Monday, 16 March 2009

BBC Re-education programme.

The BBC continue their campaign to convince us that black is white.

A nice little 'puff'' from the Department of Positive Spin and Re-Education of us morons......otherwise known as Room 101.

A peer who was jailed for sending text messages while driving on a motorway has said he wants to work as a road safety campaigner.

But hark! What have we here? The facts are changing before our very eyes!
No longer did the judge say " The last message was sent two minutes and 1.86 miles" before the accident.

The BBC now says it was "about 10 minutes after he had sent and received the text messages".

So much for factual unbiased reporting.

Sign up for - at least get this mendacious rubbish without having to pay the licence fee.

OH Update:
Shitting in our faces again


Oldrightie said...

BBC = Brown's Bullshit Crap.

North Northwester said...

Facts ceased to matter when Tony Blair's 'I feel your pain' theory of emotion-based, reality ignoring feminized politics came in.

No facts. No priciples. No laws of nature to interfere with how it feels.

Try to treat an illness using emotioon rather than medical expertees and see whenre it gets you.

The Economic Voice said...

Remember when Jade was charged with racism then successfully reinvented herself?

It's all just spin!!

Fidothedog said...

Well having been inside an maybe a few lags getting inside the ignoble peer as well?!

Having been in a fatal accident I guess its a case of poacher turned gamekeeper?

black hole sunset said...

o/t (or very must on topic depending on your perspective).

Anna, left some questions for you here regarding your otherworldly defense of ludicrous public sector rewards.

Along the lines of "are you on the level or what?"

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Yes, it's the sort of history re-write we have come to expect. I think they are highly conscious of what they are doing but they no longer care about truth or justice.

I did my best to expose, on my blog, the close links that the original judge in the Ahmed case has with Nu Labour, and Jack Straw in particular, but this is now a case of making sure that the message gets out, in spite of the official, biased BBC line.

Unfortunately, most of the population are completely stupid, and will swallow most of the lying and propaganda.

The reaction in the MSM to Ahmed beign released early was lukewarm to say the least. I do not recall one major commentator or columnist who criticised this.

Woman on a Raft said...

I forgot to thank you properly for the digging, Weasel. Good show.

Anna Raccoon said...

Black Hole Sunset,
I have replied to you on the other thread.

Anonymous said...

Vote BNP. Free kittens for whites. Free showers for everyone else. Look at the pretty kittens. Look at the pretty fucking kittens.

Freakybacon said...

Surely the court of public opinion would state that this man should still be in prison, ideally on a charge of causing death by dangerous driving,and therefore any of his opinions on road safety should be disregarded.

AngryDave said...

In a sane world this cunt would be banged up for a very long time, getting bummed.
But, we are in labour land where criminals are just a bit naughty and need another 1000 chances, because afterall it's not their fault thay are dickheads is it?

Chris said...

The standard of driving in Pakistan is terrible, by all accounts.

My Noble Lord - fuck off back to Pakistan and serve your 'community'.

subrosa said...

Is Zattoo safe? I'm not clued up on this technology but it does sound good.

black hole sunset said...

"I have replied to you on the other thread."

Much appreciated!

Mummy x said...

Poo, I was gonna fisk this but I couldn't find the '2 minute quote' any where, God darn it you are too good at this. I hang my head in shame. I fisked Sir Gonnads'son instead.
Mummy x

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