Thursday, 12 February 2009

There you go- One Party State

I predicted that as Gordon Brown was reading up on the 1930's he would propose a National Government, all hands on deck, no more embarrassing questions about expenses,bank failures, letting the country rip. I had not realised until today until presenting his evidence to the Select Treasury Committee that he had already proposed such a course of action to Call me Dave. See section 11

Call me Dave quite rightly told him to piss off.

Calling for a National Government is tantamount to calling a State of Emergency, and as has been highted here over the last few weeks the Contingency plans are in plan, and the country will be taken over by ACPO (a private limited company)

Brown has already admitted that on I believe it was Oct 10, the collapse of the banking system in the UK was hours away.

Having admitted that he has no confidence in his own abilities to sort this out, he should step aside.


Glen Moreno- The American Brown put in charge of our bailout Taxpounds in the Banks

No, you just could not make it up. If you are a taxpayer in the UK that rather large wodge of money that you invested in RBS, Northern Rock, HBOS, Bradford and Bingley and Lloyds is being looked after by a chap called Glen Moreno. But whats that- he´s supposed to be a bit of a dodgy geezer?. And he´s in charge of giving out the bonuses? I don´t believe it

According to the Times, Glen Moreno, the man Alistair and Gordon appointed as Chairman of UK Financial Investments (the government body that is to manage the taxpayer stake of 37 thousand million quid in the banks) is a wee bit dodgy.

He apparently spent 9 years working as a trustee for corrupt as fuck private bank, the Liechtenstein Global Trust (LGT). One of his jobs was making decisions on staff bonuses- something he will now be doing at UKFI in relation to the benefits being claimed by bankers at RBS and Lloyds

Last year LGT secretive practices were upset when a disgruntled employee sold the lowdown on its clients and tax dodging services, offered to firms and various mafias involved in money laundering, drug dealing and people traficking clients, to a number of European governments.

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Old Holborn said...

Buy Gold

Start packing

Anonymous said...

Don't most national governments involve an acknowledgement of failure and a change at the top. No way would Brown step down.

Guthrum said...

He admitted today to a Treasury Select Committee that he had suggested a National Government to the Tories.

He has admitted failure

Mitch said...

Buy guns and ammo,crossbows and bolts,piano wire,pliers and a list of MPs houses(all of them)

Anonymous said...

The SHIT is already falling,just waiting for it to hit the fan. And it will be a big bang.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

A National Government of all the talentless.
I agree with mitch

Tyburn Jig said... has disappeared.

The Penguin said...


I know a fat ole politician, he’s always on the job
A fat old, creepy grey-faced man, he really is a knob
He’s too thick for a Prime Mentalist, he’s never ever wrong
And everybody agrees he is a complete fucking mong


He laughs upon his jobbies, he laughs at lives destroyed
He laughs at everybody when they're getting unemployed
He never can stop laughing, he says he'd never tried
But once he did piss himself and laughed until he cried


Oh, His horrid face had wrinkles, and then he shuts his eye
He opened his great mouth, out came a hideous sigh
He said “Started In America,” I didn't know what for
And then he starting laughing, until he cracked his jaw


So if you chance to meet him while walking ‘round the town
Just shake him warmly by the throat and then knock the bastard down
Give him a thorough kicking, put his eye in a paper cup
And then you can all start laughing, and string the bugger up!


The Penguin, apologies to Tiny Tim

Notory said...

Channel 4 reporting Moreno standing down.

Man in a Shed said...

Notice the Govt move by Statutory Instrument sneaked into Parliament this week for local councils to monitor emails and web surfing.

Don't worry as the have promised to only use these powers against serious crimes, and criminals.

Or to put it another way, when the clamp down comes they'll know where we all live.

Anonymous said...

Actually, having Nu Labour as the government in office does constitute a state of emergency.

Susspicious said...

> has disappeared.

So it has. And so has Machiavelli...Electro-Kevin...and the brilliant Tractor Stats. All in a few days. WTF?

Did they jump or were they pushed?

JD said...


Gareth said...

I've just been reading an article about Argentina:

How inflation turned a rising power into a pauper

Apologies for the long quote.

"The country was killed by political decisions, and the primary culprit was Juan Perón. He dominated political life through the 1940s and ruled officially as president from 1946 to 1955, returning briefly in the 1970s. Although he did not begin the process, he completed the transformation of Argentine government so that the state became both an object of plunder and an instrument for plunder.

Perón came from a fascist and corporatist mindset, which became more aggressively populist under the influence of his second wife Eva. They aimed their rhetoric against the nation’s rich, a designation that was swiftly expanded to cover most of the propertied middle classes, who became an enemy to be defeated and humiliated. To equalize the supposed struggle between the rich and the dispossessed, the Peróns exalted the liberating role of the state. The bureaucracy swelled alarmingly as nationalization brought key sectors of the economy under official control. Government bought loyalty through a massive program of social spending while fostering the growth of labor unions, which became intimate allies of the governing party. Argentina came to be the most unionized nation in Latin America. Perón also ended any pretense of the independence of the judiciary, purging and intimidating judges about whom he had any doubts and replacing them with minions.

The Peronist model—a New Deal on steroids—evolved into an effective clientelism, in which party overlords and labor bosses ruled through a mixture of corruption and violence. Clientelism, in effect, means the annexation of state resources for the benefit of political parties and private networks. Right now, both the word and the concept are not terribly familiar to Americans, but this is one Latin American export that they may soon need to get used to.

As high taxes and economic mismanagement took their toll, the Peróns blamed the disasters on class enemies at home and imperialism abroad, but the regime could not survive the loss of the venerated Eva. After attempting briefly to swing back to the center, Juan Perón was overthrown and driven into Spanish exile. Later governments tried varying strategies to reclaim Argentina’s lost splendors and some enjoyed success, but Perón’s curse endured. Even when his party was driven underground, its traditions remained: demagogic populism, a perception of the state as a device for enriching supporters and punishing foes, and a contempt for economic realities. Utopian mass movements inspired by Peronist ideas and charisma segued easily into the far-left upsurge of the 1960s, when Argentina gave birth to some of the world’s most dangerous terrorist and guerrilla movements. By 1976, the military intervened to stave off the imminent collapse of the state and launched the notorious Dirty War that killed thousands."

Replace mentions of Juan Peron with Gordon Brown and Eva Peron with Tony Blair and it doesn't sound so far off the target. One the grasping political deviant, the other a photogenic tart. Instead of attacking the middle class and taxing them into poverty Labour sold the middle class the illusion of choice, prosperity and tax credits while trying to tax them into poverty.

Is such a cackhanded upheaval, mismanagement and corruption in store for us?

Anonymous said...

'Is such a cackhanded upheaval, mismanagement and corruption in store for us?'

Yes, Argentina, not Japan, is our destiny. Have a look at this video on what happened to Argentina. It's a bit long but reveals many, many similarities.

FrankFisher said...

I'm not in Warrington, I'm in Macclesfield - fucking IP sniffers.

I wish they'd hurry up and start herding us all onto cattle trucks - this phoeny war is dragging.

This is all Deliberate said...

You know it is because why do we Borrow Millions of worthless bits of paper which we call £50 notes,

(Which only cost 1p to print)
AT FULL FACE VALUE from the Real Govt, which is the Offshore Banksters.

Listen in to Radio Free World Here

Prelude to War said...

I feel a series of False flag attacks coming and a world war on Iran, Russia and China, using us and our children as fodder, just like WWII in which the Banksters made billions out of Weapons sales, and funded both sides of the War.
The US, Britain and Hitler.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"the country will be taken over by ACPO", not forgetting the role of the Regional Development Agencies.

" has disappeared.
So it has. And so has Machiavelli...Electro-Kevin...and the brilliant Tractor Stats"

And Bobs blog which recorded OHs little walk, his vids have also been removed from Youtube. Prolly cauze they count as 'evidence'.

So that's some of the minnows gone, when wil they come for the big fish ?

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