Sunday, 29 March 2009

Distance Diagnosis - a new sport.

David Owen, a psychiatrist turned politician, is but the latest to take up distance diagnosis.

Dr David Southall was famously found guilty of professional misconduct after he claimed that it was 'beyond reasonable doubt' that he could identify Steven Clarke as being a 'child abuser' by watching him on TV.

Will David Owen be found guilty of professional misconduct for claiming that Gordon Brown is an 'electorate abuser' by watching him? I doubt it.

David Owen, in the Oxford journal Brain, identifies a mental disorder, 'hubris syndrome', in several past prime ministers, but subtly falls short of a direct diagnosis of our current Prime Minister. The symptoms he identifies make interesting reading

A narcissistic propensity to see one's world primarily as an arena in which to exercise power and seek glory.

A disproportionate concern with image and presentation

A messianic manner

Excessive confidence in own judgment and contempt for advice

Exaggerated self-belief, bordering on omnipotence

A belief that one is accountable solely to history or god

Loss of contact with reality; often associated with progressive isolation

Restlessness, recklessness and impulsiveness

Alastair Campbell was believed to be the source of the 'psychologically flawed' slur on the Prime Ministers mental health, or lack of; that was but a cheap jibe from the master of sound bites. David Owen, writing in conjunction with another psychiatrist, Jonathon Davidson, in an ultra respectable academic journal, is a pointing finger that will be far more difficult to ignore.

He says there is no drug treatment, but that cabinet government should block messianic tendencies. Unfortunately, he says, "we haven't had cabinet government now since 1997" apart from an interlude when Brown first took over. Democracy is the best treatment. The four prime ministers he directly identifies with hubris syndrome were brought down by backbench pressure.

Let us hope that back benchers read academic Oxford journals. In case they don't, and this article was published February 12th, so perhaps they don't, I shall be doing everything I can to give it more publicity.

Hat tip to Sarah Boseley.


shibby said...

Basically what any idiot can see in him

It shouldn't need a medical description, diagnosis, or otherwise to be obvious that we would be better off without him.

bofl said...

gordon in a 'straight' jacket! now that is funny!

Brown displays all of the tendencies listed.

re the xpenses fiddles this morning-

i wonder how much gordon has spent on rent boys?

BrianSJ said... has David Owen's book on Hubris.
Not that he suffered from it, of course.

Swiss Bob said...

Morning slags,

On today's Stanislav’s Blues we have THE ADAM SMITH INSTITUTE VS THE PEOPLE and if you are bored with the usual shit Sunday papers check out skymadeupnewsandfilth, tits, sport and politics, filth for everyone.

Swiss Bob...Chief arse licker and member of the big ,yellow stained panty brigade said...

Oii Swiss Bob, sod off! Not everyone wants to kiss Stanislav's arse.

Bardirect said...

From the Good doctor: A syndrome not to be applied to anyone with existing mental illness or brain damage. Usually symptoms abate when the person no longer exercises power. It is less likely to develop in people who retain a personal modesty, remain open to criticism, have a degree of cynicism or well developed sense of humour.

Anna Raccoon said...

It is less likely to develop in people who retain a personal modesty, remain open to criticism, have a degree of cynicism or well developed sense of humour.


No protection for Stannislatrine then.......

Mitch said...

The nutter with the stutter is barking and all the world can see it.
the only reason the Cabinet wont pull the plug is the loss of the trough.

blind leading the blind said...

This is all bollocks, Gordon isn't nuts as you would define it and no more so than any of the snouters, he is doing as he is told and what he is told to do is not nuts in that it has no logic, but part of the bigger evil plan.

Look at Tony Liar, he did what he was told is now stinking rich and is being primed for first president of the EU.

It is an abuse of power for self gain, almost every politician suffers from that and it could be argued that is a natural human condition - even if it is destructive and an abuse of what democracy is meant to be.

Reprecenting the peoples wishes.

Each new basterd comes in corrupted and takes a little bit of democracy away and tyrany in, until you are stuck with the EU and the shadowy group that controls that.

Follow the money.

All this bollocks about Brown being mad may be entertaining and may undermine the freak within his party but it is not the issue, it is a distraction.

The next freak will be exactly the same, Dave, whoever.

Get used to the idea as that is when the shit really hits the fan, not with Gordon but with `Dave`.

Why, because with Gordon people have blamed the Labour party and not the EU which is where 70% of the problem lies, when Dave takes over 70% and more of the problem still remain and no longer can the public pin it on the Socialists in the Labour party.

This is when EU puppet `Dave` has to either wrap up democracy in the UK as subtle as is possible to avoid a real civil disturbance or the people will look for a `real` non EU alternative.

Either that aor the EU will have to back down and retreat until it can flood the UK and the rest of Europe with non Europeans who do not give a crap how totalitarian or lacking in democracy it is, as long as they get slightly more than a bowl of rice a day and are grateful to the EU for allowing them this opportunity.

Something that is already happening but will be ramped up, first chance they get!

Wake up.

Anonymous said...

Our mainstream politicians are now little more than administrators for the eu.

Perhaps a pay cut should be considered to reflect their reduced responsibilities?

Jock Coats said...

I don't know why David Owen is getting exposure for this. It's been said for a long time that most "successful" politicians - as in reaching the top rather than being good at it - suffer from this disorder. And nor does it need a new diagnosis to soften its linguistic affect.

These are all symptoms of a psychopath.

And anyone who feels they are somehow uniquly qualified and able to "lead a country" is almost by definition a sociopath too.

Dr Death was one too.

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