Saturday, 28 March 2009

Dear Mr Taxman

I find it amusing that many contributors have decided that because Guthrum, one of our authors here at Old Holborn, has decided to move his business abroad, he is in some way unpatriotic.

It isn’t. He is effectively putting the labour of his employees outside of the grasp of Brown’s voracious appetite for stealing their hard earned money.

I am also moving my business abroad. I have spent the last month setting up my business in Zug, Switzerland. Outside of the reach of both the EU and Brown. The eye watering wages of my staff will no longer be plundered by Brown to finance his ridiculous Ponzi scheme, the tentacles of the unelected EU commission will not dictate to me who and where I reach agreement with and the profit of my and many others labour will make them rich, not him.

This is not unpatriotic. This is Patriotic.

I want Brown to starve. I want him bankrupt. I want him cold and shivering, scared, alone and destitute. I know that if I give him the chance to spend every penny I have, he will. So he’s not getting any. Like a feral, antisocial teenager, addicted to Buckfast, he's going to have to go cold turkey.

You do not have my consent or obedience Brown, and now, you do not have my money either.

In fact, you have nothing from me but my total and utter contempt. Which I give freely and in abundance.

You’re welcome.

(Ps. Lee and Donna, Shitcreek Estate, Basildon. Don’t take it personally, but pay your own fucking bills in future. I no longer see the sense in paying you to sit on your arses all day getting fatter just because my money and Gordon Brown spending it all said you could)

Do your bit. Starve Brown.


bofl said...

in this shithole it is every man for himself!

our politicians and business leaders dont give a fuck so why should we?

i wouldnt allow brown or any other useless labour traitor to clean my shoes......

they have shat on us all..and you and i are just a resource to be mined-used-abused then shat on!

i am currently starting my own business and if it isnt as good as i imagine then i WILL be leaving airstrip 1!!!!!

people in this country will never stick together and are betrayed from the top down.........if i had the money i would go tomorrow!!!!!

the economic shitstorm hasnt even started yet.......the new zimbabwe is on the way......

at least it is warm in africa....

anyone with any sense should leave-

all uk goverments waste YOUR money-wake up!

good luck guthrum-o/h and others....

you are going to need it!

K. MacEgan said...

"Eye watering wages"?Fuck me round here its legal minimum.

Stick your business's and your faux outrage and sod off! said...

Shit bags the lot of you. Good for whinging on blogs and fuck all else! Piss off, the sooner the better!

A tax exile said...

Already done it.

It puts a smile on my face every time I think about how Gordon isn't getting any of my money any more, and I can only assume my colleagues feel the same.

I feel even happier when I work out exactly how much more money he doesn't get from all the tax on the money that would have been in the UK from the business itself.

That the lifestyle outside the UK is better is a fringe benefit, though it must be said that you don't really appreciate how much of a shithole the UK has become until you see it from the outside, and compare it with what is possible elsewhere. Not that anywhere is perfect - the UK is better in some ways, but overall it just isn't far up the list of places to be any more.

The only thing I still have in the UK is debt, and given the way Gordon has fucked the economy that's effectively shrunk by a fair bit just by the collapse in the pound compared to other currencies.

OH, I raise a beer in your honour from a more comfortable part of the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there'll be even more comments here complaining. Simple fact is if they could do the same they would, but they probably can't.

It's not like there are many other options are there? No elections for a while, if ever, so no room for objection through the ballot box. Can't exactly do a rebellion can you - even if you talk the talk you probably couldn't manage to do it, and the people who could do it know it wouldn't work - usually you end up in even deeper shit than you started as the real nutters take over.

So the only thing left is to pull your cash and assets out of their reach. Bit hard on the people on the receiving end of the money but not my problem is it - they can make their own. Only takes hard work, acquiring a valuable portable skill, and time.

Clunking Fist said...

New Zealand is a lovely country. Also not perfect, and only close to fuck-all.

Anonymous said...

Of course you don't have to leave.
Just shift your business onto the blackmarket instead.
I haven't paid a bean in tax for I don't know how long now except for vat.
It just means you have to do everything in cash and hide what you have in a strong box in your garden.
Still, it may not be everybody's cup of tea, but at least I'm still inside the tent pissing out.


it's either banned or compulsory said...

Good luck to those who are able to flee, I feel a bit like those Jews who were unable to leave Nazi Germany even though they had a good idea what was coming. Trapped.

I was chatting to a German Police Officer the other day, mentioned all the CCTV, Exit Permits and Internet snooping. He was of the opinion that Germanys' constitution would forbid such things ( not the EU or Human Righs, just their own Constitution, as provided by UK and USA post WW2. )

Anonymous said...

Yup fuck off, we've got more than enough self important whinging pen pushing pointless parasites sucking the value out of this country.

Good riddance!

Balding Nobhead Party said...

Anon 22:41
You are absolutly correct, but just try telling that to the Chicken Lickens around here.

The Government is just a ruse. It doesn't exist. It only has the appearence of existing because people believe it to. Like a gypsy curse. Or Jesus. The sad thing about this con is it aimed primarily at the honest. The dishonest don't give a shit and will ignore any law that doesn't suit them. Thats why the black market is full of scumbags. This in turn helps give lie to the belief that criminality is bad and government is needed to protect us from it. So for as long as the honest are kept believing in the wrongness of disobeying law the government will continue to appear to exist, along with a need for it.
Fortunatly we seem to be approaching the point where there will be so many things outlawed that people will have to become willfully disobedient simply to stay alive and the black market will become the only market in town. And that my friends is when the fun begins.

Thud said...

Your money,your choice...seems fair.

Anonymous said...

"Yup fuck off, we've got more than enough self important whinging pen pushing pointless parasites sucking the value out of this country."

Fuckwit. The only parasite around here is you - what the fuck have you ever achieved? I see comments like this a lot and I guess they all come from people stuck in shitty minimum wage jobs who're jealous of anyone who got anywhere by actual work.

Pen pushers ain't exactly the kind of thing we're talking about here. More like actual skilled people that generate a lot of money, and potentially employment further down the chain. And which actually bring money into the country. Not that you'd know that, cleaning toilets doesn't give much of a world view does it?

The 'pen pushing parasites' are the ones who'll stay - probably working for the State, and telling you what to do. The people with talent, the ones who *generate* money, are the ones who leave because they can; they've actually got someone other people want and which isn't easily obtained anywhere. Old Holborn can probably explain it to you, he's familiar with the concepts.

The black market thing is overrated - there just aren't that many jobs where you can work cash in hand and make proper money. Sure, plumber, bricky or whatever could do it, most can't. And having watched people get it all taken away by the taxman a few years down the line when he finally takes a look has proven that avoidance never really works - at least not for people without multiple millions. Feel free to try it though.

But to be honest, why should I give a shit? I'm safely out of it and making a pile of money. Too bad for the other people who would have benefited from the work and money staying in the UK but that's their problem - they probably voted Labour, 'cos it sure as hell wasn't me.

Good luck fighting over the scraps when it finally falls apart.

Anonymous said...

No, the patriotic thing to do would be to stand and fight, not run away at the first sign of trouble.

But then again spouting shite on pointless blogs is about all you spineless Glibertarians are good for.

Dick the Prick said...

It's a complex thing and patriotism is as far away from being a consideration as possible.

It's wholly personal - be that financial, emotional, professional etc. This interbloggy thingy has completely changed the modus operandi of work so if finance is significant or there are greater opportunities over the hills and far away - good luck.

For crying out loud - since William 1st Blighty has been international - why should proles not be able to strut the earth on their own terms with Civis Britannicus emblazoned on their chest?

To nay sayers - get a grip. To yeah sayers - sort a list & a buddy out for pork pies and damn well ensure you get taught how to make Yorkshire puds before you jump.

Woman on a Raft said...

The right thing to do, OH. If I could, I would, particularly for the children. It is people who keep paying Gordon money who are being forced to finance this doomsday pageant. Sadly, that's the Raft household at the moment. (I don't have a choice.) Cut their finance and it will help stop this disaster.

At the Liberty conference a few weeks ago I met a genuine surviving Socialist of the old school. He was furious at the way the country was going. I felt sorry for the old man, same as people do for Walter Wolfgang. They have been used as fools for at least the last 12 years, more if you count the Callaghan government. They are trying to face the fact that their entire lives have been wasted, delivering the serfdom they were supposed be preventing. That sort of thing is hard to admit in your late 60s, so most of them have't managed it. This man was almost broken by it.

The old timer said that he was alone in Britain now, his children all lived abroad. I said maybe he could join one of them if the immigration authorities allowed it, but he said he wanted to live in Britain - he loved it and counted himself a patriot. I thought he was going to cry; it's one thing to have your children leave for international opportunities, quite another when they won't stay because the system you built for them sucks and it is in their best interests to leave.

He shouldn't have been surprised. What this country increasingly fails to do is to offer ordinary people the opportunity to make an honest living, penalizing them if they attempt to do so. Over the last couple of years there has been a programme on daytime TV where they take a family to Australia or New Zealand for a trip with a view to moving permanently. The saddest clip is always the interview with the parents who will not be able to go with them. Without exception, despite being half-weeping, the parents say it is the right thing to do for the grandchildren. That is how fucked we are; grand parents are prepared to use the last of their savings in order to help with kinder transport.

Which brings us to the post after this one. It would be inconvenient for you to be arrested or bopped over the head by friend or foe - and I do assure you that the chances are quite high of the friends being as dangerous as the police - and therefore Project Exodus should take priority.

A string of bloggers across Europe offering information and eye-witness accounts is what the BBC - and the Stasi - fears most, and therefore a good thing to be done.

Gareth said...

Anon 6:48 said "No, the patriotic thing to do would be to stand and fight, not run away at the first sign of trouble."

First sign of trouble?

Patriotism has been used and abused over the years. The socialists have done it well for the last decade. I do not need some politician to dictate what I should see as my nation and my home. Nor would I wish to dictate to others what they see as their nation and their home. Anything that undermines the current embodiment of the State is patriotic in a way.

If more people put themselves first, stopped believing the State is entitled to so much of our money in return for wiping the arses of the idle and featherbedding the political class, it would return to a more amenable size quite soon enough.

Looking after you and yours is the natural order of things. People slave away for the State and in return the State looks after their children, their parents and them.(And does it badly) It simply doesn't have to be that way.

Anonymous said...

Tell Tommy Atkins he was patriotic and i'm sure he'd have wanted to shake Field Marshal Haigh's hand.

Canute said...


Balding Nobhead Party said...

"The black market thing is overrated - there just aren't that many jobs where you can work cash in hand and make proper money. Sure, plumber, bricky or whatever could do it, most can't."

Is this the only libertarian site around here or is there another one where people actually have imaginations? Directions please?

Anonymous said...

Good luck to those who have a transferable skill or are young enough to be welcomed in other countries. To say they are being unpatriotic is, in my opinion, unfair. Anyone who stays here, either willingly or because there's nowhere else they can go is, unfortunatel supporting the current system through their income tax/council tax/pension contribution/VAT. Again unfortunately, there are many of us who love this country too much to leave, we remember how things used to be & hope they'll eventually be like that again - someday. There are many of us who are just too old or decrepit to move away. Either way, we are feeding the system & bolstering Gordons delusions & providing him with money(our money)to piss up against the wall in yet another disaster. So it could be claimed that the real patriots are thoose who are leaving & taking their money with them as they will actually help to bring about Gordon's & NuLabours eventual downfall by starving the system of their money. Did anyone hear yesterday's announcements (I think it was yesterday) that benefits & tax credits are to be increased? So the freeloaders of society will get even more, to keep them quiet & compliant, and where will that money come from? The taxpayer - the people who remain here contributing to Gordon's delusions. P.S. I'm only here because I'm too old to emigrate & no other country would welcome me.

electro-kevin said...

Good choice, OH.

Anonymous said...

The problem is middle England has been living beyond it's means for years, it's not chavs mortgaged up to the hilt, nor is it council estate minimum wage bods racking up credit card bills, they are to busy competing agaist the waves of migrants you were happy to let in, it's you who've bankrupted the country and now it's everyone elses fault and you have to leave!

Good riddance! We need more "consultants" like we need more cancer.

Anonymous said...

Those that can do. Those that can't consult.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Switzerland, Old Holborn. I hope everything goes very well for you.

If you ever want a trip into the Alps, then a warm welcome will be found here:

Gordon said...

Anon @ 8.39

I'm a consultant, my job generally involves redesigning things so they'll actuallly work.

Anonymous said...

i stand corrected :)

Anna Raccoon said...

No, the patriotic thing to do would be to stand and fight, not run away at the first sign of trouble.


From Anonymous (naturally)

This is not the first sign of trouble - the writing has been on the walls for years.

I beat OH to it by five years and Thank God every day - we are now entertaining a progression of people who come to stay and dream of 'if only' - but they can't sell their homes.....

I miss England, but it is the England of my dreams - every time I have set foot in the reality for even five minutes I have regretted, not for nothing did AA Gill term it the 'Angry Isle'.

Good luck to you OH, and Guthrum, I am just over the border from you - coffee is around 11am when you're passing.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me the Libertarians, are offshoring themselves! So much for changing the face of British politics.

Effin lightweight hypocrites.

(As if we did'nt already know).

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