Thursday, 19 February 2009

Well, she invented it.

Look what happens when I pull my finger.

Jacqui the Hut has been claiming for a home she doesn't own and is in the deepest slurry pit available as a result.

Jacqui has been the architect of the Thought Police, the shop-your-neighbour world of fear and mistrust we live in now.

Does anyone else find it amusing that, in this case, her sneaky benefit-fraud ways have been brought to light... by her neighbours?

If only it had been her children. That would have been justice indeed.

There's still time, kids. Think of the points you'll get in the Junior Spies.


man in the street said...

I hadn't previously acknowledged the exquisite comedy of the situation.

What a stupid fucking cow.

Ted Foan said...

She is dead meat! Apart from the obvious fact she is absolutely useless as Home Secretary why would the good people of Redditch ever want her as their MP ever gain?


I'm now totally vindicated for my belief in Instant Karma.

On another note of outrageous stupidity, shock, chagrin and jaw-droppingly... well, you get the picture, the chap at Starbucks has apologised to Mandelson. Oh, yes. There had been no attempt to criticise the British economy.

Why the hell not? Bleeding Brown's going to try to bully the rest of the world to follow his example and cock up their economies too.

Mr Timney said...

You bastards would want forty grand a year if you had to stick your head between her fat thighs. Thankfully the fat bitch stays away at her main home 4 nights a week.

Dolly's Butt Plug said...

My kinda woman. She is one free-loading easy-fucking ride.

Leg-iron said...

Mr Timney, forty grand a minute, I might consider it. But probably more. Since the Bank of Gorgon is going to print money faster than a Harry Potter novel soon, I'd take payment in crossbow bolts and detonators, thanks.

Mara - he apologised? What? That's like saying 'Sorry, my neck appears to be in the way of your teeth and I'm bleeding right into your mouth.'

Too many apologies these days. Far too many. It's time some of these cretins stood up for themselves.

Mitch said...

Closed circuit TV pictures of her going there just twice a week would have been the Cherry.

Anonymous said...

Well done those vigilant and public spirited neighbours. I hope Jacqui is pleased with the informer society she has played an important part in setting up.

Get out of that you hard faced cow.

The Penguin said...

If anyone wants "personal services" and is not too fussy, please contact Mr. Tessa Jowell. Discretion assured.

The Penguin.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I do hope she approved of the radio ad/propaganda jingle which runs something like this

" Tax Credits are a two way thing!
If you have news, like a partner moving in,
or or a change to the number of hours you work,
Share it with Us !
Your neighbours might snitch so
Call us straight away
Revenue & Customs

Help Us To Fuck you !"

Henry North London said...

I have blogged about this too

She is dicing with unemployment in her constituency

I can just see her being replaced, and her claiming her 30000 grand redundancy payment aswell

wv moinging I shit ye not

Cato said...

How can anyone seriously believe that the house in Nunhead is her MAIN home? It's beyond belief. On a par that claiming a caravan in Cleethorpes is your main home.

The Penguin said...

Cato, Margaret Beckett does exactly that.

La Spliff apparently has to leave early each night so as not to miss "Neighbours".

The Penguin.

Freebritannia said...

As previously noted here,

Harrithebastard said...

Oh , the joy of it all and does it get much better than this? apart from watching Westminster go up in smoke and standing by with a fire hose attached to a petrol tanker just in case the flames start to die down, now i can carry on masturbating ... blisters or no blisters ?

If this is what heaven is like , then come death .. come , and be quick about it and don't spare the horses.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a delicious irony in the fact that the world of snitches, snoops & informers created by Jacky Spliff is what's brought her to bay. Congratulations to the neighbours for shopping her. Very brave of them to speak up.
I just hope it all finally sticks & she loses her job. At which time her husband will, hopefully, be out of a job too as, without her position on top of the shit pile that is NuLabour she won't need a whatever it is he's supposed to do (in addition to writing to the papers praising her work, but curiously omitting the fact that he's her husband). Bring it on!

JD said...

OH, Did you manage to reserve a lamppost for this particularly unpleasant specimen?
You have to laugh, eh? JD.


Roger Thornhill said...

Mitch and all,

CCTV? Who needs it - I suspect that the masts used by her mobile phone will nail her.

electro-kevin said...

The best liars persuade themselves that they are telling the truth or that what they do is justified by some greater good - ie attracting the best politician for the job. Clearly so in this case.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Bet she gets away with it. Lets have some sympathy for her. After all, she has a face like a welders' bench and a body like a bus crash. The poor soul.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Na, Fuck the sympathy. Dunno what came over me there.

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