Friday, 27 March 2009

Fat Bastard

Eric Pickles made a cock of himself last night on Question Time. Apparently, he needs a second home in London (paid for by the tax payer) because travelling 37 miles from Brentwood, Essex to Westminster by 9.30 am would mean he had to leave home at 5.30 am. The fat lying cunt.

It takes 40 minutes to Liverpool Street.

I suspect...


Shirking From Home said...

Great, more please.

Anonymous said...

It was Question Time. Newsnight is one of the Pravda pretend news shows. On QT there's audience input and some remnant of free speech. Pickles was unlucky. He had a squeaky clean LibDem on before him, and he ( ineptly ) took the flack while Charles Clarke managed to get away with just sticking the boot in Spelman.

The public hate them all for this troughing. Irrespective of party affiliation. It wasn't just Pickles.

Michael said...

The worst part is that there are probably many more like him and others claiming even more money on 2nd homes etc...

Bill Quango MP said...

Good spot.
He really should have done better though.
He's going to spoil it for the rest of us if he doesn't buck up!

Anonymous said...

He looked like and spoke like an utter fat useless cunt. Trying to argue that the world would stop if HE didn't make it on time was pitiful.
He, along with the rest of the grasping bastards are only slowly beginning to learn the anger out there.
If he arrived late, a debate, a review, a question is delayed, if many thousands of others arrive late trains stand still, patients die, shops are empty, etc etc.
He was pompous and learnt a lesson.
Question Time must be getting unpopular with the filth from HOC.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Troughligate cunt.

BBC Radio 4s' am Today programme seems to enjoy giving state apparatchicks of all kinds a much harder time than their TV colleagues.

Anonymous said...

If he commuted in from Shenfield (one stop further and with better parking as is likely the case) the journey time is only 23 minutes.

He's my local MP. Useless fat cunt made himself look even more of one with that 'But I have to be there at 9.30' statement.

No fucking shit sherlock. How can I be at my desk by 8.30 and need only get up at 7?

Mind you, I don't go to work via the fucking cafe, and move a bit quicker than the fat lardy bastard that's probably why.

Fearless Frank said...

37 miles Brentwood to london?

More like 20, imo

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I think you'll find that 37 miles is the RETURN journey.

One way, by small car, is 21.56 miles. Given that FenderBelly Pickles has no hope of getting into a small car, I assume that he went by rail, which is more direct - probably 18.5 miles.

Ergo, not only is he a fat bloke, but it would appear that he is a fat bloke who is economical with the truth.

I'm not sure that my blood pressure will let me keep ranting about these troughing bastards for much longer.

It doesn't matter what colour of government we have, they are only in it for themselves, apparently.

It's so bad now, that I'd rather listen to a Jehova's Witness at my front door, than ANY politician.

Vicola said...

They've always got a fucking excuse haven't they? And it's always shit. He's just another money-grubbing little weasel out to grab as much cash as he can before the the gravy train falls off the rails. Scrote.

John said...

It would be true if he lived at the train station at both ends.

In London, time trains alone is useless as you need to include door to station times.

Anonymous said...

Pickles is telling the truth. leaves home at 5:30, his navel out the door, followed two hours later by his arse (assuming he walks about two miles an hor). That's 7:30. Same routine getting in the car and out of it, he'd be two hours late.
Good fucking riddanxce.

John Richard Jones said...

Being so fat and overweight he is disabled and cannot move about like the rest of us so he needs to live as near to his place of work as possible. Perhaps he should be on a scheme for disabled people such as The Sheltered Placement Scheme which is for disabled people who show an inability to be able to work properly and otherwise be unemployable. He fits all these criteria.

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