Friday, 27 March 2009

Anarchist Professor suspended ahead of the G20 protests


Chris Knight has been suspended for saying there was a risk of real bankers hanging from lamposts on April 1st.

This is the first sign that the State is getting very wobbly about next week.

Fear of the Mob goes back to Roman times, because the mob is not interested in niceties of legal processes, the mob mentality just boils down to a seething anger.

I am not sure why the State thinks that they can seek to govern every aspect of our lives, take away any sense of self reliance, then says it is nothing to do with them when it all goes to crap. Its International forces, it is the Americans etc.

The State should not expect people who are losing their homes, their jobs, their future and even their very hope not to get angry, whilst the State and its friends in the City feathernest themselves.

Interesting Times


Fidothedog said...

Would much rather a few MP's hanging from lamp posts, far bigger criminals than some greedy bankers.

JD said...

I hope they keep 646 lampposts reserved........JD.

Anonymous said...

The state are not the slightest bit concerned about g20 protests. It's all under control and organised by foundation funded groups. Yes, there will be angry ordinary people there but you won't see or hear from them in the media.

The nutty academic, for example, wouldn't dream of doing anything constructive like calling for the arrest and proper trial of the fraudsters. Instead he just discredits any real protest.

Chris said...

Ooooh, clever. Shoot the messenger, because that always worked. A silly over-reaction to a silly little lefty academic.

Balding Nobhead Party said...

Is it just a coincidence that its now a crime to take pictures of the police? Or that as Anon 09:01 points out that all the organisers just happen to be state funded leftists? Are the people about to be given a savage lesson in whos the boss? I for one can't wait to find out. The state might be able to unleash chaos but that doesn't mean they can control it. This could lead somewhere interesting.

reckoning time said...

Just as well he didn't threaten to have 10,000 angry Muslims descend on Parliament.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

The Government has a plan.

In co-operation with the BBC they are going to put on repeats of "Only Fools and Horses" during the G20.

OH. Do you live in London? I ask this, because not everyone does and any sensible being will avoid London like the plague next week. The idea that anybody, apart from the usual suspects, is going to risk being beaten senseless by the entire Metropolitan Police Force, is very Londoncentric, and very optimistic.

London will however, not see the kind of 80's phenomenon where buildings burn and there are running battles. The plod have actually learned that the best way to deal with it is lock-down and divide - which is what they will do.

The lamposts will be vacant next week. Sorry to burst your bubble.

K. MacEgan said...

Payback time for Walther Wolfgang, Maya Evans and Philip Mery. Expect to take casualties. Expect to take scalps. Bramshill delenda est.

PRL said...

Reckon you might see a repeat of this next week...

woman on a raft said...

An anarchist professor relying on the internal disciplinary process and saying "oi, I got rights, you can't just suspend me"....gotta be irony.

El Sid said...

"This is the first sign that the State is getting very wobbly about next week."

What a load of crap. This prat is guilty of the age-old crime of incitement to murder, just like Mizanur Rahma or Abu Hamza. Nothing to do with getting wobbly about next week. You think this mob would be able to tell the difference between stringing up the people actually at fault, and random people walking the streets of London near the BoE?

Given that AIG were in Mayfair, the FSA are in Canary Wharf, the one-eyed idiot has taken the traditional crim's option of disappearing to Brazil, and the boys giving 125% mortgages are in Newcastle - it's a pretty safe bet that the protest is going to be nowhere near any of those actually responsible for this mess.

How blooody clueless can you get? If you're going to protest about something, at least know enough about the subject to protest in the right place. The FSA in Canary Wharf would be a start, Downing St would be even better....

El Sid said...

Oh, and if you want to target true incompetence, try the 127 local authorities that had £954m of our money in Icelandic banks, including the ones that negligently deposited £32.8m after the problems emerged :
London Borough of Havering, Kent County Council, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, Restormel Borough Council, Bridgnorth District Council, South Yorkshire Pensions Authority, North East Lincolnshire Council.

How do we get rid of the bureaucrats that are that are so careless with OUR money? Do the "state funded leftists" give a damn about the incompetence and waste of their mates in local councils? Where's the riots at the town halls?

electro-kevin said...

Sorry. These are fucking loonatics. The usual rent-a-mob are going to hijack all the legitimate issues that the average working Joe has.

1 million immigrants in 4 years. Crime. Stealth tax. Political Correctness ...

And what do we get ? The usual idle hippies taking it over - diverting attention from where it needs to be concentrated and a leftist agenda imposed on genuine grievances which should be voiced by hard working people.

There's nothing to celebrate or revel in over this. Besides - wrinkled is right. The Police will lock down and divide.

I was on the first shield serial that went in on the Poll Tax demo at Traf Square. I was injured and later attended a debrief with other injured officers chaired by Earl Ferrers.

He asked us what could have been done better and we all expressed our dismay that - despite training at Hounslow and East India docks in long shield tactics - we were deployed at the last minute with short shields. Disaster resulted. We took a pasting and Theatre Land got trashed.

I like to think that it was that historic debrief that lead to 'lock down and divide' tactics. Make the demonstrators stand in one spot so they have to wet themselves there and then - preferably in the cold and the rain to dampen their ardour even further.

I have to say this though: I've never felt more like standing on the other side of the shields than I do now. And at 44 and being a moderate and obedient family man of conservative (small c) instinct that really is saying something.

Anonymous said...

The Icelanders threw out their government. This lot want to throw bricks at people for the crime of wearing a suit and carrying a laptop. Revolution my arse.

Watch out for the baton rounds you commie cunts. Come get me when the real revolution starts.

Dungeekin said...

I was reading the papers this morning, and it occurred to me that next week we could well see the Endgame....

All ZanuLieBore's attacks on civil liberties will now come to this point.

And, as far as I can see, whatever happens it's checkmate - we lose.

I hope I'm wrong, but I have a feeling the next couple of weeks will be very sad ones for this country.


Anonymous said...

Great post E-K.

Old Holborn said...


That was then. This is now.

Any attempt at lock down will result in a flash mob turning up to relieve them.

GPS updates via blackberry will tell people where to be and where to avoid. Wifi hotspots will show live footage of any action.

There are 10,000 Police on duty (over shifts). They are only armed with radios.

As are many more thousand protesters via twitter and facebook.

It's going to be interesting. I am taking an unregistered mobile phone and brand new sim card. I have already altered the EMEI number in the handset. I will only turn the phone on when I am in position, not during the journey. I am, in effect, untraceable.

I am not the only one.

Anonymous said...

You assume that they won't shut down the GSM network and jam Wifi with electronic counter measures. We will find out next week what they are willing to do. I look forward to your report :).

Unfortunately we rely on the establishment for our communications technology. They could easily block access to centralised Internet services like Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry, Blogger, Youtube, Google, etc., etc. It would be trivial - one phone call to the right person at BT, and any or all parts of the Internet become inaccessible. Same with the GSM network. The telcos won't stand up for our rights; they bend over backwards for governments. We like to think that information services are robust, and in a way they are, but there are single points of failure, and they're not secure against censorship.

It might be useful to have access to an overseas proxy server - the Chinese way - but that won't be any use if everything is blocked, or wireless is jammed.

JuliaM said...

"Fear of the Mob goes back to Roman times..."

So, the government should seek to keep us happy with bread and circuses?


Bozo McGozo said...


Anon@1754 is right - they can and will switch off GSM etc but I think it would have to be very bad for that to happen- the gov would probably set off something that appears to be a dirty bomb to get that kind of blackout.

Yes, I know they are mad enough - mad enough to set off a real dirty bomb and blame it on 'terrorists'

If they turn off communications just because they've penned a few demonstrators in Trafalgar Sq or wherever it would be a massive own goal.

Yes, I know they are stupid enough to do that but the foreign media would go into overdrive simply because their London bureaus were unreachable.

They will undoubtedly use lockdown but probably keep communications open so people will be able to send txts and tweets and emails from Trafalgar Sq.

If one of my loved ones was trapped in such a situation I would have no compunction about using the car (airbags already removed in anticipation) to ram the police lines. And again. And again. Until I was shot.

The police will end up getting mauled from behind, especially if a rumour spreads that they've killed a Muslim.

I will spread the rumour - just to get a momentum of Righteous anger against the police. I knew Righteousness has a use!

I hate Islam but I don't hate Muslims and admire the way they aren't scared to take on the police.

If Cress Dick is in charge, expect a lot of dead bodies.

Don't worry Cress - you'll get yours. I've seen your eyes and can see you will have a violent death. There's the longest, loudest scream ever in your slight frame - no one has heard it yet but you will be a posthumous Guinness World Record holder.

Anonymous said...


I'm with E-K. The lunatics will prevent ordinary people attending to make real & proper protest.

That's why police thwack 'ordinary' people 'cos they're mixed up with the scrungy scum.

Please don't mention the Countryside Alliance march either - hijacked by tossers.....again!

The real issues will be buried under coverage of yet another MacDonalds or Starbucks window going in!

All this talk of GSM network blocking is sheer paranoia - they're panicking, even if no one turns up it will have cost the taxpayer £10,000,000 pounds to put measure in place. What a fucking waste of money.

Wouldn't it be great to see a Million plus people marching silently through London, demonstrating against our corrupt MP's, our corrupt prime mentalist, against greedy fuck-pigs everywhere? Wouldn't it be great if the message could be passed by such a protest to withold certain taxes like council tax, like the licence fee, like the congestion charge?

Instead it will be the usual bollocks and the message will be lost and the only winners will be those who trample on the checks and balances against tyranny.

Chris said...

If they block GSM none of the phones of the G20 bigwigs/goldfish shit will work either.

Also, wild rumours will spread further out of control with GSM/Internet than without it.

Chris said...

Sorry - wrong way round!

What I meant to say was if they turn off all the phones, the rumours will be more wild, not less so. People will panic about their friends and relatives.

Best Riot Ever said...

This is going to be the best riot ever!!!

Thud said...

Oh no...crusties with twitter!...don't make me laugh.Brownie is history soon enough for me without siding with socialist worker/respect anarchist filth.

El Sid said...

Err Chris - you do realise that the City protest is a)the day before the G20 happens and b) several miles away? Another example of how well targetted this whole thing is.

The map on the Climate Camp website gives you an idea of what they're going for - the Machinery Users Association and the Tea Brokers Association. What the hell have they got to do with the collapse of the financial system - were the Brooke Bond chimps were speculating in mortgage-backed securities or something?

And they're so clueless they're even targetting some of the organisations that will get us out of this mess - clearing houses such as Clearnet are key to increasing transparency and confidence, it was not using Clearnet/DTCC that was behind some of the problems with Lehmans, noone knew what the exposure was.

I'd echo the comments earlier; the ordinary people of this country are desperate to protest about the current situation, but this is not the protest for them, it's been hijacked by people with agendas opposed to the ordinary people. I know several people who would have gladly gone on something like the anti-war march, but refuse to support the dickheads that have taken over the thing next week.

Surely the greatest liberty is the liberty to walk the streets without fear? Those who support the mob are profoundly anti-libertarian.

Anonymous said...

fuck me this blog is turning to shit

Kill them all said...

This is Marxists marching not against their fellow Marxists in government, but against 'capitalism' - the very existence of the private sector, property rights and individual liberty. The SWP's Islamist chums of course have an explicitly anti-semitic spin on the above which they will no doubt indulge by attacking Jewish-owned businesses (such as Starbucks) again.

They are not targetting the bastard government or its pet banks (mostly in fucking Scotland). What the far left do is simply a loud and violent form of lobbying as bogus as any Fabian fake charity. They demand MORE state control of the economy, MORE rampant welfarism, MORE thoughtcrime laws, MORE uncontrolled immigration, and fucking ZaNuLab will give it to them, though not as far and as fast as they want. They are the brownshirts of ZaNuLab.

Student leftist twats grow up to be ZaNuLab apparatchiks, fake charity / quango bureaucrats, BBC / Grauniad propaganda drones and Bottom Inspectors. The ones who never grow up become the leaders of the student rent-a-mobs.

Do not allow your desire to protest to be co-opted by your mortal enemies.

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