Monday, 9 February 2009

Thought Crime- Another victim

Ha ha, we win, stupid English

Personally I do not care what people say, but what truly terrifies the crap out of me is the culture that if you say something 'unacceptable' you will be reported by some little tosser looking to score a few Brownie points.

Apparently saying Fucking Israelis and Fucking Jews whilst watching Israeli jets and artillery pound Gaza on a Gym TV is a thought crime and will get you arrested for a race hate crime..

All of this crap can be directly linked back twenty years ago this month to Salman Rushdie' Satanic Verses, where minority groups of all descriptions can insist they are offended by somebody elses viewpoint, but reserve the right to offend another group. Everybody is a victim mentality.

Right wing and Left Wing Totalitarian States rely on the willingness of 'good citizens' acting as informers. Go to the Jersey occupation museum, and look at the collection of anonymous letters sent to the German forces occupying island, within DAYS of them arriving.

Utter Scum


Northern Ireland Environment Minister commits 'Heresy', as an unbeliever he MUST go


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Well ... just go round shouting "Fucking Muslims should be wiped off the face of the earth" or "Fucking poofs should be wiped off the face of the earth" and see how far you get.

I obviously don't agree with any of this bollocks, words are words and you choose to get upset by words, or not.

Mind you, I reckon this cunt deserves sacking, because he's even less diplomatic than I am.

Sue said...

Not even allowed an opinion now. How fucking ridiculous is this getting?

The little toe-rags that keep reporting these stupid things need a good kicking!

Old Holborn said...

You ARE allowed an opinion. You are just not allowed to voice it.

Unless you are an MP or a member of the Party of course.

The next step is that you are not allowed an opinion. That is why INGSOC is investing in political officers for primary schools. I kid you not.

My views on Zionist AND Muslims are well documented. Anybody care to report me for a laugh?

Chalcedon said...

Tony Bliar was investigated by the plod for shouting "Fucking Welsh Bastards" or something similar during the vote counting and subsequent party results during the last election. And the Welsh aren't actually a race. Mind you, the race relations act confuses race and nationality. Pikies are now a race apparently. Honorary gypsies I expect. would think a diplomat would be erm.......diplomatic when out in public. What a silly golliwog he is!

The Penguin said...

Christ, that Adrian Chiles doesn't look like he spends much time in a gym, does he? Maybe it was Jo Brand?

I think the poor diplomat must just have been unlucky, the fat cunts may just have been down there to check out membership costs and what sort of Pot Noodles are in the vending machines.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Yes, but it is funny that the Arabist Foreign Office twat has been hoisted by his Lunatic Government's petard.

Katabasis said...

He was in the gym - the fucking gym! It's one of those places you go to let off steam one way or the other.

I think I'm going to be saying this almost every day now:


Old Holborn said...

"what truly terrifies the crap out of me is the culture that if you say something 'unacceptable' you will be reported by some little tosser looking to score a few Brownie points."

What Brownie points?

Let's have a look here. I can imagine Jo Brand secretly smiling to herself when she shopped CT for using the word Golliwog because her name was back in the media for being something else than a fat, ugly communist who hates men. And she'll earn more filthy lucre.

But what did the person in the Gym have to gain by "reporting" this thought crime to the Stasi?

THAT worries me the most.

When the reward for reporting thought crimes to the Party is merely the fact that you did your bit for the Party, we are ALL well and truly fucked.

It is so close, I can smell it.

Katabasis said...

I know what is going to finish me off now... I'm going to get sent down for smacking one of these jobsworth's senseless.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Both the main post and update illustrate The Righteous turning upon themselves as they always do.
Once they have cowed the population into submission by accusations of Jewery, witchcraft, racism, climate change denial or whatever they must then denounce those of their number suspected of being innsufficiently righteous to demonstrate their loyalty to the cause ( Rome, communism, facism, labour 'project', whatever, the method and result is the same ).
The final glorious phase is when they denounce themselves in the facile hope that their families will be left alone.

K. McEgan. said...

You are fully entitles to mutter anti-Jewish sentiments while watching the news.I am free to mutter "Fucking goyim" when they show Schindlers List.

melanie from golders green said...

he's a holocaust denier and child killer

how often must i repeat myself

we are Gods chosen people

as such we can do as we please, subjugate, butcher man, woman and child esp. dirty goy - but mainly those pesky arabs

and in 20 yrs time you wont even remember that there were humans living in modern day israel before we drove them out like we did the brits (king davids hotel dressed as arabs - hahaha - foolish goy)

talk of palestinians will vanish and we will remind people that they never existed - it was a terrible anti-semetic rumour spun by the arabs themselves

never again

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