Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dawn Butler MP. Liar and thief.

Dawn Butler MP (Lab, Montego Bay) yesterday


Further to the news that Jacqui “Cuntface” Smith is to continue shitting in our faces and the revelation that Tony McCunty still lives with his mum and dad on the condition that he gives them all our money, it has been revealed that diversity and ethnic background are no bar to getting your fat fucking face in the trough with the best of them.

Dawn Butler, (the loony who forged a letter from Obama on HoC Notepaper stating that she was the greatest thing since Nelson Mandela) has joined the ranks of the Gloucester Old Spot.

She’s on the fiddle as well! She lives in East Londonistan, but has blown £23000 Earth Pounds on ANOTHER property in North London!

Proper equality at last. I just need a thieving spastic wheelchair MP to complete a full house

Any suggestions? Will my lamp posts need wheelchair access?


Andy said...

Dawn Butler was the black female Labour MP who had the letter from Obama....get it right chaps...one could be led to believe that you think they all look the same or something nasty like that....

Andy said...

Nice edit!

Old Holborn said...

It's been a hectic morning.

They all look the same to me

Anonymous said...

Your chance to tell the bankers what you think. Your chance to tell the government what you think of them. Every person counts. Every voice counts. Be there. April 1st 2009.

More info - http://www.g-20meltdown.org/index.html

seebag said...

I've repeatedly asked this odious woman for a proper explanation of the Obama tribute. In 8 weeks I haven't had a proper answer. She is, quite simply, unaccountable (until the General election that is).

Sir Henry Morgan said...

No wheelchair - but will Blind do?


Shirking From Home said...

Old Holborn - 11:58

Naughty, naughty!

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