Monday, 16 March 2009

Cunning Bastards

It seems that the EUSSR are a cunning bunch of bastards.

Anyone who works for them stands to lose their pension should they spill the beans or criticise the EUSSR.

I'm sure that won't influence Lord Voldemort as he bends over for Britain.

The Penguin


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Next they will be having May Day parades through Brussels, showing their 'might' to the world.
Bunch of hoons, the lot of them.

K. McEgan. said...

Cheap homophobic shot.I am off to Lurgan now,catch you later.(Does this make me OHs War Correspondant?)

Guido is a state stooge or a moron said...

Don't expect to see this on Guido's anytime soon!

Tit tat is all he does, serious treason and subversion are not on his BS agenda.

In fact if you point it out, you will be labled a headbanger!

He keeps you entertained at the front door with a juggling act, a political equivalent of eastenders while the EU whips round the back chages the locks and boots you out.

Guido is a state stooge
or a Moron, take your pick!

See the mint is to be sold off with the aid of the NWO!

Anything on Guidos about this?

The Penguin said...

There's nothing cheap about Lord Voldmort!

The Penguin

Goodnight Vienna said...

It's not new I'm afraid but it's good to keep drawing attention to it. Lots of people, like the muppet @ 11.26, don't realise how this 'jobs for the boys' club' runs. Anyone who's worked for the EU is in the same happy predicament - take Nick Clegg for example (please!).

There's a link on my blog to a Paper from Statewatch, The Shape of Things to Come' which, amongst other things, lifts the lid on the EU Monitoring and Information Centre (a new one to me) for anyone who's interested.

Suburban Plum and Suitcase said...

How can you slight the integrity of the great Lord Mandelson! Aside from all those lies he told, he's a completely honest and decent chap!

Hugh said...

And remember that the pension, for four years work, is worth £78k per year.

That Goodwin must be kicking himself he only went into banking, at that rate he could be looking at over a million a year to retire on.

mikey said...

Mandelson you cowardly fucking cunt. Think you can destroy my country and then just walk away to fuckpig...not going to happen.

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