Thursday, 26 March 2009

Derek Draper- More Spin ?

Not to be shown on the BBC of course !

Guido says...

Guido went to California last week to get to the bottom of the story, what Guido discovered was shocking. Guido has already revealed that Draper didn’t go to the prestigious Berkeley campus of the University of California, instead he went to a small institute, based in a house in the suburbs of Berkeley.

What Guido found out in Berkeley was even more surprising. Guido has established as fact from reliable sources that in March 2004 Derek Draper was asked to leave the third year of a Clinical Psychology (PsyD) programme normally lasting 5 years. Further that in April 2004 it was determined that he would not receive an M.A. from the Wright Institute. So how does Derek come to have an M.A.? Why was he expelled? Did he win an appeal? Is it all the same old Derek with the same old spin?

The BBC say that this is off topic and they didn’t want to run a video from Guido on this subject. Guido thinks it gets to the core of Draper’s character. He spins the truth and you just can’t get away with that inauthenticity online. Draper just isn’t the real deal.

H/T Iain Dale


The Politics Show finally shows the Hannan youtube clip.

OH Update: Labourlist are going for the Jugular of Guido. This is going to end in tears.


Anonymous said...

Just seen Daily politics and I was pleased to hear the presenters telling Tosser Draper to SHUT UP!

He did make a complete arse of himself.

Guido wore a Berkeley T shirt which I thought was a canny thing to do.

They ran a snippet of Dans video in Strasbourg, but only a snippet.

bofl said...

what a total fuckwit dolly diaper is.

the man who put the 'berk' in berkely!

Stop Common Purpose said...

The sound sucks. Can we have subtitles, please?

Dungeekin said...

A spirited, but ultimately disappointing, press-conference between the two combatants.

I'm looking forward to the Big Fight itself.


(wv: dimster - Draper?)

Cato said...

Looks to me like Dolly wears a colostomy bag...either that or he's got the most enormous tackle.

Looking at him wearing glasses made me wonder if he shouldn't have gone to spunksavers.

bofl said...

just read some of the rubbish at draper list.

it's like reading a journal by a 5 year old......

guido this/guido that!

that kate wossername must have cataracts!

shibby said...

Private video? Wtf?

Goodnight Vienna said...

What can I say? I'm outraged, shocked, disgusted (and then some) to discover from LiebourList that: "Staines was a member of the Conservative Party and sold propaganda, including Tory t-shirts to other students." No, anything but the t-shirt!

wv is nogit - they obviously haven't seen Draper.

battle of the hamsters said...

who are these two podgy cunts and who the fuckity fuck are they talking about?

and why has one of them had his hair transplanted with white nestex?

Mitch said...

That garraway woman sure has low standards.

spark up said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eneay, Meany, Miny, Mow said...

I think the fat blogger with the shit hair style and glasses won!

Anonymous said...

That LabourList published a cracking selection of comments from Guido's Friday Caption Competition.

[Saved having to trawl through some dross to get to the best ones.]

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