Monday, 16 March 2009

The Dog Days of Nu Labour

Be it next next month or in a year's time the election beckons, but still the corruption goes on, as Labour MP's and Ministers throw more wood on their own funeral pyre.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

They all must have had an operation in the past to remove the 'decency and morality' part of their psyche.
It's just incredible that they go on in this way.
Do we have enough lamp posts in this country?

defender said...

The power of voting BNP

March 16, 2009 by Martin Wingfield
Filed under Martin Wingfield, National News

WHEN Gordon Brown called for “British Jobs for British Workers” at the GMB trade union conference back in June 2007 he had no intention of implementing any such policy. It was just a cheap con-trick to try to hoodwink traditional Labour voters into believing that there was something of Old Labour values still left in his Party.

Brown had hoped that he could stem the tide of growing support for the British National Party by mouthing a few platitudes to Britain’s working folk but now, nearly two years on, he knows that this strategy hasn’t worked.

Today, Hazel Blears the Communities Secretary, will broach the subject again unveiling a new “migrant tax,” to be levied on immigrants applying for work visas from non-EU states. She plans to say: “While many migrants play an important role in our community, we need an honest debate about the local pressures that migration can create on our public services.”

The Tories too are getting in on the act with Damian Green, the shadow immigration minister, calling on the French Government to take action to stop “mini-Sangatte” welcome centres for illegal immigrants seeking to enter the UK. What weasel words from this colleague of Boris Johnson, the Conservative Mayor of London, whose call for an illegal immigrant amnesty has done more than anything else to encourage illegal immigration into Britain.

This latest spell of anti-immigration rhetoric from Labour and the Tories has been prompted by one thing only, and we are grateful to today’s Daily Telegraph for explaining it so succinctly: “Ministers hope that acknowledging the strain caused by immigration in some areas will stop voters being tempted by the British National Party at the European Elections in June.”

The Financial Times this morning also lifts the lid on the worries of the Establishment.
“There is widespread concern at Westminster that recessionary pressures on jobs and housing could help the BNP to exploit disaffection with Labour among manual workers in order to build an electoral base.”

And the Tories openly admit that its recent call for an annual cap on immigration has been prompted as “the best way to address the threat from the BNP.”

So there you have it. Further evidence that there is only one thing that can stir Government and Opposition politicians into action on immigration, and that is the growing electoral support for the British National Party.

Every voter in Britain has this power in their hand. Casting your vote for a British National Party candidate in any election where there is one standing is the only way to make the ‘Old Gang’ politicians listen. And if they don’t heed the wishes of the British people on this most important of issues, they know that there is one political party which will!

Roger Thornhill said...

Vaz said: "We are deeply concerned about the apparent way in which this ethnic-minority firm of solicitors has been dealt with.

Is Vaz being racist/asking for special favours. Either the law firm is being treated correctly, or it is not.

p.s. More O/T spam from defender. HAIL SPODE!

Guthrum said...

"The power of voting BNP"

Changing the Authoritarian Left into the Totalitarian Left with added death penalty- Ernst Rohm would be so proud.

Do you drop these little missives on blogs across the political spectrum.

defender said...

Yes I do, what do your activist do, speak to the converted?
Bet you wish you had some like me on your side.

defender said...

Hey Guthrum, this is just for you. Have a look at the comments.

More than three-quarters of Britons want to see jobless immigrants forced to leave UK

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:56 AM on 16th March 2009

* Comments (92)

More than three-quarters of Britons believe jobless immigrants should be asked to leave the UK, according to a new poll.

The finding will raise fears that the far-Right BNP could prosper in the recession as unemployment rises.

In addition, more than half of the adults in Britain who took part in the FT/Harris survey opposed the right for citizens from other European Union countries to work here.

Outspoken immigration minister Phil Woolas admitted that the Government, despite years of tough talking on immigration, had yet to convince many voters that it had properly tightened Britain's borders.

Asylum seekers pictured in Calais recently: Many are hoping to reach Britain where they believe they will find work, but as new study shows three-quarters of people want non-working immigrants to leave the UK

'The poll figures are not a surprise, they are a concern, and in significant part they are because they public don't believe that the Government has got control,' he said.

'The central goal of my immigration policy is to provide the assurance to the public that we know who's here and who's not here.'

Immigrants from Eastern Europe have been generally welcomed by people in Britain as they have been seen as skilled tradesmen and women and to have filled gaps in the workforce.

However, the poll also found that more adults in the UK, 54 per cent, than in Germany, France, Italy or Spain, are against citizens from other EU countries getting a job in their country.

Just over half of those interviewed in Britain strongly supported the idea that the Government should ask unemployed immigrants to leave the country, with about a quarter 'somewhat' backing such a policy.

Only the Italians felt as strongly on this issue.

Shadow immigration minister Damian Green said the findings reflected Labour's failures over immigration combined with pressures on the jobs market.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has faced criticism for his slogan 'British jobs for British workers' and the country was hit by wildcat strikes this year over the use of foreign workers at an oil refinery in Lincolnshire.

Town halls in London are to get millions of pounds to help deal with a surge in immigrants.

Communities Secretary Hazel Blears will this week unveil plans for a £50 fee for immigrants to the UK from non-EU countries.

The scheme is expected to raise around £70 million over the next few years with funds being distributed to councils having to provide extra health, education and other services because of the influx of newcomers

Several town halls in London, including Hammersmith and Fulham, have complained they are being underfunded because of flawed population figures.

The Penguin said...

I'd like to see that greasy cunt Vaz sent back to Yemen with a one-way ticket and his passport revoked.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

The BNP will never gain power, but a strong BNP can force mainstream parties to modify their policies. Votes =places at the trough, nothing else is of interest to them.

Anonymous said...

The BNP will never gain power, but a strong BNP can force mainstream parties to modify their policies. Votes =places at the trough, nothing else is of interest to them.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Yep, that's Vaz playing the race card.

Time we had a Vazectomy.

Guthrum said...

Cheers Defender

Thats what happens when the righteous infantalise the population, you need a scapegoat.Its been done before.

You deport every single immigrant, then what ? What do you do with the non whites who have been born here for two generations ? get the cattle trucks moving ?

Instead of paying unemployment benefit you can get all this done by enrolling the unemployed into an updated SA- its been done before

Then you can turn on the Socialists, Social Democrats,Conservatives and Liberals who do not share you weltschaung.

Is any of this going to create one job, build one house, build one factory- its a totalitarian fantasy worthy of Mugabe

All of those with half a brain that are the wealth creators will be long gone, and you will be left with the State providing everything.

Anonymous said...

"The power of voting BNP"

Changing the Authoritarian Left into the Totalitarian Left with added death penalty-

What's the difference? The death penalty is coming back via the Lisbon Treaty anyway.. and maybe for much lesser crimes !!

I'm not a BNP member but the present government really need it up 'em and the BNP seem to be the ones who will shove it up 'em so I'm being drawn to vote for them, hell we can vote them out again in 5 years, at least they will get us out of the accursed EU

Balding Nobhead Party said...

Why the fuck are all these BNP twats sat in front of computers all day typing. I've said it before and I'll say it again, YOUR PURPOSE IS TO BEAT UP SOCIALIST WORKERS AND MUZZIES. No-one gives a fuck about your policies. Now get back out there and cause some trouble. The system is getting impatiant and so am I.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to beating people up most of us realise that it is normaly performed the other way round.

Guthrum said...

"hell we can vote them out again in 5 years"

Somebody said that in 1933

the man who fell back to bed said...

and still not a word of this story on the BBC website, despite being all over several newspaper web pages. funny that... almost like they're trying to keep it quiet or something.

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