Sadiq Khan

Has just introduced new Fire Brigade uniforms to encourage more ethnic diversity in the Fire Brigade.

Give me fucking strength...

We are pleased to note that the fire service is now taking seriously the issues of culture and religious belief when purchasing corporate and protective clothing for firefighters

Jagtar Singh

Asian Fire Service Association


The Last Of The Few said...

Are you for real.

We also have an Asian Fire Servie Association.

You watch rasicm call next because the fire looked a bit bad a the asian guy was sent in with breathing apparatus that did not allow his beard to sit nicely and as a result could not use it properly.
So therefore unfit for the job.
So we have violated his human rights

OK I need to lie down.
Blood pressure i did not realise could go this high!!!

aproposofwhat said...

What next?

Being excused from fighting fire at a butchers because the bacon's not halal?

Spangly uniforms for gay firefighters?

One question that needs to be asked is - how many female muslim firefighters are there in the UK, and how much was spent on this ludicrous piece of politically correct lunacy? I'm willing to bet that there aren't more than a couple of officers who could make use of this uniform, but that someone in the diversity industry has trousered a goodly wad of our cash in the process.

Fuck it, I obviously need to be reeducated on a diversity awareness course, 'cause this stuff makes my blood boil.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Women and ladders aren't one of life's more natural matches (unless it's in their stockings) and a woman in a long skirt up a high ladder is just plain w-r-o-n-g.

subrosa said...

I'll bet Jagtar Singh is pleased. Little by little ...

Daisy said...

and i thought the US was bad...geez what the hell?

Letters From A Tory said...

"Asian Fire Service Association"

Someone please tell me that we have a Caucasian Atheist Fire Service Association as well....

Anonymous said...

Vote BNP. Its the only way that this insanity will be stopped.

Roger Thornhill said...

"Its the only way that this insanity will be stopped."

Pointless if it is to be replaced by an even bigger insanity.

"Change" is MEANINGLESS!


Anonymous said...

It seems we are living in a gigantic lunatic asylum.

defender said...

I just wonder just what the fuck you are all so upset about.
When we have been pointing out for years what all this multiculti stuff would lead to.
Just last weekend a family died in Doncaster in a house fire, the residents were prepared to make a rescue attempt but was held back by the police enforcing the health and safty directives, which are more important than saving lives.
Now a Asian Fire Service Assoociation is up and running to join all the other ethnic assoc. already running. Please do not be surprised to hear of others as they come onstream, there will be many more.
How about an association of Asian meat inspectors, or an assoc of Africian Immigration officers, or an assoc of illegal asylum seekers. Thimk of one of your own and see how long before it surfaces.
Anger to stop this type of thing happening anymore is one thing but to be surprised at this happening is simply to be in denial.
Get out of lala land people, this is the only country you have, protect it or lose it. Then again perhaps you dont mind being an immigrant yourself, in which case immigrate and set up your own Brit Expat assoc of Asia, White Brit Police assoc of RSA and anyothers you think you are entitled to in your new refuge.

I am off to post leaflets for our EU campaign, you lot just sit here and write of your latest surprise.

Oldrightie said...

There must be a department in Government hell bent on creating unrest and rioting. Perhaps in order to invoke The Civil Contingencies Act. Ergo, Snotty rules for ever.

Anonymous said...

In la belle France with 5 million residents from the camel shagging brigades, not one headscarf is tolerated in any public service or indeed at any supermarket checkout counter. The difference you see is that religion over there belongs in the church, synagogue, temple or mosque. Get on message snotty.

Scan said...

It's a pity the minority fuckers couldn't be arsed to turn up to the photoshoot.

Anonymous said...

I would.......

Anonymous said...

'Only 5.5% of fire brigade staff in England are from an ethnic minority background and just 3.3% of all firefighters are women'.

With percentages like that, of course they are the people who must be catered for - f**k the other 94.5% & 96.8% respectively. It's the ZaNuLab way.

I'd love to see that uniform up a ladder - with a long skirt how exactly are they going to get into the familiar protective gear or are ethnic minorities & wimmin not expected to climb ladders/put their lives at risk like the white male members of the force? Absolutely ridiculous - and I'm both a woman & a member of an ethnic group (though obviously not of the burqa wearing variety)!

Anonymous said...

"There must be a department in Government hell bent on creating unrest and rioting. Perhaps in order to invoke The Civil Contingencies Act. Ergo, Snotty rules for ever."

Nah, like defender says, this stuff has been going on for years. We're only hearing about it now because the MSM's message about the government has changed. Not long ago, things like this were tolerated by the MSM in the name of diversity etc., but now they are opportunities to rip on the fat cats who are spending our money.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to an official clown being interviewed on this matter last. Although he was asked several times he couldn't actually say whether or not the fire personnel would be wearing turbans of hijabs when coming to the rescue, only that they would be 'issued' with the correct equipment.
We are going to hell in a handcart.

As was pointed out later by a caller, in Muslim Countries The fire brigade, Police, pilots all wear safety helmets, but of course not back in Blighty.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to be a Jew with a house on fire.

Delphius1 said...

I just wonder how safe this new uniform is in a firefighting situation.

Of course this problem doesn't crop up in Muslim countries, because its a man's world and women are relegated to 2nd class status and therefore aren't allowed to fight fires. Easily and cheaply solves the problems associated with women being treated as equals whilst trying to accomodate an inequal religious viewpoint.

So only we get all the costs, problems and issues related to pandering to all this politically correct crap.

Its about time it stopped and we gave people the choice of following their religion to the letter so far as they realised it excluded them from certain tasks. Its up to THEM to make that choice, rather than the government pander to every single minority, no matter how unworkable.

Dave H said...

This is the 'office' uniform. You won't see anyone attending a fire dressed like this. Having said that, it's all utterly insane bollox anyway.

This country's going to be such a fuckin' toilet soon, and the police will then be closing blogs like this, for the gravest offence of Endangering Community Cohesion.

The Asian Fire Service Association. I. Do. Not. Believe. This. Shit.

Anonymous said...

Also not forgetting the young muslim girls who all burnt to death because the fire at their boarding school (In some enlightened Muslim country) broke out at night and they were not dressed appropriately enough to be rescued. (as men could see their bodies)
Fuck! If I was burning and had to wait for her to reach me I'd be worried!!

R Nosgrove said...

But April Fools Day isn't till tomorrow......

Anonymous said...

Don't even think that this 'office' uniform will not be worn outside. This is how it begins. Followed by, well we need more ethnics, so you, you and you can recruit them even though you have only been in the job 2 weeks, never fought a fire, never rescued anyone, never worked shifts, but you still get full pay for eff all.
If will simply be racist to expect everybody to wear safety equipment if it interferes with there beliefs.
Laugh all you want, this is how the Police started off and what do you think of them now?

Anonymous said...

I spent 29 years in the fire service, and I'm proud to have served. I got out just in time, before the really nasty PC shit kicked in with a vengeance.
Former colleagues who are still serving tell me that the job has changed dramatically; PC is the main concern now, and the main fear for white male firemen.

Fire engines are having to be modified so that vertically-challenged(!) split-arses can reach the kit inside the lockers - one brigade even supplied steps so that wimmin wouldn't have to stretch to the back of a locker to get a piece of kit.

There were a few dykes who joined before I left, but apparently "Wimmin Only" and "Ethnic Only" recruiting days are held so that quotas can be attained. White males excluded, of course.

The Swedish Fire Brigade had a bumper sticker back in the eighties which read "Don't send a girl to do a man's job". Fucking outrageous, I hear you cry, but the Chief Officers in this country would have done better to have stuck by the sentiment, than ever to have let weakling girlies get into the profession.

Standards of Entry tests, breathing apparatus examinations - all have been modified so that wimmin can be seen to attain a pass mark.

I kid you not.

As well as the Asian lot, there is a Black And Effnic Minority club (BEAM), and a separate association for wimmin.

I'm so pleased not to be a part of it any more.

mmm said...

In our region the Deputy Chief Officer is a female, recruited from the “Boots Chemist” management train scheme. Her name is Lucy and she is kept on a tight leash by her Chief and the serving members of the brigade who whip her with elfin safety whenever she steps outside her office door.
She once got into and drove a small response vehicle with blue lights flashing without proper training. Oh dear! Oh dear!
Anyway the brigade got a fresh sniffer dog to check scenes for evidence of arson. They proudly call the dog Lucy.

mmm said...

By the way:-
Notice the colour of the shirt.
This previews the new uniforms shortly to be rolled-out.
The members of the brigades are keen not to be mistaken for police in expected cases of civic emergency.
I kid you not.

Chalcedon said...

Whatever happened to the Caucasian Fire Service........ah, silly me. It never existed because that would be racist.

max firethwart said...

i'm in the process of campaigning for the right of essex-girls to extinguish infernos wearing white uniform minis with matching 5 inch stilettos and handbags.

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