Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Brown Gorgon's little green man.

One last ride on the carousel.

(Picture recycled from here).

Johnny Porridge is Green. He cares about the Grass and the Trees and the fluffy little bunnies. Humans? Nah, he hates them all.

So Johnny Porridge wants to kill half of us to feed to the other half. That will save all the cute little piggies and the cuddly sheep and the walking shit-generators called cattle. In fact, he could feed us to those too. His grand vision has come about after watching Soylent Green and Logan's Run in an all-night tofu and lentil session laced with home-made mead and herbal smoke.

The bad news is, very little of the above is made up.

For years, anyone who said that maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't invite all the world's wasters to come and live here because we have enough wasters of our own already, has been met with hysterical shrieks of 'Racist fascist Nazi bigot' from the Righteous. A group that includes pretty much all the Greens. You know, the ones who want electricity generated from wind power but don't want anyone digging up the countryside to lay cable to take it anywhere. The ones who want more and more immigration but want carbon emissions cut by 80% at the same time, and not a blade of grass disturbed by house-building. Yet here is one of the little green men calling not just for a limit on immigration, but a cull of those already here.

I have wondered if the whole of the Green party came into existence as the result of a Gorgon finger-mining expedition, and every time they speak out, I'm more sure of it. Johnny Porridge evidently emerged from the far right nostril of the World-Saving Angstmeister Supreme during a particularly deep dig. He's lucky he wasn't eaten. We aren't.

JONATHON PORRITT, one of Gordon Brown’s leading green advisers, is to warn that Britain must drastically reduce its population if it is to build a sustainable society. Porritt’s call will come at this week’s annual conference of the Optimum Population Trust (OPT), of which he is patron.

The optimum what now? Where did that trust come from, and who trusts them? More to the point, who pays them? I suspect it's us, you know. Johnny Porridge will take our money in the time-honoured highwayman manner of the taxman, but those highwaymen of old used to say 'Your money or your life'. Johnny Porridge offers no such option. He wants both.

The trust will release research suggesting UK population must be cut to 30m if the country wants to feed itself sustainably.

Must be cut. Must be. Not 'should be', not 'might be considered', not even 'well, this might be worth a bit of a think about'. No, it Must be Cut.

So let's see. The EU has brought back the death penalty for the crime of saying 'Hang on a minute' whenever they propose insane laws. Jacq the Ripper is set to propose a lot of insane laws that will allow her to arrest anyone for anything at any time. Muslims are demonised. Smokers are demonised. Drinkers are demonised. Fatties are demonised. The NHS has been practising mass extinction procedures in towns around the UK, and they got away with it for quite some time before anyone noticed. Now the Gorgon's favourite nose-goblin suggests that unless half the population simply vanishes, we're all going to die.

How much uproar - and I mean real uproar - would you expect to see if the NHS first stopped treating smokers, and then started actively killing them? Chemotherapy with belladonna. How much real uproar would you expect to see if there was an accidental contamination of alcoholic drinks with methanol? The deliberate contamination of wine with polyethylene glycol, a few years ago, caused no more than a murmur. Suppose fatties were cranked up with caffeine until their hearts could take no more? As for muslims, sorry guys, I've been saying for years that you'd been set up. All over Europe you've been set up to take the blame for just about everything. Here it comes. When it does, you'll riot as usual, and then the rounding-up will start. It's all for your own protection.

Even schoolchildren have been indoctrinated with the message that smokers are evil. Not smoking. Smokers. All drinkers, of all types, are evil. All fat people are a drain on the NHS and all three cost 'the taxpayer' money, even though many taxpayers actually fall into one or more of those groups. Really, if those groups were euthanased, one by one, there would be very little public outcry. I fully expect to hear 'Yes. They should be' from the Righteous-indoctrinated out there. Smile while you can because they won't stop with us.

Whole groups of people have been designated subhuman. Whole sectors of the population have been declared unclean. An entire section of the European population have been declared a threat.

Johnny Porridge will say he expects the 40 million he wants removed to emigrate. He doesn't. If they emigrate, they're emitting somewhere else and the Green Nose-Goblins want the world, not just this corner of it.

Johnny Porridge is a very dangerous bogie-man. I'm sure even Osmium Bin Liner will be in awe at his plans.


caesars wife said...

no shit ??

if hes one of the main hitters , how come its taken him this long to realise , we cant even feed ourselve let alone fuel our self.

oh dear green party , now trying not to look like socialists organisation.

porrit did somthing called farming futures which was just another gov NGO pretending not to be one .

shibby said...

Is a massive shitstorm brewing or is it just me?

Leg-iron said...

Shibby - depends what you had for lunch.

Joking aside (and joking is just a defence mechanism), there is something very nasty in the wind. It's hard to tell which direction it'll come from first, but it's coming.

Anonymous said...

Fuck "sustainable" then, if it's all going to turn to custard I'd rather Darwin made the survival decisions...

kerde said...

But will Jonathon Porritt practice what he preaches? Doubt it. Someone will probably have to assist him to make the 'right' choice.

But do the rest of his extended family in front of him before you finish him off, just so he gets the full appreciation for the contribution he's making to the future of the planet.

(Basically - fuck him. He wants to do it to me, no reason it shouldn't happen to him first.)

shibby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shibby said...

Why do so few people realise or even care what is happening?

I mention one of these things at my uni and people would start talking to me like a conspiracy theorist.
"Do you believe everything you read?"

Leg-iron, something very VERY nasty is in the wind, why can so few smell it?

The reason I've kept coming back here for months is that it gives hope that there are others who have a clue.

Nobody else cares about even the most progressively disgusting things happening or about to happen and it's really frustrating me.

Luche said...

The annual conference of the Optimum Population Trust seems like a good opportunity to get a good chunk of the membership to make their contribution.

The complimentary Kool-Aid should help things along, just needs someone to hand it out.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Perhaps Porritt should aim his ire at the Muslim population in the UK, which has doubled since 2005, due to their propensity to breed harder than the rest of us.

He is, as most people know, a Baronet, the recipient of a hereditary title. He is soooo busy working out his guilt at being priviledged on the rest of us, just like Hattie Harperson.

It's a very dangerous category, you guilt wracked toffs. They have a lot of influence, and they use it to fuck the rest of us with it.

bofl said...

he could always set a good example and top himself!

we have far too many people and rely on imported food.when the shit hits the fan its going to be fun at tescos!

Leg-iron said...

Tesco? The supermarkets run on a very efficient system whereby they don't have much in stock in the backrooms. That's why everything on the shelves is fresh.

That's also why they'll run out of food within days if the deliveries stop.

That's when you start inviting the neighbours over for dinner.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Oi ! Johnny Porridge, let me assist you with your suicide, save the rest of us from your emmissions, cunt.

Anonymous said...

I have long wondered how the righteous reconciled their apparent hectoring enthusiasm for for immigration with their expressed enthusiasm for green issues. They cant of course. Used to wonder the same about Red Ken attending a gay pride march one week and the week after holding a civic reception for some Muslim cleric who would like homosexuals to be thrown from great heights?

Anonymous said...

Leg Iron,

On the one hand you give us this little theory, and yet on the other you confidently predict that the righteous don't have the brain power to come up with something like Common Purpose, that seeks to look after their own damned graduates afore any other.

Make up your mind!

Thortung The Terrible said...

This is exactly the same "year zero" mindset as Pol Pot.

Balding Nobhead Party said...

Total global civil war. Everyone vs everyone else. Icke was right. He warns about the Green Fascists. I got 100 days of food stored up and I run a darktimes friendly business. Expect to bow before me when the smoke clears.

Man in the Street said...

Wonder if the impending descent into lawlessness in (nuclear armed) Pakistan will tip that part of the world into hell, giving snotty the excuse to piss himself again and bring in the CCA here.

'Trrorrrr is a global problem requiring global solutions, we will lead the way in Britain by bringing in the ....'

Utter fucktard.

Anonymous said...

How little you understand! Porritt and his ilk are the chosen ones to stay behind and ensure that the cull is carried out properly. Such is their sacrafice, such is their unbounded love for the planet.

Anonymong said...

A terribly difficult question beckons; who to cut back on first?

politicians in general
muslim hatemongers
insane greenies
unemployed for more than a year
extra kids (more than in 3 a family)
(oh, the length of the list!)

I'm sure we can trust gorgy to tell us the criteria


shibby said...

Hey leave the hippies alone D:

Anonymous said...

you're wrong about the muslims.

JD said...

All these 'little green men' need to be ridiculed at every opportunity. They only have the power they do because of the endless exposure they get from the press and media. Instead of taking on their diabolical messages it is time we all just told them to "Fuck off, because we don't believe all the claptrap any more".
Remember - they have neither facts nor reality on their side, so their case is pretty weak, and does not bear scrutiny.

Anonymong said...

I meant the facist hippies(!) that demand I live in a fucking yurt and get rid of my car.

The hippies that pay their way and leve me alone can live (I suppose)

charlie said...

Cunt, everyone working together in harmony to guarantee when this happens that no-one will raise an eyebrow.
Also, could someone update me as to exactly what is meant by Civil Unrest. Couldn't it just be polite tiredness?

Anonymous said...

Forgive me if this seems a little off-topic but...

Not long after reading this post I hit the random shuffle thingy button on my MP3 player and it served up this little gem from the late 1970's...

The lyrics couldn't be more relevant to today's current fucked-up situation....

"They'll tear out your heart, throw it knee-deep in a cart
'Cos that's what they do with the scum like me and you
And you feel as if you died, whilst you're standing on the line
And you wonder all the time why can't you cry?
But the people in control don't care for you
They're just a robot with a job to do
And when your use is exhausted, they'll be rid of you
As soon as look at you, go to the back of the queue!

B-b-big brother's got no heart
When I get my chance
I'm gonna kick him in the ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
Big brother's got no heart
When I get my chance
I'm gonna kick him in the ah (sh) ah (sh) ah (sh) ah (sh) arse

His eyes are dull, they stole his soul
They left him to rot in some stinking council hole
Where they keep him doped on beer and hopes
Of television dreams he's living on the screens
He knows something that he used to believe in
That was: every human being should have his freedom
But while his dungeon had a way to show him
He should be more useful, as they broke into his skull

B-b-big brother's got no heart
When I get my chance
I'm gonna kick him in the ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
Big brother's got no heart
When I get my chance
I'm gonna kick him in the ah (sh) ah (sh) ah (sh) ah (sh) arse

Big brother, beware, 'cos some of us do care
And the worm (and the worm, and the worm, and the worm)
May turn (may turn, may turn, may turn)
And the violence (and the violence, and the violence, and the violence)
In my head (in my head, in my head, in my head) is real
Bam-bam, you're dead!"

Apologies if this is deemed off-topic, but as one of your loyal BNP readers I feel strangely compelled to remind you that I *will* be voting BNP in June...

Henry North London said...

Like Osmium Bin liner

Nice Logans Run and Soylent Green stuff

Soylent Green was on the tv a few days ago

wv upster

black hole sunset said...

Nice Logans Run and Soylent Green stuff

Totally agree, watched Soylent Green on TCM the other night and immediately thought of Logan's Run.

Great post - really caught my mood!!

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