Sunday, 22 March 2009

Brown has 'trained' 60 000 Auxiliaries in Anti Terrorism

The terrorism threat level, set by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, has since July 2007 been "severe", which means that future terrorist attacks are highly likely but not thought to be imminent.

By 2011, Britain will be spending £3.5 billion a year on counter-terrorism. The number of police deployed on counter-terror work has risen since 2003 from 1,700 to 3,000, while the security service MI5 has doubled in size over the same period.

Between 2001 and 2008, almost 200 people have been convicted of terror-related offences.

Writing in The Observer, Mr Brown said: "Today, not only the police and security and intelligence officers and our armed forces, but also the emergency services, local councils, businesses and community groups are involved in state-of-the-art civil contingency planning.

"Tens of thousands of men and women throughout Britain – from security guards to store managers – have now been trained and equipped to deal with an incident and know what to watch for as people go about their daily business in crowded places such as stations, airports, shopping centres and sports grounds."

He said there was a "duty on all of us" to stand up to people who advocate violence and preach hate.

"Terrorism threatens the rights that all in this country should hold dear, including the most fundamental human right of all – the right to life," he said.

"We know that terrorists will keep on trying to strike and that protecting Britain against this threat remains our most important job."
Ms Smith told BBC1's The Politics show that the document being published by the Home Office on Tuesday – known as Contest Two – would provide "a complete strategy to address counter-terror".

She said that ministers were determined to be open about the steps they are taking to prevent people turning to extremism, to track down and detain those involved in terror plots, to protect British citizens and UK interests against attack and to deal with the consequences of any outrage.

"It's the nature of this work that quite often in the past it's been the sort of thing that's happened in secret, behind closed doors," said the Home Secretary.

"What we're completely clear about is that if we're going to address the threat from terrorism, we need to do that alongside the 60,000 people that we're now training up to respond to a terrorist threat, in everywhere from our shopping centres to our hotels. We need to do it along side the 3,000 police officers now working on counter-terror... and we need to do it with international partners.

"This no longer is something you can do behind closed doors and in secret."

Ms Smith said the document – which builds on the Contest strategy developed by the Home Office in 2003 and detailed in the Countering International Terrorism document in 2006 – would make clear that at the heart of the fight against terror is a defence of the shared values of the British people.

"In this document (we) say that actually, what is at the heart of our counter-terror strategy is promoting the shared values of democracy, of tolerance, of human rights, which the vast majority of people in this country live by," she said.

"When we see those challenged, even if that doesn't over-step the law, well, we think it's important that there is a civil challenge to that."
She added: "Our approach to countering terror has to be based on shared values and that's what, effectively, terrorists are seeking to attack – values like our belief in democracy, in human rights, in tolerance.

"If those things are attacked, that actually creates a space in which it makes it more likely potentially that people can be radicalised and turn to violent extremism, so we do talk about the idea that we need to emphasise those shared values and we need to provide a challenge to those who attack them."

I think we have a right to know from Jackboot Jacqui, just who has been recruited into Brown's secret army, what they have been trained in and just what powers they think they have been given.


Anonymous said...

I've stopped watching history channel programmes on the early Nazi years as the parallels are too chilling.

K. McEgan. said...

I love the way a recent document graded countries.Risk of the govt overthrow in UK?Only moderate.Tovarisch there was a propaganda section nye daleko Kronstadt,tolzhe!

shibby said...

Oh bloody hell. This is getting more and more worrying. And all we are doing is bitching on the Internet - but of course the information is important.

But what can we do? I doubt any reader here is willing or perhaps able to pull off an assassination even if that was what was necessary.

But killing a few inner-circle members would do nothing, the leadership is too corrupt and dispersed.

Rioting will do nothing, in fact it could be all Brown is waiting for.

And if there was some way a mass protest would help - 99.9% of the population wouldn't give enough of a shit to lift a finger. Those who participated would pay consequences alone as a result of this.

So I ask again, what to do?

Anonymous said...

59,999 New World Order trained operatives would be my guess plus 1 psycho politician who reckons God is on his side (just like Hitler did). As someone has already remarked, the similarities between the rise of National Socialism in Germany & NuLabour here in the UK is chillingly similar. 60,000 people who have not been identified & whose powers & duties have not been publically defined - think Roehm & his Brownshirts. As to 'shared values' - I have no shared values with NuLabour I'm happy to say. As for that bullshit about democracy etc, I'm surprised even Jackboots didn't choke on it. Just shows either how out of touch with reality or what an accomplished liar she is.

Oldrightie said...

G20 might be a start?

Cato said...

As usual, Brown is talking complete bollocks.
60,000 pussy cats more like.
I've never heard such complete rubbish.

Kurt Daluege said...

This is all tied in with the new National Indicators, in particular NI37, Awareness of civil protection arrangements in the local area.

The Nazification of the British public.

Common Purpose claim to have 60,000 trained people, all secret of course.

Anonymous said...

60,000 prodnoses with a copy of "Protect and Serve" in their back pockets.

A scarecrow to keep us all safe from the bad men in the caves and bogs, or a new Stasi army? Not a toughie, is it?

bofl said...

oi! put that light out!

knowing Brown most of them worked for Woolworths!

So how were these muppets selected?
What was the criteria?

Did they have to vote Labour?
Be party members?

Is this Democracy?
A secret army trained to do christ knows what?
How was this democratically decided?
Who has paid for it? (easy,lets just print more money)!

A democracy where jumped up party members STEAL other peoples money?
Where EU stooges are given golden hellos and huge influence?

I wonder how many of the secret army are Common Purpose?
Who has trained them ?

And these cretins have the front to talk about freedoms and smear others..

Still nothing to worry about!

couldnt heston B invite all he dinner

Mummy x said...

I reckon it's all bollocks myself. 60,000 peeps trained in the art of spotting terrorists. Sounds good if your into that sort of thing, but let's be honest, if you go to the local Co-op and ask for something specific the reply is always, "I dunno if we stock that". If Dwayne can't spot a tin of Felix (bright blue) amongst all the other tins of cat food (pale pink) he's hardly going to notice a discretely dressed mad muslim hell bent on world domination is he?
Mummy x

Michael said...

Look at the Glasgow airport attacks, you don't have to be trained to know what to do. Obviously there's more to this than meets the eye...

Mark.V. said...

What has so far been left unsaid is a clear definition of a terrorist. The way things are shaping up terrorist could mean anyone who disagrees with the government.

Gareth said...

That's a good point Mark V. Terror legislation was used to precipitate the Icelandic banking crisis. Will I be viewed as suspicious for withdrawing some of my own cash from the bank? I have a beard too.

The biggest terrorists are in Government.

Putting on my cynic hat I expect it is largely bluff and bluster consisting of little more than refreshing people's minds on spotting reporting bags/boxes/packages and keeping an eye out for cars that dawdle past a number of times in quick succession. I imagine similar advice, sorry training, was dished out to hotel workers, transport staff and security firms when the IRA were at their peak.

Yet I don't recall senior politicians doing quite so much to ratchet up fear and tension even when they had been bombed in Brighton and had mortars launched at Downing Street. I hope it is more talk than anything else - we know full well this Government believes the most important thing is to appear competent, regardless of whether it is or not. If another outrage happens we will hear the same rhetoric as before - it was unforseen and we must have greater powers to prevent a repeat. But it never does.

Terrorists cannot kill us all and Government cannot protect us all. Both delude themselves if they believe they can.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much per-capita it cost to catch those alleged 200 terrorist "offenders"?

Anonymous said...

These will be the latter day block wardens. Useful idiots who will relish observing and reporting on any thing really. The curtain twitchers who can only gain interest if they are gossiping about someone. Along with having *all* electronic communication logged and monitored, all internet activity logged and monitored, all travel plans logged and monitored Big Brother is really getting down to business.

I didn't get enough cuddles from mother said...

Following what MarkV and Gareth said we are being softened up for a 'Summer of discontent'. I know where it is leading and so should you.

viz: Senior policemen training their
forces in anti-riot procedures: Brown & co gradually talking up the/a fear of The Great Fear Itself - TERRRIRISM KOMING SOON TO A PLACE NEAR YOU!!!!!

They are putting the pieces into place and this summer will be decision time: will Brown revert to the Civil Contingencies Bill or will he crap himself as usual?

Good thinking people can but hope for the latter.

I am scared.


Warsteiner said...

But WHO are these 60,000 people ?

Sounds like more Brown bullshite to me.

caesars wife said...

i attended the training course , basically the key ability to spot a terorist , is to move your eyes to where your ears approximated the bang to be , and bingo you should spot him/her .

there not as stupid as you think at the home offence.

more interesting was sopels , attack on the gloss , with "could you define what an extremest is" he then went onto to make the point about the lincoln parade "were they extremesists" , to my shock spliff didnt rush to condem , and then went for the violent extremeist angle .

so there are extremists and violent extremists ???

monies on both types getting the cosh , especially as both could fall into anti labour voters .

i mean am i an extremist because i think gordon brown is a liar . as for it being the most comprehensive anti terror policy in the world , you could argue that the stasi had somthing very similar .

spliff also informed we are still on high terror alert !!! well thats true when i look how tortued my savings are .

looks like another route to clamping down on descent , note lack of definitions , is a terrorist activity somthing that anything other than the labour party does??

be interesting to know what retailers the money spent with???

hope no mosques are retailers ??

Jess The Dog said...

Load of rubbish, window-dressing. Just like the civil defence films shown during the Cold War.

It's already been rolled out to the town planning profession. Designing anti-terrorist features into modern places. Yeah right...once the quantity surveyors and architects get hold of these ideas and see the price tag, they'll be quietly shelved.

Henry North London said...

If you shout nonsense at a Labour party conference you are a terrorist If you blow the money like Iceland you are a terrorist

Its like a catch all statement

Balding Nobhead Party said...

The Germans believed that the Gestapo had hundreds of members in every town spying on them. After the war it was revealed they only had a few dozen. Most denounciations were from ordinary people, eager to settle old scores or steal their neighbours property. You want to know who to watch? That bitter cunt in your street/work/social circle. The one with the sense of entitlement unmatched by thier achievements. The one who casts themelves as the wronged party in all disagreements. This summer I'll be choosing my enemies carefully.

caesars wife said...

oh er another scotch ecnomic sucess story , Dumfermaline building society , declared bust , after fall on 3bn assett book .

no other takers as it will sink them , dunfermaline scotlands oldest mutual , near to jonah browns constituancey.

propbebly to be split with tax payer taking on yet more toxic assetts .

horah horah horah all hail the tale of the ruiners expansion pack.

investor stanislav ?? or is it your toxic debt ???

labour cabinet need plumb4cheap preferably , the 1920s size sink plunger as preparation applicator to achieve popular quantative easing publicity shot .

could be another shaky week

Shirking From Home said...

Like most shit this government comes out with I suspect the 60,000 people have merely had an 'elf and safety leaflet given to them about the dangers of sitting on unexploded bombs etc.

Fucking cunts.

FireForce said...

When the brown stuff hits the air-con equipment, and 2->10 muslims stand up and open up with AK-47's grenades, & the rest, in some town / city in the U.K. where will his 60,000 people be??
about 10' behind the plod running in the opposite direcion!
"The correct response to the armed threat is the armed citizen"
and that will ever happen in the U.K.
So we are toast, a grip on reality, this government will never have.

Henry North London said...

Balding Nobhead

That is the sociopath of every group because they have no conscience

it's either banned or compulsory said...

She added: "Our approach to countering terror has to be based on shared values and that's what, effectively, terrorists are seeking to attack "
Lying cunt. Your approach to terrorism has been based on collaboration, colusion and eroding the very freedoms and structures that they dislike. Whore.

60,000 ? Civic Enforcement Officers and their 40,000 tasers most likely. They have very spooky uniforms for jazzed up traffic wardens.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

There are already plenty of failed coppers who are the power-crazed thick "security" blokes and dykes at airports, railway stations and shopping centres.

I would imagine that quite a few of the 60,000 are made up of the Walter Mitty characters - also failed coppers - who are PCSOs. One of them who calls his website blog thing The Plastic Fuzz is gagging to be given the power of arrest, and I reckon it'll be on the cards as soon as there is a hint of disorder.

We used to have parking attendants. They have now become "Civil Enforcement Officers" and are now part of the florry jacket brigade. Add their number to the wannabe stasi of the PCSOs "security" knobs. I kid you not - these are prodnoses extraordinaire.

Add the country's senior firemen and ambulance staff who already work closely with the police on "anti-terror" and "resilience" and bingo - you have your numbers.

Anonymous said...

"We're in the army now, ow erwow, we're in the army... now."
government cunts.
Sorry but i dont want training i have common sence.
This imported terrorism does my nut.

Anonymous said...

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charcoal said...

Yesterday I saw my first ever "Railway Police PCSO".

What a joke.

Chalcedon said...

The problem is that 2-3% of the population do not feel particularly British as evidenced by their actions in London and Glasgow, in Luton and probably most mosques on a Friday.

Old Holborn said...


And the rest.

There are 2 million Muslims in the UK. Close to 10%.

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