Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sorry My Son It is all too late for me to help you

So its has come to this Brown is off to see the Pope.

Is it for forgiveness?, confession? or an appeal for divine intervention from God's Rep on earth.

Mr Brown has a close relationship with Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, the senior Roman Catholic priest in England and Wales. Over Christmas last year he defended Mr Brown from criticism by Anglican bishops who had accused Labour of being "morally corrupt" and "beguiled by money".

One Nil to the CofE there I think !

Iain Martin in the Telegraph is positing that Labour is all washed up

But now the Brownite bubble has burst. What looms is not just defeat, but the death of everything on which the Labour party has based its assumptions and policies for more than a decade. Will there be much left for its next leader to inherit?

Please God let this be so

a large field of leadership contenders has emerged. At the head of the queue, in her own imagination at least, is Harriet Harman. The conventional thinking holds that there is no way she could win – but that is precisely what was said before she defeated Alan Johnson and others in the deputy leadership race. She is organising like mad.........

I pray also that this is so, as it will ensure Labour will be cast into the outer darkness for two generations.... she will advocate an apartheid between the sexes that very few could stomach

Why did New Labour confuse corporate recklessness with healthy, free market innovation? Why did the country have to pay for Tony Blair to go on the most expensive intellectual education in British history? Only so that he could grasp too late that a monopolistic state is more inefficient in the face of technological advance than it has ever been. The party understood how to win, but not how to govern.

All that will have to wait for Labour's period in exile, I suspect. Today, the impression is of an exhausted party that has given up, whose senior figures are physically and intellectually spent. Many of the Cabinet have disappeared, declining to go on television programmes such as the BBC's Question Time because the public mood against the Government is so ugly.

Some of you will be awaiting the second coming of David Cameron, seeing that as a 'team win', but this man has publically stated he is no Libertarian, QED he is an authoritarian, I see no other policy with Cameron other than' vote for me'. There will be no rolling back of the State, no bonfires of Quangos, no constitutional reform, no English Parliament. Just the same large State, with heavy taxes under different management and the same venal corrupton.

As a Libertarian I am resigned to the fact that we are about to have the return of another Major Government slicked up as the Cameron Government. Just another load of free loaders wanting their turn at the trough. However the election after that will be the election fought on the ground of all of the small parties choosing.

One of root and branch Constitutional Reform and effective control of the burgeoning Police State.

However lets get to the point of Brown throwing the towel in first.

In a parody of the Labour anthem of 1997, things can only get worse.

Brown delays the Budget to buy more time

Jackboot Jacqui to get the order of the boot ?


Leg-iron said...

If the Gorgon's going to see the Pope, then either he expects to be made a saint for saving the world or he's delivering a message from God.

Well, the 'voices' said it was from God.

I hope the Pope has a stake and plenty of firewood handy.

Mitch said...

Perhaps brown is going to a human being.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Brown ids just trying to follow Blairs path to posterity.

Cameron "Just another load of free loaders wanting their turn at the trough." True.

Shirking From Home said...

"...However the election after that will be the election fought on the ground of all of the small parties choosing."

What makes you think next time will be any different?

mikey said...

Cameron "Just another load of free loaders wanting their turn at the trough." True.

I am barely able these recent days to contain my complete, utter and total loathing of that slacken, pasty faced, dribble flecked jawed, retard twunt that is named Gordon Brown. I probably should be taking medication to keep me calm. I've decided not to.

This has wisdom within it:

and in parts is amusing as well.

Dick the Prick said...

Cameron - slightly less cunty for now - vote Tory.

Hmm, lacks rhythm maybe.

The Penguin said...

I fear that they are all corrupt to a greater or lesserdegree, and even with a change of government the corrupt cunts at the top of the civil service will still be there "advising" the new boys on "how it is done". See the Daily Wail for some details of the troughing bastards.

The Penguin

Katabasis said...

Indeed Penguin - that has to be one of the major issues with least coverage - the power of the incumbents at the Civil Service.

Death or Prison.

BrianSJ said...

Well, most of the tribesmen (h/t Stan) will not be impressed. A picture of GB with the pope will lose him more votes than the picture of him with Margaret Thatcher did.

Anonymous said...

Your are quite wrong about the Major government, whose rehabilitation is long overdue. Leaving aside the stale recriminations of the 1990s, it managed to run the smallest British government since the 1950s, which was quite a feat. That it was trounced at the elections should tell you something about the public's real appetite for government thriftiness: there isn't any.

Dave said...

He's lost his moral compass and wants to know if the pope has seen it anywhere.
In the meantime he's just drifting, rudderless, going around in circles.

Other than that he's a slimy corrupt, demonised, pathological liar and psychopath.

On second thoughts he may be going to Rome to be exorcised.

Well he can fuck off and not come back the cunt

Guthrum said...

Your are quite wrong about the Major government

No I am not, the Conservative Government was mired in sleaze, divided over Europe, the only bright spot was Ken Clarke's handling of the Treasury, but the Tories just hated the man, net result half a dozen putative leaders of the Conservative Party, ending up with a Blair clone, and still having to invite Clarke back.

Roger Thornhill said...

Maybe Gordon wants the Pope to help him find God, er, I mean Tony.

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