Friday, 6 February 2009

Thameside Election- and the winner is with 68% of those able to vote is......

.............the sod off and leave me alone party

Tameside MBC, Hyde Newton by-election result:

Ball-Foster Peter S Liberal Democrats 172
Fitzpatrick Phillip Martin The Labour Party Candidate 1,379
Gauci Rosalind Christella British National Party 889
McManus Angela Louise UK Independence Party 33
Rolland Nigel Arthur Green Party 69
Welsh John Paul Conservative Party Candidate 485

Turnout 32%

68% just did not think it was worth turning out, because their votes just do not count. Those that did turn out voted for a drone of a party that has lead us to financial ruin, or because their dad did, and their Grandad voted for Harold, and his Grandad voted for Keir Hardy. More people decided to vote for a Nazi Party whose platform is kick all the coloureds out and we will be OK, than for Camerons Eton Old Boys club, that bodes well for the next election.Labour Lite came a poor fouth, Good try for the others who voted for their beliefs not with any hope of getting elected.

Imagine a situation if the payment of your benefits, the election of the local Chief Constable,and the level of your taxes were made at local level rather than hand me downs from Whitehall would 68% then stay away? If the local Labour Party was able to treble benefits at the expense of every taxpayer in the County, or an elected Chief Constable running on a BNP ticket managed to ensure a curfew of all non whites after 8pm for our 'protection and safety' Would politics matter then ?


It's getting rather boring OH said...


More hysterical groundless anti BNP fiction dreamt up in OH's tiny little mind.

So you don't like the BNP, fine,
but give the propaganda a rest, it's getting very boring and is sapping what little credibility you had left.

This blog sounds more like the BBC every day.

Guthrum said...

How dare you! its my tiny little mind

Anonymous said...

OH has clearly NEVER read the BNP manifesto on law and order!

Somehow i suspect it mirrors his own! How does it compare to the Libertarian (who?) policy on law an order OH?

Guthrum said...

Dunno, I will ask OH when he comes in the office

Old Holborn said...


The BNP are National Socialists

Why would I be interested in what Socialists have to say on anything?

Guthrum said...

OH has just left the office, muttering something about fucking twats

Old Holborn said...

"We support the re-introduction of corporal punishment for petty criminals and vandals, and the restoration of capital punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers as an option for judges in cases where their guilt is proven beyond dispute, as by DNA evidence or being caught red-handed."

Nope. The State never has the right to kill it's citizens or beat it's citizens.

End of


Goodnight Vienna said...

BNP = National Socialists
Labour Party = International Socialists

I'm quite surprised that the Cons came 3rd but floored that 1379 muppets still voted for serfdom and the status quo. Do you know if the number is up/down on last time? If it's down it would give me some hope.

We definitely need more local accountability re Chief Constables but all this local accountability/ regionalisation etc could be playing into the hands of the EU. How else can the EU work except through regionalisation and localism? Parliament has had so many responsibilities stripped from it in the last ten years but, unfortunately, not the ones that matter and which they continue to arrogate to themselves, the bastards.

Anonymous said...

Could be worse, they might have supported someone like Olivier Besancenot.

If you think we have problems, then the French are really fucked if they can support someone like him.

National Socialists and International Socialists are nothing compared to Loony Trot Socialists. All of them can FOAD though.

Anonymous said...

How many of you have seen the delights of Tameside? The people who voted labour are I would think the recipients of the largesse of the taxpayer probably picked up by a fucking social worker being paid £1 mile petrol money to put the x where told just as well because most can't read and write.

cornyborny said...

Shock horror, Tameside election returns a Labour candidate. Sigh.

The area should be great, but it simply isn't allowed to flourish: the dead hand of socialism smothers everything. The air of despond and dependency is downright tangible.

And still idiots keep voting for more of the same.

Revolution Harry said...

'More people decided to vote for a Nazi Party whose platform is kick all the coloureds out and we will be OK'

'... or an elected Chief Constable running on a BNP ticket managed to ensure a curfew of all non whites after 8pm for our 'protection and safety'

I'm not a BNP supporter for various reasons but even I know this is a gross misrepresentation of their policies. Most people who are voting for them have had enough of mass immigration, discrimination against the indigenous English, the failed dogma of multiculturism and diversity (divide and rule) and the whole 'race relations/equality' industry.

Out of interest what are your positions on these matters Guthrum and which particular part of the South West has shaped these views?

Guthrum said...

'but even I know this is a gross misrepresentation of their policies'

Current Policies- Harry - Current Policies.

Any Party that relies on Xenophobia, hanging and flogging is not for me, sorry.

As to my political tastes-

Minarchist Libertarian, the absolute minimal government, whose only function is the Defence of the Realm ie Heavily and properly Armed neutrality.

Jeffersonian in outlook.

Very Pro English Parliament to deal with defence and foreign affairs only, Very Pro sacking everybody in Whitehall and devolving all power to the Counties were we can keep an eye on the freeloaders.

Very Pro electing Chief Constables to do what the Community wants instead of what is in and groovy in the minds of the Whitehall village.

Very Pro making things to sell to other people instead of relying on 'financial services'

The part of the South West that has the Socialist Republic of Bristol in it.

Do I get your vote ?

Revolution Harry said...

Guthrum, thanks for responding to my question.

I'm not sure xenophobia is an accurate reflection of the BNP's policies. Whenever I've read any of their articles their prime motivation appears to be the defense of English or British culture rather than a hatred or fear of foreigners. After witnessing the transformation of the area I live in it's a position with which I have some sympathy. They always go out of their way to stress that what is happening is no fault of the immigrants and lay the blame at the politicians where it belongs.

I was actually more interested in your position regarding the things I outlined ie mass immigration, multiculturism and the race relations industry.

As I understand it the BNP's policies include deportation of all illegal immigrants, foreign criminals and bogus asylum seekers. They also wish to expand a current policy whereby grants are given to those ethnic minorities who wish to return to their country of origin. Their idea is to increase the grants so as to make them more attractive. My home city is well on its way to the indigenous, native, English being a minority, which is something I would not like to see. For that reason I'm keen to find a party that is willing to grasp the nettle and do something about the current immigration policy. A policy, which in my opinion, cynically uses and manipulates ethnic minorities in order to transform society and destroy the nation.

I lean towards the libertarian way of doing things myself but I'm acutely aware of the agenda for, what can only be described as, world government. You only have to listen to the words of numerous 'world leaders' such as our own Gordon Brown or read the writings of the Fabians and such organisations as Chatham House (formerly the Royal Institute of International Affairs) and it's off-shoot the Council on Foreign Relations to be aware of such an agenda. Destruction of the nation state in all its forms seems to be their goal. At present the only political party who appear to resist this is the BNP. As I've said I have my own reservations about them, specifically their leadership. That said the rank and file are not Nazi's, just people on the receiving end of the 'enrichment' we've witnessed over recent years. I can't help feeling that any popular resistance to the present political establishment needs to harness these people which is why I was wondering about your point of view on these matters.

One more thing I'd like to point out is that any 'change' has to include complete reform of the banking system, including abolition of the practice of fractional reserve banking. That one thing would change so much of what's wrong in our country for a number of reasons.

Guthrum said...

'Whenever I've read any of their articles their prime motivation appears to be the defence of English or British culture'

That is a definition of xenophobia-

Mass immigration. Where there is any form of State Benefit in one country and not in another, it is logical to move from one jusisdiction to the other if you are destitute, therefore you will get mass immigration.

Equally skilled workers from the UK work in other jusisdictions because there is no work here, as I do.

I speak two other languages fluently, but there is no way on earth could I be described as assimilated in these countries.

multiculturism- No such thing it is a fiction, as is monoculturism
ie the Herrenvolk

Race relations industry. Its aims are always the opposite of its results it is divisive in nature.

I think you are the ideal BNP supporter, you believe in National Socialism.

I am neither a Nationalist as I believe in a Minarchist State, rather than an artificial entity created in 1707.

Nor am I a Socialist which entails theft on a large scale by the tyranny of the majority, encourages degenerate behaviour (watch the Jeremy Kyle show for the flotsam of
out socialist State)and total lack of personal responsibility.

Our Saxon forefathers would be disgusted by what we have become.

Revolution Harry said...

Xenophobia [zen-oh-fobe-ee-a]
Noun: hatred or fear of foreigners or strangers [Greek xenos foreign + phobos fear]

I don't hate foreigners, nor do I fear them. Surely you can see there's a concerted attempt to impose a state defined 'multiculturism' on the UK? The area I live in has gone from being overwhelmingly English to predominantly ethnic in the last decade. It's not the same and it's definitely not better. This process is to be continued by the Lib Lab Con. My city has already changed for the worst in so many different ways. How would you feel if the area you lived in became majority muslim for example?

Sorry but I like English Culture. The one that created Joy Division and Goldfrapp, Dad's Army and Peep Show, the Hacienda and the Chelsea Flower Show. If that means I'm a Nationalist then so be it. It also means I wish the same for every other nation in the world. What I don't want is the Corporation led Globalised world we appear to be heading towards.

I'm not a Socialist by a long shot. If some people want to 'socialise' or 'collectivise' in a free state then of course they should be able to. If it proved the organisations run in this manner were more efficient and effective than those run by the private sector then people would be free to choose.

This countries in a mess. The people in charge of it are anti-nation and anti-liberty. I was just trying to see if there was any common ground between moderate nationalists and those of a more libertarian bent.

I agree, but why not our Anglo-Saxon forefathers?

Guthrum said...

There is nothing wrong with being pround of your English Culture, but be wary of conflating this with Nationalism.

And what is this English Culture you are proud of, is it the self reliant lover of personal Liberty, or a degenerate cowed victim of the welfare State.

A Libertarian is first and foremost a lover of personal Liberty, and accepts the responsibility that goes with it.

A Nationalist is prepared to subborn his personal interest to that of the Nation State a Libertarian will not and cannot do that.

You must be clear in your mind any association between Nationalism and Patriotism.

I am proud of my English culture, of Chaucer,Beowulf,John Hampden, John Lilburne the Magna Carta, the 1688 Bill of Rights,English Music but I am ashamed of my Nation, over Iraq,State Dependency,the Welfare State, its craven cowardice in its relationship with the US and torture, of ignorance and boorish drunkenness,corrupt Ministers etc

Old Holborn said...


Let me try to explain. It's late, and English Bitter and English Gin are taking their toll.

I'm a proud Englisman. That doesn't stop me wearing my Prince Charlie at Hogmanay. That doesn't stop me squatting on the floor and eating a Massala Dosa in Kashmir, or eating sheeps heads in Instanbul. It doesn't stop me being revolted by bush meat in Nigeria or FGM in the Sudan.

As a Libertarian, I am free. I can pick and choose as I please. I have no master. If I choose to support Gaza whilst eating Kosher Salt Beef, it is no ones business but mine.

You have England. I have the whole world. Both of us are English and both of us have ONE life. Mine is fucking brilliant. I am free.

Revolution Harry said...

That's the point, I can't choose. I've had bhangra, bollywood, goat curry and the hijab forced on me. Not to mention the shootings and stabbings as the crack dealers play out their gangster fantasies. Doesn't it concern you that the native English will soon be minorities in pretty much all the major cities of England? A stepping stone to a similar situation in the country as a whole. The point I was trying to make is that there's barely any English culture left in the area I live in. I think you have to witness an area decline so rapidly to truly appreciate it.

Reimer said...

"Doesn't it concern you that the native English will soon be minorities in pretty much all the major cities of England? "

RH - the Libertarians' concerns are with the sound of their own kind of Righteousness eg drink-driving narcissism and maximising returns from their investments. The Liberty they cherish the most is that to escape the consequences of their hyper-individualist nihilism


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