Sunday, 15 March 2009

Cigar Sir?

Foreign dignitaries attending the G20 summit in London next month will be exempt from the smoking ban, it has been revealed.

The leniency required an amendment to the legislation enforcing the ban.

Certain smoking rooms will now be allowed in the Excel Exhibition Centre in Docklands in east London during the summit.

Cunts. Stop shitting in our faces.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Why am I not suprised?

Stop Common Purpose said...


Anonymous said...

Smoking is not banned in the EU Parliament building or the House of Commons. These politicians get more nauseating by the day.

Anonymous said...

In this country we have a blanket ban in ALL enclosed or partially workplaces. In Belgium there is no such blanket ban. So the EU building can't be compared to the Excel building.
The Excel building is in the U.K. and therefore should come under U.K. law ...NO SMOKING.
The two faced pigs.

Anonymous said...

so there it is.....these people are above the law!

Anonymous said...

Fuck off parliament and all the cunts therein.

Harrithebastard said...

The silence from the anti-smoking groups is somewhat deafening .

They are shitting in the faces of everyone now, including their own leftie diehard followers .

K. McEgan. said...

The chances are Ecel will have to be abandoned.OK a river on one side & dead ground on 3.But if we get in it won't be Chateau d'Yquem time.It'll be Blakelocks head time. Therefore GlenTeuchter is more in order!

Harrithebastard said...

Newham Council, the local authority, is understood to have environmental health officers looking into the matter after not being made aware of the amendment.

It will be interesting to see just how far the ' environmental health officers ' actualy get.

Not very fucking far is my guess.

They really , really do want it all to kick off don't they?

Tory Poppins said...

Unfuckingbelievable! (Not)

curly15 said...

Brown finds two insurmountable problems at G20

Old Holborn said...

Tomorrow, I am going to find the ammendment they have used, print some business cards with

Lord Old Holborn, Minister for Whelks, Eurasia

and smoke wherever I fucking well please.

I DARE them to try and stop me.

Warsteiner said...

Thanks for ruining my sleep tonight - after standing ouside the pub tonight enjoying a cig whilst my pint is warming up - I feel mightily pissed off having read this

I am now going into the garage to enjoy a bar of Cadbury's wholenut (marked "may contain nuts")


Spartan said...

l'm giving an open invitation to all the G20 leaders except the one-eyed scottish idiot and designating a room at our pub for these G20 lot ... smoking allowed of course.

Whether they come or not is of no concern ... the room will be waiting for them ... may aswell use it till they come l suppose.

DaveA said...

OH I hope you are well. Got a scoop for you tomorow, I was on the bus today and went past a firm of solicitors near a mosque. They advertised the usual immigration, divorce and conveyencing crap, but also specialised in "Shariah" too.

I was behind this story from and there is more to come. Anyway I seem to of upset Auntie Kerry McCarthy over the G20 Smoking Room. I have also replied to her post and she has not printed it yet. The background is she met the MD of the local bus company and did not get a stright answer.

"DaveA said...

"Had a frankly useless response today, which was basically along the lines 'you might think fares have gone up but actually they haven't in absolutely every case and not by as much as you think'"

Hmmm sounds familiar to me, MP to constituent? Not answering the question, answering the question you wanted to ask me?

Perhaps you can get in touch with the Foreign Office and get a straight and helpful answer out of them.

At the G20 Summit at the Excel 2/4/09 is there a smoking room inside, it would be illegal in any other situation? That is there is more than 50% coverage.

Yes or no?

Fri Mar 13, 11:33:00 PM

Kerry said...

Completely irrelevant Dave, especially seeing as you're not my constituent.

F2C's cheap attempt to grab publicity by - how shall I put it? making things up? - has already been well and truly rubbished in the press. Echoes of the Strangers Bar video, methinks. Obviously done on the basis that at least some people will end up hearing the lies and not reading the rebuttal. Shame on you.

Fri Mar 13, 11:47:00 PM"

sconzey said...

The Health Act 2006, chapter 28, section 3:

"The appropriate national authority may make regulations providing for specified descriptions of premises, or specified areas within specified descriptions of premises, not to be smoke-free despite section 2."


In a written answer an MP was told that mental homes could choose to allow residents to smoke inside on a case-by-case basis.

Soooo, just get your pub classified as a mental home, and you're away!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

What everyone else said.

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