Monday, 9 March 2009

Comic Relief



GrumpyOldTwat said...

I certainly won't.

Apart from maybe wrapping my fucking dick in a copy of the Beano and posting the resulting papier mache to those tossers at Stonewall, as my comic fucking relief donation.

They'd hate that. Good

aproposofwhat said...

Hate to disagree with you OH, but just because some causes are undeserving doesn't mean that Comic Relief is a bad thing.

I'd be more upset if I was a London council tax payer - the London Councils also give money to these poor deprived perverts.

Luckily I live in Aldershot, where we don't tolerate that sort of thing ;o)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust the BBC. Wasn't Terry Wogan getting a 250k fee for presenting this? Plus all the dodgy phone line scams and no doubt "expenses" for all. You're better off giving money to a charity you can trust and there aren't many of those any more.

Cato said...

They can poke that right up their arse...and very probably will!

wv....endmeddl....I love it!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes - that wonderful institution known as The BBC

Anonymous said...

Sick cunts, I feel better now for having gone poofter-bashing as a lad.

And how many fucking minorities can they fit onto that page? I won't be satisfied until I see a pre-op Moslem HIV positive tranny mullah getting a nosh from a Nubian kaffir jewess.

Just look at how effective these cunts are:
Living with Stonewall Housing

Our male waiting list for supported housing currently has no vacancies.

Our female waiting list for supported housing currently has no vacancies.

Worthless parasites. Get your pink fucking stars on you degenerate filth!

On a more serious note, should we start applying? I'm bi-curious, I'd always like to get off with two lesbians.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"Our male waiting list for supported housing currently has no vacancies.

My bro has this thing about Vietnamese twin lesbos, I tell him to leave it.

Anonymous said...

Comic Relief has this shaming quality - or rather - aspect to it, that I detest.

I pay good buskers on the Tube. I like musicians, and they are giving me a service, rather than cornholing each other at my expense.

Thanks for making my blood vessels pop OH, you sadistic bastard.

Katabasis said...

"Sick cunts, I feel better now for having gone poofter-bashing as a lad."

While the issue of where your tax is spent is certainly your (and my) concern, what consenting adults decide to do with one another isn't.

aproposofwhat said...

Oy Katabasis - I was the one that mentioned tax - and I'm perfectly fine with perverts doing what they like in private, so don't imply that I'm in with the queerbashers.


wv: shias - nice to see my favourite goatherd sect mentioned ;o)

Anonymous said...

I'm gay and I'm a regular reader of your blog because I agree with almost everything you say OH. But this constant anti-gay shit has got the better of me. I'm off. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Anonymous 0053, I don't see an anti-gay message here. Just anger about a trendy cause that's being supported for political reasons rather than a real need. Next to the obligatory starving Africans that appear in every Comic Relief, is anti-gay prejudice really a crucial issue deserving bucketloads of charity cash?

That gets me on to the show itself. Oh, how I have longed to rant about its awfulness. It's crass, patronising and deeply stupid. I am glad I am not a celebrity; if I were, I would be obliged to contribute to this festival of mediocrity. Two minutes of jokes for every twenty minutes of guilt. Give it a rest, you twats. An ITV phone-in quiz show would be more entertaining.

aproposofwhat said...

Anonymous 00:53 - Ooh! Get her!

Look - you can do whatever you like behind closed doors, but don't expect the rest of us to want to subsidise it.

Some of my best friends are... oh, hang on, none of them are, but my little sister is ;o)

TheFatBigot said...

I don't care what people do with their willies and clitori (is that the plural?). Even if I did care, it is none of my business provided they don't do it to me or anyone else without consent.

The corollary is that those in the homosexualist camp are entitled to argue against those who suggest their private activities should be subject to restrictions that don't apply to the rest of the adult population.

If they can make the case for funding from a quasi-charitable event, fair enough. If they can't, they won't get anything.

To suggest they are automatically disqualified from funding because they are homosexualists is, frankly, absurd.

Get rich quick! said...

Screw `comic` relieve, Buy your granny or kids a nice gift, at least you know if they deserve it, who is getting it and that they will get 100% of it, rather than the `charity` bean counters, advertisers and directors with their huge bloated salaries.

Wanna get rich?

Set up a charity totally ignorant of the real issues and give yourself a huge `non profit` salary and blow wads on expensive advertising!


Anonymous said...

go to

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I hate all this 'charity' nonsense. When are the great unwashed going to realise that they are all just businesses who pay their top nobs loads of cash? If they were any good at what they claim their aims are, all poverty etc etc would have been eliminated a long time ago. Their very purpose is to fail in their objectives in order to survive. Plus, I see no difference to the 'problems' in Africa, and what is the definition of 'child poverty' in this country? Little Jimmy not having a play station?
At my work, they have a 'charidee of the year' and you are almost obliged to do something to support it. Fuck off I say, and give the committee my reasons for not wanting to do anything, but the poor souls are blinded to the shocking reality of what these 'charities' actually are. As for Africa et al, who actually cares? Not I.
If there was a charity set up that promises to kick Lenny Henry in the balls for every tenner raised, I would sign over half my salary, (probably)!

Daisy said...

oh FFS! and to think we just did threesomes for fun and didn't have a problem know which side we were batting for...

Old Holborn said...

If you actually read what makes you eligable for cheap housing:

You must be between 18-25 and gay

I love the adverts for their homes:

The project has good access to Camden Market and the infamous Black Cap cabaret bar

One client told us that they “like living with other black LGBT people”.

Good shopping facilities include cheap pound stores as well as your favourite high street names, and leisure facilities including a large leisure centre with a swimming pool and gym. The notorious White Swan bar is also nearby!

So it appears to be front for promoting racism and making sure that 18-25 year olds get lots of gay sex.

Not with my money, you don't.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I didn't read the link 'cos my shitty phone, (which i use for the majority of my browsing) couldn't load the page. Or maybe my phone is 'less tolerant' than other browsers!

Anonymous said...

Be gay in your own time, in your own way and with your own cash. "Gay and Proud" - gay is fine, proud is fine just keep your fucking pink flag waving crap out of my face.

If youre gay and need a council flat, go to the bottom of the fucking list like everyone (that isnt an asylum cunt) else. Dont bend your wrist, wink and the guy filling in your forms and spend my tax cash in queue jumping.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

In 2007, Stonewall received a total of £2,883,267, mostly from various other opaque and not-so-opaque charitable trusts and foundations of one sort and another. However, it did receive a good chunk of its funding (23.6%) from the state.

Department of Trade & Industry: £303,641
Scottish Executive: £253,845
The Equal Opportunities Commission: £9,000
Welsh Assembly Government: £115,382
Total: £681,868

So they can fuck right off.

Anonymous said...

Try everything once except homosexuality and country dancing.
In the 80's when the ultra left ran the Peoples Republic on Manchester they wanted to buy a huge property on Whitworth st and turn with taxpayes money into a pink triangle place, thankfully the Thatcherites stopped the fuckers

Dave H said...

What would be the LGBT take on this? An ominous warning against a non-fertile union?

Anonymous said...

"So it appears to be front for promoting racism and making sure that 18-25 year olds get lots of antibiotics."

Fixed it for ya

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