Thursday, 26 March 2009

Dan who ?


JD said...

It's big in the U.S.A. though, and over 300.000 youtube hits so far. Who needs the MSM any more? JD.

Old Holborn said...

It is interesting to see what effect this will have on new media licences.

If I want to tell people Gordon is a cunt using radio waves, I need a licence issued by Gordon to broadcast. If I print a newspaper that calls Gordon a cunt, I am regulated by the Press Commission and Gordons D Notices. If I want to use the internet, they can't fucking stop me.

Gordon is a cunt.

Guthrum said...

in excess of 650 000 I think you will find

PRL said...

Get to Guido's place now... Another interesting edit by the BBC and Draper is gonna be an angry chap, methinks, when he sees what is up now... Reckon that the lawsuit threat may pop out again!

Anonymous said...

Any political journalist with an unbiased interest in politics would have to feature and discuss Dan Hannans speech. It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Go for Robinson by all means - he deserves it and is culpable.

However, more deserving and more culpable is Mark Mardell - the Beeb's "Europe" correspondent.

It's his job to report only on "Europe" What we usually get is a rehashed Commission spinfest and endless repeats of all the old EU myths and platitudes.

He's the one that should be at the front of the lamp-post decorating queue.

curly15 said...

And it's time someone told Tom Harris a few home truths too.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

630,000? Er, actually, over 730,000.

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