Thursday, 12 March 2009

Border Reivers Now Wear Blue Suits

Obviously the Bank of England was not deemed safe enough for our Tax Receipts, those custodians of probity RBS were chosen to handle the Nation's Banking, puts a new light on why RBS could not be allowed to fail by Brown.


And of course having got used to playing at bankers there goes another £116m into the Asian Development Bank, whilst the Nationalised Banks are recalling overdrafts and pulling the plug on viable businesses here.


Are you politically sound enough to be allowed to open a bank account ?


Golliwogg said...

Shout it from the rooftops...

"In today's money, the Second World War cost Britain £663 billion (according to an Office of National Statistics estimate). We are heading for a scenario in which the bill for "rescuing" this pair (Lloyds-HSBOS) is at least a third and possibly close to half of the bill for seeing off Adolf Hitler." (Iain Martin DTeles) i.e. the price paid for saving McRuin's Scottish by-election. Pianowire is is too kind a solution.

D. Trotter said...

'Ere, I am sick to death of this Reiverism being manifested all over this blog. I come from a long line of Reivers, and I can tell you this - we're as honest as they day is long. Well, compared to Goodwin, and Hornby, and Applegarth, and all the other parvenu amateurs, that is. Thank you, and good night.

polaris said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to put the kibosh on this but it's a non-story. Yes, RBS staff might have been asking the question wrong but the question itself (about "politically exposed persons") is a perfectly valid, anti-money laundering question.

Guthrum said...

11.26 What utter bollocks

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