Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Darling, I will forgive you anything

Alistair, I will forgive you anything if you just have a chat with the lads about mounting a palace coup whilst he is out of the country- he is not going to apologise or show any contrition. You are the Chancellor that has dropped a bollock as far as he is concerned, not him- you will go down as the worst Chancellor ever in British History, because Gordon is off loading the blame to you. I know you are losing sleep over this.

You will be in our prayers tonight, think of all those foreign trips that did for other PM's Callaghan's 'Crisis what Crisis' trip to the West Indies, Margaret's trip to Paris.

You will be feted as a national hero, the man who brought Brown down, you can be Geoffrey Howe to Gordon's Thatcher.

If the others cannot agree to depose him, you must resign as a matter of principle- or be consigned to the History books as the man who broke Britain, instead of Gordon.

Now is the time, strike hard and strike true, be a man of destiny.


Anonymous said...

That worm doesn't have an ounce of fibre in him.

Leave McTwat where he is, spill these cunts out for five - no - ten terms.

Gordon "One Eye" Brown said...

Go on Darling, give me a cuddle... How about "man spooning"... nevermind, just fuck me

bofl said...

so more money wasted....

2 flights......loads of hangers on..


should have used a web cam!

The Penguin said...

I have awarded the first and inaugural "Hoon of the Day" to Gordon McBroon for being an embarrassing cock-sucker.

The Penguin

mikey said...

Honestly..I find it hard to put into words how much I despise that useless fuckshit piece of wanktard idiotcunt who dribbles, slack jawed at the mention of the name Gordon Brown. Gordon mate...you will be my bitch come retirement time.
I'm angry but will not riot.

Mitch said...

Nulab don't do "principles".

Dick the Prick said...

Darling hates the man - he's being completely bullied and Brown has bullshit baggage just to protect his arse.

It's certainly a workable and logical plan.

Darling's kinda grown on me a bit of late. It's a bloody good idea.

The Penguin said...

Is that snot or cheese fondue on his cheek?

The Penguin

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