Sunday, 15 March 2009

Critical of Islam?

A fellow seditionary sent me a rather interesting tip off regarding Islam and the UN.

Now, I am no friend of any religion but am happy to state my utter disgust at any religion that gets up to this type of shit all in the name of some sky fairy.

I was therefore intrigued to find that Islamic States are now lobbying the UN for any criticism of Islam to be made “a human rights violation”.

Pakistan, that bastion of all things wonderful, has decided that “defamation of religion” (only Islam mentioned) is a "serious affront to human dignity" and a violation of religious freedom.

Read the full article here whilst I go and boil my head. Fucking idiots.
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Anonymous said...

Arrest me now then Mr Plod

Islam is a murderous religion, full of vile bacon loving, homosexual goat fuckers. We should rise up and start another Crusade, making fucking sure that we do the job properly this time

Anonymous said...

Curious... New Labour introduced some anti free speech "religious hatred" laws some years ago, similarly aimed only at protecting the fashionable Muslim minority from criticism, and not those evil Christians.

And yet, more recently, there was this: Anti-terror code 'would alienate most Muslims'. It seems weirdly Islamophobic...?

an ex-apprentice said...


I posted about this last Sunday when Christopher Hitchens had an article in The Australian that made my ears prick up. He referred to UN Resolution 62/154, sponsored by Pakistan and supported by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, which seeks to ban the criticism of religions generally, but which focuses on Islam in particular.

Naturally, I looked for the Resolution itself, to get the bad news straight from the horses mouth, and imagine my surprise to find that the original Resolution 62/154 was adopted on 18th December 2007.

It has been revised since, and is being revised again now, with the fairly innocuous routine request that the Secretary General reports to the General Assembly on progress towards implementation by member states.

The text described in your link is exactly the same as the resolution passed and adopted two years ago, except for paras 17 and 18 calling for a report on progress.

If you object to this, and in my view you are quite right to do so, you are two years too late.

The language used in 62/154 is exactly that used by the ECHR and by our own government in implementing laws that are designed to prevent criticism of Islam and so deliver Sharia by the back door.

Arseholes said...

Fuck off Islam.

electro-kevin said...
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electro-kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
electro-kevin said...

The problem is, and has been for some while, with the British political establishment (including Al Beeba) and the police.

Islamists are given such special status in the UK. You are restricted - on pain of arrest and possibly on pain of assasination - of criticising them too strongly.

Make everyone pay top dollar for alchohol for the sake of a few idiots ?

Make everyone drive at 10mph for the sake of a few idiots ?

Ban everyone from having guns because of a few idiots ?


Then let's ban everyone from religion ... for the sake of a few idiots.

God has been disproved by science beyond all reasonable doubt. There must be no place for fairy tales in decision making in a modern society.

(Try proving God using REASONABLE argument. You can't. Therefore ALL of our scientific progress has been based on the premise that he does not exist.)

Harrithebastard said...

Get your Burqa today. £4.99

Its becoming more of a fucking necessity than a bargain ?

the late bernard mannin' said...

Burquas are sometimes regarded as a fucking necessity when paper bags are not available.

Call me Infidel said...

I recommend you pick up a copy of this to get an insight nto Europe's future....

Anonymous said...

Listen to Christopher Hitchens and/or Richard Dawkins on youtube about the dangers these characters present. Not just the "extreme" ones but the moderates(of all religions) who are the soil in which the fundamentalists flourish.

K. McEgan. said...

Have you ever read the Qu'ran or been to a masjid?They take their faith serously.Now then Jesus & St Peter were at the disco & Mary Magdalene came up and said...

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that religion and liberty are not necessarily incompatible. Of course you can point to Islam as an example of a religion with no respect for the freedom of others. But you can't tar every religion with the brush of Islamism.

Religionists believe in "free will". From this belief, it follows that you are personally responsible for everything that you do. This is the essence of freedom, because if "society" is to blame for the wrong things that you do, then it follows that society must try to "cure" you. Our Socialist government has tried to "cure" all sorts of problems: crime, poverty, teen pregnancy, illiteracy, and many others. All it has succeeded in doing is increasing the scale of these problems. And our tax bills.

We would all be better off if the notion of free will had never been abandoned. But it's an inherently religious idea. There's no proof of free will. That's why the Socialist ideology forces it to be abandoned in place of a belief in Socialism. Which can be just as evil and destructive as any religious force. It is just as resistant to new discoveries.

GOD said...


"God has been disproved by science beyond all reasonable doubt. There must be no place for fairy tales in decision making in a modern society."

How very fucking dare you Sir.

Tim Carpenter said...

Anon 1729

Christianity is "safe" in places like the UK because it was put in its box some time ago. Therein lies a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1729 here again.

I'm just saying that religion isn't all bad. When it disappears, the replacement may be worse. Take the C of E. The Bible-thumping fire and brimstone clerics of the distant past would never have advocated Sharia law. But they've been replaced by politically correct apologists who dare not criticise anything or hold any opinion on anything in case it offends someone.

Obviously, Christianity could be as bad as Islamism if taken to an extreme. We would not want a Christian theocracy. But by marginalising the Christians we have lost powerful allies in a fight against something much, much worse. And we have lost a belief in "free will" which has caused damage throughout our society by diminishing the importance of personal responsibility. They may have been wrong about their sky wizards, but they weren't wrong about everything.

electro-kevin said...

Anon 17.29

I agree with you that socialism is dangerous. Some of the most ardent Guardian reading socialists I know are Anglican ministers - their mission is that we shall not judge nor condemn. Their message is unconditional forgiveness for those who err without contrition nor repentance - this at odds with the central message of the New Testament. Therefore the Anglican mission no longer protects us and thus flounders under leaking roofs bereft of the lead stolen from its ridges. Deservedly so.

Religion is totally incompatible with free will. What it brought to England for a few millennia was restraint, fortitude - a sense of righteousness and destiny. Set this against the evils perpetrated in its name and we realise that our freedom owes more to our reconcilliation of the fact that the literal translations of scripture are fiction, and our allegorical interpretations entirely at the whim of the current zeitgeist.

In other words - God is what WE want him to be.

Therefore he is a figment of our imagination.

In the presence of such a vociferous and politically gifted minority as the Muslim fundamentalists - by virtue of the fact that they demand disproportionate authority in that their sensibilities must never be offended - I'd prefer that religion were excluded from democratic process altogether.

mikey said...

Poor old fucked up Islam. Every time you wag your "kill the infidel beard" and spout shite like a playground bully we just point and laugh at really we do , we really do. You have no idea how laughable you appear to us. Your arguments are risible, your choice of words a joke and yet you appear to think we feel threatened by your infantile bollocks. We aren't.

Chalcedon said...

They are getting the UN official responsible for global free speech to deny it by making comments critical of Islam effectively illegal. They have succeeded in the UN at least. So saying that sharia law is barbaric, uncivilised and blatantly unfair will get you banged up. Thankfully not here, not yet.

Bishop Brennan said...

Fuck the UN.

What do you expect from the epitome of a talking shop?

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