Thursday, 19 February 2009

What in God's Name Are They Doing

Ofstead are giving clean bills of health to 'faith' schools that are encouraging children to sit around and imagine that they are bombers about to carry out an atrocity in the name of Islam.

Denis MacEoin, found no evidence that children were being brainwashed into becoming jihadists; but, as he writes in these pages, he did find that fundamentalist schools are teaching their pupils to despise the society around them, propagating fatwas against playing cricket or chess, attending concerts or watching Shakespeare. Some of these schools teach girls that men are more intelligent than women. Yet none has failed an Ofsted inspection; several have been praised by inspectors.

The plan for 7/7 role-playing and the inability of Ofsted to spot fanatical indoctrination are both evidence of a wider crisis: the failure of the Government and the establishment to meet the challenge of separatist Islam. Although the "module" produced by Calderdale council does not condone terrorism, it encourages Muslim Asians to think of themselves as victims.

This is utter madness, if these schools are supported by the State and us the Taxpayer, they should be closed immediately. Blair was the great promoter of faith schools, he certainly did God in a big way despite what Campbell said, and this is the end result.

State schools should be secular institutions promoting excellence in Science, Languages,Mathematics and English/Scottish/Welsh Culture, not setting up victim schools, and promoting backward thinking, be it medieval Islam & Judaism, Creationism and all other moonbattery.Leave God at the school gates. Morality and tolerance is not dependant on the Divine.

If they want to abuse their children, they can do it on their own time and at their own cost. Every child deserves a chance to shine, not to be taught they are a victim.


Old Holborn said...

The instruction of "religion" should occur after the age of 18, if you can, motherfuckers.

Anything else is child abuse.

Spartan said...

So does that mean we can teach our pupils in our state schools to despise lslamist Fundamentalists etc?

But we know the answer to that don't we? This government gets insaner by the minute! Fucking crazy.c

Patrick Vessey said...

I hope that I am permitted to both agree and disagree simultaneously?

Whilst I agree about faith schools indoctrinating the young, regular secular schooling does the same. It's just that in the latter case what the kids are being indoctrinated with are the norms and values of the prevailing society. Less visible abuse, maybe, but abuse nonetheless...

Old Holborn said...


Why do we educate children?

To survive and thrive and vehicles for our own DNA.

Do we really need to introduce God?

Remove the Welfare State and watch how closely "parents" suddenly teach their children what really matters.

How to feed themselves, earn a living, raise a child to adulthood.

Anything else is purely the State manipulating future "voters" and minimising threats. Or religion securing future funds/martyrs.

Value your DNA. The State is DESPERATE for it. It must be worth something, eh? Keep it close.

Now you know why the State is so desperate to "educate" our offspring. And religion is so desperate to own yours.

Anonymous said...

Recent governments have allowed this situation to develop over the past thirty years or so. They hoped that people from the sub continent would become enamoured of western societies and become "westernised"(wrong again) That hasn't happened. And now they haven't a fucking clue what to do about it!

The failure to assimilate has until recently also been encouraged by the righteous who encouraged them to (as if that was needed)to maintain their own culture and traditions.

Old Holborn said...

Multiculturalism is just the way the Gummint bribes any minority with

"Do what you want, just vote for us, eh?"


Anonymous said...

State skooling is welfare. It's socialist.

Allowing the likes of Herr Brown to indoctrinate one's children is child abuse.

Abolish it.

Anonymous said...

Addendum to my comment at 23:07:

I'm American. When we say "public" skooling we mean state mandated and
payed for by robbing the tax slaves
at gun point.

I think the good folks of England call
that "private"?

I just wanted to clear that up.

Old Holborn said...

For our American cousins:

The State provides an education in the UK. It is called "comprehensive education". I

"Public" School is private and not provided by the State.

Odin's Raven said...

What's the chances that within, say a century, not only will the secular 'West', have failed to assimilate the Muslims and Hindus, but will have been assimilated by them! Numbers, time, fanaticism are on their side.

bofl said...

i agree with o/h.leave the kids 18 they can then be free to choose.........

but-these hoons have an agenda.behind their 'righteous' and moralistic beliefs lies a long term plan.....

always has been.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

The problem with religeon in state Schools is that our best ones are those that retain links with the Church Of England ( all that commitment, ethos stuff etc.) both primary and secondary.

Unless we are prepared to ditch those links it is difficult to see how we can justify preventing other religeons from establishing similar links to schools of their own.

Dick the Prick said...

Hang on a minute, terrorists don't grow on trees ya know - they have to be nurtured, encouraged, supported - it's not as easy as you's think so they're probably doing a really good job.

Tory Poppins said...

It is unvelieveable. Have a read of these comments to this post!

AngryDave said...

Religion has no place in a place of education, like facts have no place in religion.
Are we really suprised that this shit is going on in Britain?
If our government is willing to give hundreds of millions to pakistan to train terrorists, it must have been going on here for much longer.

Katabasis said...

Let's also not forget that the CIA currently considers us the most likely source of an Al-Queda attack.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... little Ali, Ahmed and Maryam. They blow up so soon these days...

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