Friday, 13 February 2009

The Stench of Decay

Excellent Article by Philip Stephens of the FT

Mr Brown’s party has been in power for something short of 12 years rather than the 18 of the Conservatives. But I detect the same curious, and fatal, mix of hubris and inertia. Office is treated as a birthright but, with a few honourable exceptions, ministers have forgotten what it is for. Ask most of them what Labour would actually do with a fourth term and the best you will get is a diatribe on why the Tories would be worse.

Some would say that such intangible flaws are pretty much irrelevant when measured against the deadly impact on the government’s fortunes of the recession. Only this week, after all, the Bank of England said that Britain faces another year of economic misery.

If Mr Brown’s government is turned out of office next year, the argument runs, it will be because of lengthening jobless queues and its chumminess with now disgraced bankers. The prime minister will have been been mugged by the economic bust he promised would never happen.

Others, within the government as well as beyond it, point the finger of blame still more directly at Mr Brown. Whatever the economic turbulence, the big failure has been one of leadership. No one would accuse the dour Mr Brown of over-enjoying the trappings of power. But, after a political lifetime seeking the job, Mr Brown arrived without a strategy or a project for his premiership.

Even now, the constant flurry of initiatives to counter the impact of the recession seems to owe as much to panic as purpose. Some ministers are beginning to mutter that they should have deposed Mr Brown last summer.


Citizen Fights Back, nearly a result H/T LPUK South East


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

O/T, on the 'local' news up here in jockland, Glasgow is hosting a trial of new covert cctv cameras that can listen in on conversations in the street! They are programmed to home in on certain phrases and speech stresses. Fucking hell! Scarey stuff.

Anonymous said...

Brown, Kill, Hate, Jackboot Jacqui, brakes with tampered- that should do it

lilith said...

Gruesome Rab. Worth finding out where they are, going there and shouting trigger phrases...

Dave said...

A ban on any MP serving more than two terms in office?

That should sort the cunts out

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