Wednesday, 4 February 2009

We can photograph you but you cannot photograph us

From the middle of this month you can go to jail for ten years for Photographing a Policeman , I will repeat that for you. Ten years in jail for taking a photgraph of a copper. So if a photojournalist takes a photograph of a demonstrator being beaten with a baton, or running them down with a horse, the photographer will be arrested.

Thanks to Leg Iron


The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Lets go for another walk

Anonymous said...

Lets, will you bring the camera or shall I

Islander said...

Fucking unbelievable.

I'm so angry at this shit that I've been sat here for five minutes thinking of what to say to express my outrage.

Fuck waiting till June next year. Its time to forcably remove these fuckers from office NOW. And I don't mean with a ballot.

Although thats probaby what Gormless wants, so he can invoke the Civil Contingenies Act.

Fucking cunt.

Anonymous said...

We need laws like this to protect us- idiots

subrosa said...

Geez we've got to say no to shit now.

If you like OH, I'll post it on my blog then it'll get into Scotland a bit too.

Earthlet Nigel said...

Under the guise of protecting us with the Anti-Terrorist Act it is the everyday photo-journalist, hobby photographer, and tourist who will be affected by this.Not forgetting the restrictions this will place on reporting in the msm. Sporting events, fucked, opening of Parliament, fucked, et al.

And how the fuck are you supposed to know you are photographing one of the intelligence players. Catch 22. Another fucking liberty taken (sic)

Should be fun around the tourist attractions in London, tourist for two weeks, HMP Gartree, or Belmarsh for the next ten.

wv phordato

electro-kevin said...

This is going fucking bonkers.

For any Govt lurkers out there I took this test.

I'm dead center in my politics. See my result on my blog. The fact that people of a wide political spectrum are getting angry should worry you very much.

There simply aren't enough riot shields.

(Thanks for the tip, OH)

Old Holborn said...

Yes Beast.

Let's go for another WALK

I am serious.

I've had enough.

Swiss Bob said...

OH, Beast,

St George's day is coming soon.

Also I've got to go the the bleedin' dentist again.

See you at the pub.

Old Holborn said...

Swiss Bob

I'll email

Beast, make contact

Anonymous said...

WT(and indeed)F!?

Swiss Bob said...

We should all dress up as crusaders like when we were kids.

I'll do the video again as long as you come and visit me in the nick.

Anonymous said...

So how the fuck are you supposed to video the murderers murdering a Brazillian Electrician and try and use it in a court of Law?

bofl said...

i put a post on guidos page recently but nobody seemed to care......

what's next? that will be the eu crap about not criticising anyone in power etc.......

do u want me to post that?

the labour party are going for a full on orwellian airstrip 1......

Old Holborn said...

By the way, I'm having a fucking great row over at the Devils Kitchen regarding Jane Goody

Anonymous said...

When I went on the Iraq anti war rallies there were always masses of police taking photographs or videos of the marchers so every time I saw one of them at it, I took his photograph too. Now it would probably meant 10 years in Belmarsh. What a shithole this country has become under that thick, fat, cunt Brown! Bloater Brown

Old Holborn said...

Swiss Bob

We should dress up as English Heroes.

Churchill, Robin Hood, Cromwell, Guy Fawkes, Crusaders, Nelson, Wellington, Darwin

The list never ends.

(Well, it does. 1946)

Sir Henry Morgan said...

"Make peaceful evolution impossible and you make violent revolution inevitable"

bofl said...

we are just sheep.......

i dont know if you all noticed that plod have got stop and search powers back recently?

(they would always find some excuse anyway)

recently they have been hassling people in local pubs.searching youngsters..........and last sunday i was in a bar singing at an open mic night when 3 of them walked in......they stood around for 1/2 an hour.......the bar was not busy as it had been snowing for 3 hours.....

after a while some sow started getting busy with my friends wifes coat.........

she ran over too see what the problem the music was loud i couldnt hear but the sow probably thought my friend was packing semtex up her top as she is 8 months due with twins!!!!!!!!

they really are cuntz.....

Unsworth said...

So Al Beeb will not be able to film the cops as they gun down the protesters at the refineries, then.


Anonymous said...

Time to leave I'm afraid but where to go thats the question?

bofl said...

oi holborn.stop messing about with goody......this is the real shit.....

here's a corker.............soon we will not be able to debate!!!!!!!

eu.started by nazis-run by??????????

The EU has decided that we are all criminals now and the following will put British Citizens on the EU subversives list.

This EU Council decision of 20th January [PDF] on the establishment of a pan-EU 'criminal' database includes the following 'offences':

* Offences related to waste

* Unintentional environmental offences

* Insult of the State, Nation or State symbols

* Insult or resistance to a representative of public authority

* Public order offences, breach of the public peace

* Revealing a secret or breaching an obligation of secrecy

* Unintentional damage or destruction of property

* Offences against migration law—an "Open category" (offences undefined thus all encompassing)

* Offences against military obligations—an "Open category" (offences undefined thus all encompassing)

* Unauthorised entry or residence

* Other offences—an "Open category" (offences undefined thus all encompassing)

* Other unintentional offences

* Prohibition from frequenting some places

* Prohibition from entry to a mass event

* Placement under electronic surveillance ("fixed or mobile"—e.g., home, car, mobile phone etc)

* Withdrawal of a hunting / fishing license

* Prohibition to play certain games/sports

* Prohibition from national territory

* Personal obligation—an "Open category" (offences undefined thus all encompassing)

* "Fine"—all fines, inc. minor non-criminal offences

It is now the duty of everybody to resist this Government, and its EU overlords just to make sure I get on the list (I already am, virtue of six points on my licence and 'other unintentional offences' , nice catchall that one) I am burning a State symbol online, I suggest if you have a blog you do the same.

Ellie said...

This info is still on the NPIA

Brown's recent statement (12th January) is here

Austin Mitchell is still fighting

Earthlet Nigel said...

Portillo making a statement

Some of the comments clearly show how short-sighted some still are in their beliefs

it's either banned or compulsory said...

How long before this prohibition is extended to CPSOs, Police Specials, Civil Enforcement Officers or any other fucker who works for The State or its myriad agencies.

Goodnight Vienna said...

The NUJ/BJP have arranged an event on 16 Feb

Apparently you just turn up with your camera and take a few photos.

I wonder what else has been hidden in this 2008 Act because that's the way they do it. They roll back our freedom in footnotes of footnotes.

Dungeekin said...

'Not A Sheep' spotted this a week or so back.

So now we can't photograph the Fingermen. How long before we can't photograph policians...or buildings....or anything else THEY don't want us to?

We're being steered. Carefully, calmly and inexorably, we're being steered to totalitarianism.

And it seems, from reading the news and the Blogs, that there aren't that many of the population who care.

How much more of this will the British people take - or is it already too late?


JD said...

Thank you for such a good article, and yes, it is time for a stroll. Shall we wait for 5/11?

Chalcedon said...

Ah, now I'm clued in. The anti terorism act is the worst anti freedom piece of legislation enacted over the past 10 years. I look forward to telling a police officer to try and arrest me if I am ever challenged. I will resist. I really will. I'm just so angry about this bollocks. Yet we have Islamic morons under 'house arrest' still plotting away apparently. If it's true then it is scandalous that they haven't been deported or better still shot. Isn't that what you do to traitors or enemies in wartime? And it is war.

Anonymous said...

Some young boy just won a case about this.

A cop beat him up, unknown to the cop the whole thing was video'd on the boy's phone.

So the cop took it off him and erased the file.

The boy's lawyers then took the cop to court and won.

They clearly couldn't allow that sort of thing to happen too often.

Reardon's Trial said...

Good thing you limeys have weapons to over-throw such a repressive regime...

Anonymous said...

Are you Brits still allowed to possess Testosterone?

Or do they just take the jewels away at birth and start hormone treatments?

Tom said...

For those who aren't bootlicking apologists for incremental totalitarianism, a site you may need.


Remember remember the 5th of November

K. McEgan. said...

Luke 3:10 (What the must we do?) Most of you have jobs,homes,kids. That is what plod banks on. "We will do blah blah blah".Look lads ye will do fuck all.

The Angry Patriot said...

Well...this story is now gaining traction over here across the pond in the USA...conservative bloggers are picking up, and its spreading. Hopefully it'll gain some traction here, and shed some liht on the cockroaches that are infesting your Parliament...otherwise known as politicians.

If you would like to read what I've posted on my blog about this subject, here is the link...

Enjoy the read, and feel free to take a gander at other stuff there too.

Regards from America,

The Angry Patriot

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