Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Stopping apartheid is now racist.

Don't look at the Different Ones.

(Picture segregated from here)

The Righteous love apartheid. Always have. From their roots in the Inquisition, having a separate group makes it easier to blame someone else for their actions. The Inquisition blamed heretics (anyone not like us) for the problems of Society. The Nazis blamed Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals and so on (anyone not like us) for the problems of Germany. The Communists blamed spies, capitalist infiltrators and so on (anyone not like us) for the woes of the protelariat.

Currently, the Righteous have a new group to take the blame. When Christmas is banned, when Easter is sidelined, when Halal meat is forced on schools, it's not the Muslims doing that. It's the Righteous. Most Muslims couldn't give a damn about any of it. Of course, there are Righteous in every culture and as soon as they see a way in, they start up. Those who call themselves Islamists rather than Muslim are in fact Righteous. They are not religious. They are using the religion to impose control, in the same way the Inquisition did. The Muslims don't start these bans and these denials of heritage, the Righteous do. Then they blame the Muslims for it. Wake up, folks, you're being set up here.

A head teacher, faced with a school where morning assemblies were segregated by Righteous apartheid into Christian and Muslim groups, tried to be 'more inclusive'. That's a buzzword of the Righteous but it doesn't mean what this innocent head teacher thought it meant. It means 'inclusive apart from those we don't want included'. It means everyone is welcome apart from those we don't want welcomed. She messed with the Righteous plans for divide and rule, and she's out of work now.

The teachers and most of the parents were happy for the apartheid to end, but a few complained. Well, a few always do but surely, where the majority are happy, the complainers can just lump it, right? Not in the NuUK. Following the BBC lead, a single complaint is enough to take action and that one complaint trumps any number of approving nods - as long as the complaint is in line with Righteous plans.

So the anti-apartheid campaigner, the head teacher who wanted her school to be inclusive, is branded 'racist' and is no longer employed. Righteous apartheid continues. The radical Islamists win again, while the general population of Muslims are left scratching their heads as to what all the fuss is about.

The fuss is about you, Muslim people. You are the ones the Righteous hide behind this time and you are the ones who will be blamed for their actions.

When you're singled out by the Righteous, watch your backs.


stanislav, young polish plumber said...


Oz PM acts like whingeing Pommy bastard.

Clintonesque in this gruesome, fiery tragedy, Australia’s caring and touchy-feely prime minister, Kev, is clearly incapable of providing the mature leadership expected, demanded of statespersons in times of disaster and crisis; instead, blubbering and emoting facetiously, in the style of Spunky Bill or of our own deeply unmissed, pretty, straightguy, Blair - Ah feel your pain, or is it the hand of History? - Kev behaves like a character from Neighbours winning a BAFTA - tearful, incredulous, camera-hungry, moved by all the little people, not one inch the prime minister. It is as though Winston Churchill had said I am totally and absolutely gutted, devastated, by these horrible Nazis and I will run away from them in the fields and in the landing grounds; give us the job and we will break the tools. Prime ministers, even Aussies, are not supposed to blubber, they are supposed to stiffen the backbone, gird the national loins for recovery, not whimper, like puppies.

In swiftly crying mass murder, though, Kev compounds his effete maladroitness with an echo of the moustachioed little Dago who, after the Madrid Massacree, immediately yelled It’s ETA wot done it, take my word for it, por favour and was promptly thrown out on his warmongering, midget, coalition of the willing arse.

Australia, ever prone to this shit, has been in the grip of an exceptional drought for some years now, irrigation has vanished, farming incomes in some states reduced by ninety per cent, the land tinder-dry; any responsible government would have foreseen this and made better - or some - contingency plans, some evacuation arrangements; speechless, stupid and tongue-tied, the hapless Kev casts around, like Gordon the Ruiner, for someone else to blame – kids, arsonists, some bastard. Kev and the Asian-Pacific press are in Arsonist Overdrive, “Experts” say that these things are always, or half of the time, or sometimes started by people, that there is “no way nature can just do this shit.” Right. In the Serengeti, too and all the other places which quite naturally burst into flames, it must have been arsonists all along, best find some and jail their arses and never mind that the authorities told people to either leave or stay and fight the fire, whatever; just you do your own thing, Bruce.

Even, of course, if it was arsonists, the same “experts” say that it’s always arsonists, so, given the extraordinary nature of the threat posed by an extended drought and by the eternal presence of the arsonists, the authorities are still culpable. Oz must anticipate a Michael Howard style Dangerous Arsonists Act or a post-Dunblane style Banning of Matches in Private Hands as politicos thrash around covering their backs.

Given Australia’s prime ministerial deficiency in the stiff upper lip department and the criminal stupidity of national and state officials, the people of Victoria deserve our compassion and such aid as we can provide. Having saved the world for Authoritarian Capitalism, Slash Gordon should be able to piss as far as Australia not just down his trouserleg and extinguish this conflagration, it’s the right thing to do. It is interesting to note, however, the contrast between our mainstream media’s gushing response to this - at least partially natural - disaster and to the entirely avoidable carnage in Gaza recently - a slo-mo, heavy metal ballet destructif, choreographed and performed for the electoral advantage of a clutch of cynical and deeply objectionable career politicos in Tel Aviv.

In the week that Baghdad, Falluja and Gaza came calling Down Under and punched Kev in his stupid, bleating face, wall-to-wall coverage of the calamitous forest fires is quite rightly focused on individual loss and sorrow and courageously, the BBC is even showing a telephone number, via which people can donate, objectively. No-one questions the numbers killed, none doubt the testimony of eye witnesses, everything is a fact, nothing a claim, there is no guilt here, by association; no variable tariff in Death’s petty cash book –one Israeli worth a hundred thousand Gazans. Those killed, maimed and made refugee in Australia, somehow, one must conclude, are less controversial, more deserving than the wogs in Gaza, whose burned and dead children are, must be, more culpable; the instruments of their own immolation. These Moslems, what are they like, eh?

The duplicity and the self-protectionism of politicians is hard-wired. Kev should have said I am sorry this has happened on my watch, obviously everybody knew of this possibility and obviously we fell short in anticipating and planning for it, this is the worst disaster in our history and I am the prime minister, obviously I shall step down; fortunately, as ever, there is an enemy within, arsonists, psychos, Abos, terrorists, take your pick, anybody but Kev - or George or Tone or Gordon or Barack; Islamic arsonists, that would be perfect.

Australia should of course kick-out this tear-stained, useless bastard, Kev, for failing to protect her against a clear and present danger; if, mourning her smouldering dead, caring for her melted kin and lamenting her vanished homes she felt a moment’s affinity with the wretched of the Middle East, that, among all this shit, would be something rare and beautiful.

Mitch said...

A tool of the political class...Pick a scapegoat.
as a race we are doomed unless we find a way to run our affairs without attracting nutters.

The Penguin said...

The Religion Of Peace and Paedophilia, of Genital Mutilation and Subservience for Women, of 72 Vigins for Suicide Bombers who Spread the Word, whose "Good Book" is the illiterate rantings of a complete nutter interpreted and twisted to provide a power base for its imams, who can't even agree amongst themselves and have murdered and maimed down the centuries of the Shia Sunni Schism, but who all agree that there should be only one Religion, one Caliphate, and we are so supine and blind and stupid as to let them establish Muslim Only Schools and Ghettos.

Enoch Powell was right, evenif he was injudicious in his choice of words. Too fucking clever by half, had he been a tad more temperate in the oratory and a bit more cunning in passing legislation we might have avoided this cluster-fuck.

Probably too late now without a real blood bath, but then we've already had some of that 7/7 have we not?

The Penguin

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Leg-Iron said " When Christmas is banned...it's not the Muslims doing that. It's the Righteous. Most Muslims couldn't give a damn about any of it."
Those that I speak to, including a local Imam, do give a damn about it, these issues embarrass and scare them because they know that any backlash will fall on their heads and not on those of the righteous who claim to speak for them. They also see such attacks on Christianity as an attack on religeon in general and therefore upon themselves.

Won't it be fun to see the righteous bitten by the hand they pretend to feed ?

Old Holborn said...


Of course there are a few Islamic nutters about. Plenty of Christian fruitcakes as well.

The point is a woman has lost her job by facing up to the Righteous. She lost her job by trying to do THE RIGHT THING.

This is Labour. Do the right thing and we will come down on you like a ton of bricks

K. McEgan. said...

You've got it wrong old chap.In my Mums village the (Protestant) Loyalists are about 20%.Big enough to be a threat but not to "wipe out" the natives.In Germany it had to be the Jews who posed a threat. There was no African population.The threat has to be big enough but not too big.

JuliaM said...

"The point is a woman has lost her job by facing up to the Righteous. She lost her job by trying to do THE RIGHT THING."

If she'd insisted on a secular assembly, she'd have been able to face them down. The fact she insisted on the retention of hymns has given them a hook to hang their protests on.

Most of this mess is of her own making...

Ampers said...

In South Africa the African will always try to give you the answer they think you want to hear. I laughed recently when an Interviewer asked a black what he thought of the old apartheid system. The interviewer was white so the black answered that he wished it was back as it was much better (the BBC guy nearly died of a heart failure).

Before the West became embroiled with the Anti-Apartheid movement that blacks never seamed resentful or too worried. They had experienced tribal apartheid all their lives. The Xhosa subjected (or tried to subject) the Zulus. In Zim the Mashona subjected the Matabele. In Rwanda the Tutsis were annihilated.

The Righteous never understood the slightest thing about Africa.

woman on a raft said...

Much as I love your writing, you consistently mis-read the stories involving religion, which may be because you are not familiar with education law in the area which has developed since 1880. The separate assemblies are not apartheid; they arose out of some parents exercising their right of withdrawal and then offering to hold services of their own.

The right of withdrawal was recognized from the very beginning of publicly funded universal education and has been explicitly protected in subsequent Education Acts. The HRA and the Equalities Act 2006 can both be interpretted to re-state this right in general terms.

The legal situation in schools is (surprisingly) clear in England and Wales. It's covered by a single Education Act and one interpretive circular. The school must provide an act of worship of a Christian nature and any parent who does not like it has an absolute unconditional right to withdraw their child, no explanation is required.

David Fann, quoted in the article, is an ignorant git if he has 'never known' of a school holding separate assemblies. It is standard practice, and a nuisance to arrange as the alternative groups come in any number of flavours - just don't put the militant atheists in with any of them.

The head was bloody stupid to disturb a system which had allowed all the groups to reach a workable point. She had four days a week with no withdrawals; that's far better than having people insisting on withdrawing five days a week. Everybody settled for this because they got one assembly a week which they arranged to suit themselves. Fantastic, every body happy.

She had no business - and no bleedin' sense - trying to force the issue for the final day of the week because it could easily have endangered the four days which were already bedded in. That lack of common sense suggests she shouldn't be a head teacher in the first place.

As for the advice from the local authority; there's something different going on than the story suggests. The local authority religious education advisor should have been able to point her to the half a dozen paragraphs which showed her conception of compulsory inclusion was legally unsustainable from the start. Did they not tell her, or did she just ignore them?

What might have happened is that the lawyers were finally called in and had a screaming fit: no you can't force ANY parent at ANY time to make their child take part in collective worship, and if you try they'll sue the knickers off us under the new Equalities Act 2006, including the atheists, as they also have explicit protection, not to mention the school's obligation to comply with the HRA.

Your piece and the Times' story, makes the assumption that the objectors were Muslim. The actual fact is not given. It would be possible for the Christian parents - no slouches when it comes to complaining - to have complained that the head was undermining the legal requirement to hold an explicitly Christian service. They also had agreed to do vague feelgood assemblies 4 days a week in return for the 5th more formal service.

When a head wastes time annoying people for the sake of fifteen poxy minutes on a Tuesday which everybody had already agreed to, rather than getting on with the 3rs, she's no loss to the profession.

Who is the REAL Enemy said...

Did some one say divide and conqEUr

Frankfurt Subversion, divide and ConqEUr

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