Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Catalogue Of Financial Disasters

The unalloyed joy of seeing the agenda change !

No sooner had the Labour Party Political Broadcast end on the 'Political Slot' Channel 4 with 'The Labour Party showing what it is doing to help real people (as opposed to plastic ones) in the recession and the dangers of Tory cuts, than up pops Sun and Sunday Times journalist Jane Moore cataloguing the disaster that is PFI, the 'off balance sheet' scam, where the taxpayer pays for a building plus management fees, and gets sod all not even the asset paid for at the end of the contract, the worms at the MOD spending money like water on themselves whilst failing to provide Helicopters, transport and ammunition to front line troops.

Then the flagship of Labour general twattishness, 'The Public' in West Brom, pretentious 'art' space project managed by a former art teacher who thought that we would be all grateful in twenty years for this 'wonderful' project, plus the idiot waving his arms around spouting nu labour speak, flattened by Jane Moore's deadpan riposte.

She followed up the Beresford Solicitors story, Lawyers get £140 million for their work in miners compensation, miners get sweet FA.

Rupe has already turned on the Labour party, over Peers for Hire in the Sunday Times, now Channel 4, is running programmes like this after a Labour Party slot on how wonderful they think they are, the heart is lifted that we are now in the end game.

This will go on and on until Brown goes, the longer Labour leave it the worse it is going to get for them

Brown's Bumper Book of Waste

When this benighted Government is gone, a few trials and impeachments are due, if County councillors and District Councillors can be surcharged for Maladministration of Public Funds, Ministers should not be exempt.

And whoever ordered this needs sacking and £6000 docking from his salary


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

A new high school opened in my town last year, built with PFI. It cost 27 million quid. How the Fuck can a school cost 27 million quid?

Anonymous said...


£1m building costs
£2m land costs
£22m consultant fees
£2 consulting fees to Muslim council of Britain to ensure that all meat served is brutally slaughtered in a painful and inhumane manner

Anonymous said...

Hope she does a follow up programme examining the Quangoes, non jobs, people like those wankers at the Highways Agency who keep closing the motorways, Police driving about in luxury 4x4's, Agency Nurses charged at £130 per hour by agencies then paid £15, the bonus for Baroness Young at the Environment Agency after the worst flooding in decades etc. etc.

It's about time these freeloading bastards were exposed.

Anonymous said...

I used to work in West Brom (I was a student and needed the money) and know the area around the 'building' above.

There was no way on earth people would ever visit. Its located on a crappy site, in a crappy area, away from transport links in an region not exactly know for its art appreciation.

Money would have been better just about anywhere else.

Old Holborn said...

It doesn't matter

Whilst the lower orders were buying Hot tubs on credit cards, our Government was buying hospitals and schools on credit cards.

It all started in America apparently.

I wouldn't mind if schools actually taught kids stuff.

what is the point?

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I wonder how many decent, armoured Land-Rovers the money for that pile of shit would have bought?

Your, get, right, priorities.

Arrange this into a well-known phrase or saying.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect anything from EU Dave and the glibertarians may as well not exist!

Still no doubt many of you will have done your part to make sure this was to be the case while others had tried to warn you years ago, only to the scolding cries of `Little Englander` and `tin foil hat` brigade!

You still have much to learn, but will you leave it much too late?

From your past performance my guess is you will leave it far too late!

Your children will be proud!

Anonymous said...

You still have much to learn, but will you leave it much too late

Bless ! and the NF solution is this week ?

bofl-too lazy to sign in! said...

surely pfi wasnae just a ruse to fiddle the books?

just like Enron.......and Citibank!

and guess which 2 criminals were the standard bearers?

just you guessed it.........

no reward for failure?
it all started in Fife!!!!!!!

Elby the Beserk said...

Lowdown on PFI here

What a waste of money

With this peach, which I heard about on the radio a while back...

A prime example of that has occurred in Northern Ireland. In October 2000, the Belfast Education & Library Board signed a 25-year PFI contract for the provision of, amongst other things, a school to accommodate 500 pupils. The school - Balmoral High School - was opened in 2002, but it is going to close next summer, a mere six years after it opened. However, the Belfast Education & Library Board is having to pay more than £400,000 a year up until 2027, a total of £9.2 million, to the PFI contractor for an empty school. This was revealed in a report in the Belfast Telegraph on 14 December 2007

Anonymous said...

Cor blimey! We've been blaming Tracy, Wayne and Mohammed for effing up the country, but all along it was nice white middle class people bleeding us dry.

What a turn up for the books eh?
Stone the crows, could have knocked me dahn wiv a fevver etc. etc.

Bill Quango MP said...

Fun wasn't it. especially when she asks the taxi driver what he thought of 'The Public'

Bwit orve a wayste rarlly.
He wanted a swimming pool.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic I know, but guess who's behind most of the mortgage and insurance fraud that takes place in the UK these days ? Ever wondered why your insurance premiums are constantly going up ? Well, here's a clue...

Shut Up and Pay Up You Mugs !

Roger Thornhill said...

I saw that - the useful idiot art teacher (not noticing the vast wodges of cash syphoned off, I suspect) thought in 50 years people would be grateful.

50 years? That building would be knocked down decades before that.

As for the School in Lewisham wanting a refurb. I could have wept at the sight of that wonderful Victorian pile that some knuckle-scraper wants to knock down and for what? to build so flimsy pre-fab box of ugliness that will itself have to be knocked down in 20 years max just because regfurbs come under another column in the spreadsheet.

polaris said...

PFI should be canned now - got some info on Edinburgh Royal Infirmary? here.

max the impaler said...

Indian 'business men'are the most astute, dedicated and ruthless on the planet.I like them.Business is war, and they have spent too many years under the imperial boot to be concerned with any moral sense.And too many years in poverty to be bothered with bleeding heart socialist shit, unless they benefit.Many of them run rings around our legislation and the VAT/Revenue, and other public bodies are scared witless in case they shout 'racism'. Frankly, I think it's hilarious.

Markbaldy said...

"The Public" building was a complete joke - about as much use as a chocolate teapot.
A 1960's amusement arcade would have provided as much "interactive" activities at a fraction of the cost... mmmm I wonder how much that stupid cow that designed it creamed off ?

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