Saturday, 14 February 2009

Special Envoy To Ceylon Fiasco

"The cunt thinks were are still a fucking colony - he can fuck right off!"

The Man Who Saved The World, Flesh Gordon, has demonstrated his brilliance yet again.

Trying to secure a few consolation air miles and more perks for one of his Jockland Cronies pushed out of the MOD in his last reshuffle, Gordon The Moron appointed Des BrowneNose as Governor General Of Ceylon, as he'd heard the weather was nice there.

Oddly, the authorities in Sri Lanka were not amused. Apparently they had tried to appoint a Special Envoy to Ireland some years back before Bliar's sell out to the IRA, and are still cross because they were told to mind their own fucking business.

The Penguin


Guthrum said...

Not Swiss Tony !!!!

Lord Mandy of WankingBois-on-Sunday said...

If there are any 'extras' please let me know. I may go myself.

The Penguin said...

I wonder if Keith Vaz would have been acceptable?

The Penguin

Sir Henry Morgan said...


I was married to a Sri Lankan woman for 24 years ... no, he wouldn't.

Gareth said...

Keith Vaz is never acceptable.

K. McEgan. said...

Sell out to the PIRA?I must have missed that one.Oh I caught the "policing agreement" which means Billy,Davy,Robby & Sammy from the Orange Lodge can (still) liquidate sassy Taigs.I shall see Chief Cunt Alex Maskey soon.Hope he has mucho securidad with him.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Would you like Des Browne as your 'Special Envoy'?

It was an arbitrary decision and so shouldn't stand.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Penguin asks if the odious Keith Vaz would have been acceptable.
No, for the same reasons as in the case of the Sudan Mohamed Teddy Bear Teacher, Gillian Gibbons. Sending out two 'minority' token peers ( Getting down wiff the effniks ) Lord Ahmed and Baroness Warsi was regarded as both racist and patronising.

Luv the way that Sri Lanka took the opportunity to have a go at the Aid-Workers, NGO's ( international quangocrats ), press and diplomats for dissing their country.

Anonymous said...

Tattered berk, not considered Ministerial material, is sent by unelected Prime Monster of country 44th on the list of he World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report to sort out the 10,000-year war between Sinhalese and Tamils. World laughs its head off. Tattered git doesn't notice.

Anonymous said...

BTW: I heard Milliband of the FO talking yesterday on the illustrated radio in someone else's house.

I noticed that he had an impelfediment in his spelfeach. Would readers and contributors suggest why so many of these deeply unpleasant people can't speak properly?

Anonymous said...

Anon 18:45 Inbreeding? Mental retardation? Thick as pig shit? Nasal & vocal passeges blocked by 'brownosing'?

it's the ego, dear boy said...

I wemember Bwian Wawldon on sunday tv - iwwitating pwat. I was definitely unimpressed when I heard that his defect wasn't likely to be caused by a physical defect, it was more likely to be an affectation. Basically he and his ilk felt they were too important to speak normally, they required people to make the effort to listen to them. Bwian sewage is an even more affected prat.

So, I guess that an inflated ego can lead to affected speech defects and to feeling entitled to be in charge despite any actual ability. Oh, and to feel that shagging as many men/women/boys etc made them more validated as an importtant person.

My sympathies go to all those who have actual impediments, I have no problem making the extra effort to understand, but those putting on a lisp etcetewa can fuck off.

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