Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Waiting for that riot.

Watching you now.

(picture spotted, monitored and apprehended here)

We all expect riots soon. All those Europeans have been at it and they don't even have the Brown Gorgon and his collection of anencephalic witterers to contend with. We all expect it. Some have been trying to foment it and it might not be who you think.

We hear that the police expect a summer of rage in which stockbrockers and accountants will wave placards saying 'Hang on a minute' and 'Careful now' and perform random audits of the remaining High Street stores with malice aforethought. This is what we are led to believe, anyway.

That 'activists' are 'plotting' to stage violent protest. Well, there have been violent protests in the past. I recall one where the crowd wanted to cut off heads. As far as I could tell, all heads in the vicinity remained firmly attached throughout. This summer, they expect something worse. I can't work out what anyone could threaten that would be worse than cutting off heads.

These Brits stubbornly refuse to riot. When the Brown Gorgon stole their pension funds, they muttered. When they are passed over in favour of immigrants in all situations, they grumble. When Christmas is cancelled, they grit their teeth. When they find out about Government fiddles and expenses cheating, they shake their heads. When photographers are stopped, searched and arrested for taking photos, they swear a bit. When old ladies, assailed by thugs, defend themselves and are criminalised for it, they tut-tut. When they are fined for a bin that won't close, when old men on rollerskates are hauled into court, when council snoopers invent crimes and get a conviction anyway, the most the British can be induced to do is write a strong letter to the local paper.

I mean, it's not as if Labour haven't tried. They have poked and prodded and needled and Tazered the sleeping beast of Britain and all they managed to achieve is to make it shift a little in its slumbers. The British still refuse to riot.

So now our government has resorted to ordering us to do it. 'There will be riots this summer', they say. 'Your invitations are in the post and we expect you all to be there'. Weather permitting, naturally.

Soon we will find shotguns banned. Note the clever psychology in this story. Read it, stop halfway and ask yourself where it happened. You won't find out until very near the end. There will be more shotgun stories, so the public (who are, by and large, pretty dim) will be primed to agree that these weapons must be taken away. They want those riots from us. They don't want us to win.

We will see many more petty arrests and idiotic charges. Adding to those CCTV cameras (of which we will be reminded, often, that there are many), the police are testing out a new toy helicopter to spy on anyone, anywhere. A few of those looking through windows should get the anger going. Remember the dates of those riots? Not to worry, there will be reminders. Bring a packed lunch.

Following the murmured threats against bloggers comes the news that kid's computers will melt their brains. They must be discouraged from social networking. It's for their own good. That'll be the teenagers sorted. They can always be relied on to blow their tops.

So many insults and abuses, too numerous now to list anywhere.

Try telling the average pub-goer that the government actually wants riots this summer. That they would dearly love to have us all march, shout and break a few windows. They won't believe you and quite right too. It makes no sense at all.

No sense at all, apart from that Civil Contingencies bill, Labour's Enabling Act. It's gathering dust and the Gorgon is itching to play with it. Once he has that under way, no more elections, no more tedious discussion in Parliament and no more irritating democracy. The Gorgon will no longer need even the Labour party. He can just do what the hell he likes and there is then nothing more we can do about it.

He can't just set it in motion. He needs our help to do that.

He needs a riot. Preferably more than one, preferably in different cities. Down comes the already-suggested curfew laws, food rationing because we've already been told we're all obese, huge taxes on booze and cigarettes (for health reasons) huge taxes on gas, electricity and petrol (to save the sparrows) monitoring of all travel and communication (because there might still be 'activists' out there plotting to kill us all) monitoring of all spending (in case someone's stocking up on explosives) rewards for shopping thought criminals, compulsory identity papers and cameras, cameras everywhere. For our protection. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, will be the new Slogan for Britain.

This used to be the sole preserve of the tinfoil hat brigade. I wish I'd listened to them sooner because now, most of that list is in place already. All that's needed is activation of the Civil Contingencies act and it's complete. He has a little over a year to provoke those riots. It's going to get pretty surreal in the coming months. But we have to grit our teeth and face him down.

If we don't riot, Labour are likely to be obliterated in a general election.

If we riot, there won't be one.


Anonymous said...

Strangely enough I was considering the unintended consequences of rioting the other day. Like you I thought that violent disturbance would be demonised in the complicit media and the government would benefit - I hadn't considered the Civil Contingencies Act though.

My thoughts were that we would need passive obstruction. 10,000 grannies, complete with tartan shopping trollies, 'happening' to walk down Oxford Street at the same time. Pensioners using their bus passes to ride the buses all day to prevent other people getting on the bus. Long queues at every Post Office, Council Office, Tax Office, Job Center ('Yes young man, I know I'm 73 but I want to sign on as unemployed. I didn't fight the Nazis to be told I can't register for work...) and so on.

How many policemen are going to be willing to taser someone older than their mum just because they are getting in the way?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Bugger. There am I about to embark on shotgun lessons too.

Methusalah said...

Have bus pass, will riot.

Anonymous said...

Spot on OH.

Bristol Dave said...

*APPLAUSE* - fine, fine work Mr. Leg Iron sir.

I've started to suspect the government getting itchy over the Civil Contingencies Act - so much power in those pages, just gathering dust - but I thought the worries were a bit too "tinfoil-hat", now I'm not so sure.

Firstly, Gorgon and the government know they are fucked. Truly. With everything that's happened they know they cannot win an election. They know it, the Tories know it, and so do the Lib Dems.

The only option left to them to hold onto power is to deny the people of the UK an election making use of the Civil Contingencies Act.

I suspect one or more of three things will happen:

1) An absolute meltdown of the UK economy (as if it wasn't enough already) which is so bad Labour are only too happy to hand the reigns over to the Tories to watch them fail to recover it over the next few years so they can push for a re-election

2) Forced riots (although whilst we all do have a general "mustn't grumble" ethos in this country, I don't think people will need much persuading!) providing the government with a perfect excuse to enact the CCA

3) A terrorist attack providing the government with a perfect excuse to enact the CCA. I doubt even they'd be stupid enough to orchestrate an attack themselves, but they may well look the other way when provided with tipoffs.

Roll on the summer, I'll be interested to see which prediction comes true.

Swiss Bob said...

My guess is that in each election you'll see a rise in the BNP vote. The ruling elite won't like this and will therefore ban them.

This will be the straw that breaks the camel's back because people will finally see what a sham the will of the people means in modern Britain.

60,000,000 of us, bugger all of them.

spartan said...

Can we shoot the toy helicopters down or get our own toy helicopters or planes and have a new Battle of Britain?

an ex-apprentice said...

Where is Mr Atlas Shrugged when you need him?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

"The government will make use of these powers only insofar as they are essential for carrying out vitally necessary measures...The number of cases in which an internal necessity exists for having recourse to such a law is in itself a limited one"

- Adolf Hitler's address to the Reichstag concerning the introduction of his "Enabling Act" in March 23, 1933.

That was all he needed to unleash the most evil tyranny of the 20th Century.

The legislation is here. All there needs to be is an excuse.

Wrinkled Weasel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

If what you demonstrate for/against is not worth dying for why demonstrate? that there has been no public signs of outrage thus far (ignore the Red/Anarcho wank stains' public posturing against G8/Gaza/Iraq War etc.) seems to further prove the fact that once the general populace goes for it, go for it they most certainly will with no prisoners taken, it will then be a case of watch out politician, police, red/green/anarchist, journalist, union leaders and all the other rag tag bag of shysters and self serving treacherous unpatriotic craven bastards. Me personally? can't fucking wait....

Leg-iron said...

Anon 00:18

It would be good if there was a mass uprising that could not be contained, but...

If you so much as own a handgun, you go to jail. If you carry a knife or anything that could be used as a weapon, it can be deemed an 'offensive weapon' and you go to jail. If you so much as take a photo of a policeman you go to jail.

People are arrested for defending themselves from yobs or for rollerskating.

There won't be a mass uprising. There might well be riots but the scare tactics have worked on most of the population. The riots will be containable, that's all been considered and arranged.

Hell, there's a chunk of the population denying anything's wrong and a huge section who don't realise anything is going on at all. Just saying this stuff puts us all in the 'conspiracy nut' category for many people. Many will join in a protest but far too many won't.

Riots are what this government want. Don't do it.

Leg-iron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

So the CCA is effectively inevitable? Fantastic. I'm really not sure I'd put anything past this lot any more.

If you can, flee.

Antipholus Papps said...

May I be the first to welcome you to the Conspiraloon Alliance. Verily, we are the Conspiralluminati!

This is the only place for tin foil hats.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with this. Far too much credit to the Government and Police. Look at the other side,Labour are stumbling around in the dark, they are rank amateurs in every single thing they do, hence the creation of quangos and billions paid out to consultants. There is little they have touched since 1997 that actually works.
The Police have changed to such an extent since 1997 even if they recruited thousands in the next few weeks would be totally inadequate for even a small march/riot going out of control.
The laws bought in have weakened the mind and frightened the thoughtful which is exactly what they are for. The Police have been scuppered by so much diversity and paperwork than most over 12 years in service just want out.
If rioting happens, it will simply happen because the boiling point will have been reached. Whether its right or wrong will be debatable and whether the Government/Police can contain it is questionable but sure as eggs are eggs it will happen.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Bristol Dave Agree with all of that; the economy will tumble and so will law & order with it; the collapse will be so total that no sensible person would want to be in charge of the resulting mess and power will be transfered to the regional agencies ( which is what they are really for since they are successors to WW2 emergency local governments in the face of Nazi invasion ).

Bristol Dave said...

I suspect the government's "handing over the reigns once the economy's fucked" plan will go like this:

The state of the economy will reach the lowest point it possibly can, at which point NuLabor will make it look like they've been "forced" into an election (revoking the Civil Contingencies Act if they've already enacted it due to terrorist attack/riots) and willingly hand the reigns over to the Conservatives.

Meanwhile, other countries who have nowhere near the debt levels and other problems that our economy has will start to recover, whereas our economy won't due to the dire state NuLabor have left it in.

However, now in opposition, NuLabor will point to other economies (not mentioning it was them that fucked ours up) as proof that the Conservatives aren't able to pull us through the recovery that's needed. They will then be pushing to be relected again.


Would you be willing to fight for freedom like our grandfathers did. said...

The British people I believe realise that the Government have only a year to go before being wiped out by the ballot box.
If Labour goes nuclear and activates the CCA what have people got to lose.The result will be mass unrest and possibly civil war.
I would be willing to fight for freedom under these circumstances and I believe many others would also.

Occam's Gillette Sensor said...

Path of least resistance...

If when trying to analyse an event you are ever presented with a choice between cock-up and conspiracy, go for cock-up every time.

Especially with NuLab.

seebag said...

Don't give them the excuses they need by rioting. A much more telling approach is mass civil disobediance - cancel your TV licence, pay bills and taxes late - just before legal proceddings, as someone above has mentioned, pensioners to occupy all the buses all day every day, form massive queues at every government and local authority agency, keep all the government/local authority HMRC etc etc phone lines busy all day every day etc etc etc. There are plenty of legal ways to protest and bring Labour to it's knees.

defender said...

I am pleased that another party has begun to understand whats ahead.
This use of the CCA was always intended to be against the "right wing". We saw it and declined their invite to be the ones to kick off to their plans. Just this past week we cancelled a leafletting excerise planned for the 14th March in Liverpool city centre due to the clear indications that the elite wanted to clear the streets due to the possibility of rioting. We have no intention of playing into their hands.
We have addopted a stay calm posture, maintaining discipline in the ranks and leaving it to the ballot box.
The elites are looking for a war, one that the believe they can win, they hope to be "forced" to depoly the CCA, any disturbance would do.
Any excuse to form a liblabcon govt of national emergency for a few years, enough time to demote parliament, enough time to imbed the EU state.
Without the British people rising with one voice we have no chance, the liblabcon are vulnerable and becoming moreso with every passing minute. We will have only one chance to defeat this and it has to be before the full on Lisbon treaty implimentation in May 2010.
Their problem is that all this shit coming to the fore now wasnt supposed to as bad as it is but The money to lube the programme has run out. Oh yes we will have to take to the streets but we had better be together on this, they cannot hope to defeat the great majority of the population but they can pick us off one by one.
My party has been holding the line as the opposition to the elites for a couple of years virtually on our own, we can increasinly hold our own at the ballot box, we are growing rapidly, but we are not in a position by a long way to do this on our own in the short time available. Thinking that the BNP are knuckle dragging skin heads are as you well know simple not true. It would not take you very long to that find out if you dont already know that. The liblabcon are openly uniting against us, a minor party with little or no resourses against the whole political establishment.
We, including you can prevail, but we had better get our heads clear about what it will take.
This is a time for unity of purpose and commitment to this country. When its gone, its gone, end of, bye bye liberty, hello authorianism.
The writing is on the wall, have you noticed?

Katabasis said...

I wrote about how the Civil Contingencies Bill might be used six years ago when it was first incepted.

Amazing to think that it seems such a different age only a few years ago...

Anonymous said...

O/T over at CIF as a response to an article by Lord Mandlebum one poster, by cleverly juxtaposing characters and letters, has drawn a noose. Posted 7.06am. Please go over and recommend it.

Katabasis said...

Actually it was longer than six years ago as that article is a reprint. Anyway, here's one of the things I said way back when:

"...what could trigger off the powers detailed in the draft civil contingency bill? The range of possibilities remains disturbingly vague and subjective. The requirements do not even include a threat towards, or an effect upon a large proportion of the population. The document uses the words ‘serious’ to determine what justifies an ‘emergency’ without actually defining what ‘seriousness’ means. The decision itself can remain an entirely subjective matter"

Gareth said...

I wouldn't be surprised if, like much of Labour's legislation, the Civil Contingencies Act was completely unneccessary due to previous legislation. But the PR to be seen to be strong was too important to miss. In their dash for good publicity they have repeatedly pushed through whatever the civil service and security services wanted.

That doesn't make it any less of a threat though.

We're still at MI5 threat level SEVERE too. It's only ever been at severe or critical since it's inception in August 2006.

K. McEgan. said...

Whats worse than having your head cut off?having it cut off and shoved up yer arse.But seriously,can you imagine Tarquin & Vanessa rioting?"Too much pressure guy,blame it on the Baby-loan".Burnt out 4X4s litter Maidenhead.Plod is petrified.Keep 'em on the back foot.Off to Ju-Jitsu tonight.

Anonymous said...

The middle classes don't "do" rioting in the streets.

They have too much to lose, and they know it. Get arrested, you lose the ability to work in many, many professions.

Traditionally it has been the hippy Left who do the taking to the streets; last time we had a decent riot in Londinium it was the "Capitalism == EEEEVIL!" brigade. Currently they are nicely soma'd up on the teat of the State and just want the giro to keep arriving so the White Lightning and 'leccy for the XBox can be paid for.

No, the only way there will be a riot this side of a GE is if the CCA is invoked, or the GE is postponed for any other reason.

And then the middle class revolt will be unlike any riot that has ever been seen in Europe.

Middle Englandland has been pushed to the brink and has the patience to wait for the next election.

Deny them that, and you might as well light the blue touch paper and retire safely.

NickM said...

The French Revolution was started by the middle-classes.

yokel said...

In this connection, watch ACPO. I am certain that they intend to be our next government.

In the meantime, as LegIron suggests, rioting will play right into their hands.

Dave said...

They're preparing to sack thousands of police, yet wacky jacqui ordered 10,000 tasers last November.
Who will she issue them to?
Council staff? Drop a fag end and get fined and/or tasered?
Put the wrong rubbish in your bin and get fined and /or tasered?
Park in the wrong place and get fined and/or tasered?
The police are too busy attending diversity awareness courses and watching you on CCTV to actually confront us.
Maybe Blunkett's plastic plods will be issued with them.
Can I have one? Only for self defence mind

Anonymous said...

There am I about to embark on shotgun lessons too.

Lessons !

just load,safety off, point in general direction, pull the little metal stick thing

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

Excellent piece Leg-Iron.

Anonymous said...

@spartan 23:27

As a visit to any toy shop should tell them, the public can also buy toy helicopters, some of which so cheap as to be virtually disposable (which, after a few flights, they usually are).

A kamikaze attack into the rotor blades of one of these drones would not only be easy but tremendous fun!

electro-kevin said...

The most important article I've read in a long while.

So true.

Sadly lost in the over-posting that goes on on this site. You need to slow down a bit, chaps.

Also - some brevvity too please. Otherwise Mrs E-K will take my toy away again !

Old Holborn said...

Kev, we'll be moving to a new magazine format shortly, so that each author has his own space to post as much as he likes, plus cartoons, videos, culture, cuisine, pictures of tits, serious articles, guest posts and features etc.

And still no cunting moderation or fuckbubble adverts

Nice eh?

microdave said...

"If you so much as own a handgun, you go to jail."

Leg Iron, you might like to look at the following story:

electro-kevin said...

Good, OH

Re the original post. I don't think they have the resources to enforce the CCA for long.

I don't think our coppers would stoop to shooting ordinary citizens.

The Kusabi said...

I do. They would.

CROWN said...

Brilliant and shocking

it's either banned or compulsory said...

All revolutions are started by the middle class; George Washington, Oliver Cromwell, Robespierre, Ho Chi Min, Simon Bolivar, Marx/Engles/Lenin, Mao, Hitler, Che, Ghandi, middle class the lot; often though they get overtaken by those they claim to lead, and get eaten by them.

Anonymous said...

When you notice a dearth of gasmasks in the UK it should give you a clue what will mainly be used
as weapons.I cannot believe that nu-labour will kill their own supporters because it is only them and the BNP whose wives will let them out to play.

steelback66 said...

The dim-witted British public-God love 'em-will utterly miss the incitement planted in the Express and Mail.

If they do riot over the summer it will be fun to see them get their heads bashed in just like the miners did 25 years ago.

Like the public today,the NUM was provoked into a confrontation at a time of the powers-that-be's choosing.

Like the NUM they will be completely wiped out.

The blogger seemingly has failed to notice that Brown already has MI6 rigging elections on his behalf.How the hell else did he manage to confound all the polls at Glenrothes?

Still,if the Gorgon gets the national emergency he needs-then we can be sure that the Rothschild-backed "opposition" will fall into line and join the coalition government that will ensue.

Stephen Gash said...

I'm English not British. The English are getting the worst of it and they will riot.

The English do not have a friend in the world anyway, least of all 'fellow Brits'. They now have nothing much left to lose.

The so-called Minister of Justice has said "the English as a race are not worth saving" so he'll be amongst the first in line when the riots begin.

Toque said...

Look at this disgraceful melee

Anonymous said...

Civil Contingencies Act excuses? Oh look, a handy pandemic...

jhonny said...

ALL forms of freedom here in the US are under attack. Currently, the health reform is the scariest and hopefully there will be some resolute resistence here in the states. If not, any pretense of freedom as I continue to see it, will soon follow and VANISH, taking with it the entire rest of the civilized world's view of freedom with it.
At that point there will be nothing left but riots and revolution at any cost.
These people make the mexican drug cartels look tame.
Only a concerted effort by the people of the US to effectively halt this govt expansion and route out the rotten within it can ever possibly hope to stop what is already taking place under our very noses. Time IS of the essence.

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