Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Bad Apples

A public Servant this morning

Call me old fashioned but I prefer the people with which we entrust our property and lives to be honest.

Not violent, drug addled thieves.

I despair

When they are not downloading kiddy porn or raping women, I would prefer them not to be beating the sense out of innocent civilians or joining in football riots.

I suppose just like Government, we get the Police we deserve as well. A fucking third world mafia. It can’t be long before they are setting up unofficial roadblocks and relieving motorists of a few pounds to pass "unhindered". We are already paying the pensions of the bastards after they "retire on health grounds", something I can't quite grasp.

UPDATE: Has anyone else noticed that Al JeBeeba is calling the murdering bogtrotters "dissidents" and not Terrorists. What's all that about then?



polaris said...

It's a sick joke isn't it? Why can't we just fire any Police Officer that has a criminal record, that would be reasonable wouldn't it?

Stuart said...

Random searches at London Bridge Stn this morning. It's lucky they didn't stop me...

Old Holborn said...

Random searches?

What the fuckity fuck?

When did we start allowing this shit?

Anonymous said...

You mean like this?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I used to have a lot of sympathy for the police. Read a lot of their blogs etc etc. Now I don't. They bring a lot of it on themselves. I live in a 'slightly rough' area full of scum. My choice, cheap rent, decent big house etc, but have been stopped a few times for 'routine checks' when driving. When i pointed out that there is no such thing as 'routine checks' and they had to have a reason for stopping me, they just turned into wankers. Meanwhile, Johnny Junkie meanders unhindered round the streets.
Was watching one of they 'fly on the wall' cop shows the other night. They had set up a checkpoint at a motorway service area and pulled motorists from the motorway for, you guessed it, 'routine checks'. Who the fuckity fuck do they think they are?!
Do your fucking job, stay out of my law abiding way! Cunts.

Anonymous said...

@OH "When did we start allowing this shit?

11 March 2009 10:36"

Section 43 and 44 Terrorism Act 2000:

Anonymous said...

Do not forget that you could NOT join the Police with a criminal record, you WOULD be thrown out of the Police if you got a criminal record.
All changed by Nulabour.
All standards dropped to allow in the lowest common denominator.
You will NEVER see the details of ethnic minority Police Officers committing crimes and staying in because its huge.
Like it or lump it, fact.

K. McEgan. said...

Two points.Nomenclature.The police ARE civilans.If they had any guts they'd enlist but one on one combat is too hard for them.Secondly wasnt George Washington a terrorist?The Stern gang?Haganah?Wasnt Madiba a terrorist?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

When you rebel against the system you automatically become classified as a terrorist.

There is only one justification for rebellion - Victory.

Winners write the history books.

Anonymous said...

@ Rab.

I have sympathy for the old-fashioned police, the ones who pursued the criminals, exercised common sense and discretion, and kept the crime rates low. Somehow, they managed all this without Jack Straw's magic DNA databases. I'd like those policemen back. I posted a message to that effect on Straw's blog, but it didn't pass moderation of course.

What's happened to the police? So many things have gone wrong. The old-fashioned policemen are still out there; I see OH has a link to Inspector Gadget's excellent book, which everyone should read before they demand the usual solutions to crime, specifically more laws, more police powers, more surveillance, etc. The problem with the police is not a lack of power, but the attitude of those at the top. "The police are the rich's army against the poor." Which, ironically, is what the "reforms" have made them.

Anonymous said...

i remember a newspaper (daily telegraph) being horrified that the BNP membership list of around 10,000 people had 16 members with criminal convictions. not a bad percentage imo. i wonder how a less than 0.2% criminality compares with the police, or, now that we're on the subject, non-white ethnic groups?
still, mustn't let the facts get in the way of a good demonisation.

Gordon said...

Why are you surprised - haven't you noticed the general trend of making all our public sector "representative of the community they serve."

Anonymous said...

"Call me old fashioned but I prefer the people with which we entrust our property and lives to be honest."

I suppose the % of bent cops is similar to that of bent politicians.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the dissidents thing has been bothering me too.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

They say " dissidents " to pretend that these terrorists are somehow different to Mcguniss and his crowd.

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