Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Some Days You Think Why Bother ! Nails Down the Blackboard

There are some days, when you think, why am I doing this ?, and today is one of them- so instead of highlighting the daily goings on in our Kleptocracy and De Facto Police State, where the height of ambition is to get on the Jeremy Kyle Show, by fathering twenty children at the age of ten,sleeping with your mother, and forgetting who conceived your child because you were so pissed at the time in the shopping mall, that you need a DNA test- I give you the four people who have driven me to distraction in the last twenty four hours.

They are on my nails down the blackboard list

Pompous AND incompetent- Has the ability to sneer and talk down to anybody. 6/10

Adrian Chiles- 'Chummy Brummy' Last night the truly aweful 'One show' did a piece on people volunteering to work for the Police for nothing. All went terrifically off message when one of the other guests had been a Policeman said that it would not make a blind bit of difference, as the Police had far too much paperwork to do on diversity bollocks to actually do any Policing. 8/10

Who is this little tosser ? with his favourite phrase ' I have been told by somebody on good authority' today on R4 he was singing the praises of the dodgy Indian Billionaires financing International Cricket, over ones that are based in Antigua and get arrested for Ponzi schemes. He gets a ten on my nails down the blackboard scale. 10/10

Robert Peston- Naaaaaaaah Waaaaaaaah. I hate his delivery.I hate his changing the story to ensure he covers for Gordon in the hope he can do Gordon Brown: How I saved the World Years



The Penguin said...

How the fuck did you restrain yourself to only FOUR?

The Penguin.

Guthrum said...

Time and blood pressure

microdave said...

I swore I would never watch the "One Show" again, after the Gollygate affair. But I might just click on the iPlayer tonight and see that episode....

Gareth said...

The Hoon Condecension can be explained away as his being a former MEP and Barrister.

I hope his Euro pension is enough to soothe his conscience over so many military deaths thanks to his eagerness for a European Vapid Reaction Force. Huge amounts of time and money has gone on chasing an illusion.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I wasn't going to leave a comment, but the wv is...mates.

Is there something you should be telling us?

MANTEX said...

Hoon - spot on.

Second - don't know him

Is the third one that bloke who reports on sport for "Newsnight"?

He is in the Trevor Macdonald school of pompous self-satisfied delivery.

and Peston! what's WRONG with him, that he can't speak properly?

K. McEgan. said...

Define "policing"?Fitting up the innocent?Beating the crap out of "darkies"?Warren Blackwell and the fact that the cunt that made a false rape allegation got away with it?Nicked 7 yr old girls?80 yr old Walter Wolfgang (does he count as he is Jewish?)Joining the BNP/NSDAP?Shooting de Menezes,Harry Stanley?Gimme a fucking break!

Goodnight Vienna said...

Come on Guthrum, surely Hoon is worth more than a 6? He's just too oily and sanctimonious for words and just oozes 'creep' from every pore, yuk.

Straw has to be up there as well. I know he's been quiet lately (some might say too quiet) but once he shmoozes it's never forgotten so he deserves to be up there with the rest.

If you 'cast a cold eye' on it all, you'd find most of the Labour front bench are up there - but, with respect to your blood pressure, I'll say no more.

Cato said...

Have to say that Chiles and Hoon rank equal in my book. They are both total cunts....or Hoons or Chiles'...whatever!

idle said...

Hoon - yes. Chiles - absolutely. Peston - you betcha.

But not Mihir Bose. He is a decent journalist with a credible cv, not your typical time-serving beeb lefty. He wrote a damn good book about the Aga Khans, if you like that sort of thing (lots of bad behaviour, untimely death, huge wealth, totty by the shedload, top racehorses, you name it).

I will admit that I hate it when they start a piece with "I have discovered" etc etc. Much better to say: "A bloke told me..."

I would emmigrate but everywhere will be the fucking same in ten years said...

Thanks for the wonderful blog Old Holborn. Make me laugh and know I'm not alone in my utter contempt for these Hoons.

I'm sure the BBC which I cannot even watch anymore for my blood pressure, regards Chiles as their token bloke from the gutter.

My grandfather was well known as the most beligerent man on the south coast of England.
He even got to shoot a burglar in the 50's the lucky bugger.
He must be spinning so fucking fast six feet under, the shit we have to endure in these dark times under FluJabia.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that Chiles chap absolutely insufferable? He has read the PC handbook but doesn't understand how implement it without making a complete arse of himself.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Not having a telly I don't have to put up with Hoon or the other hoons very much but Peston got himself on BBC Radio 2 last week.
After telling us ( including presumably some of his " 7 million readers " ) how he had foretold the Credit Crunch Crisis ages before anyone else he went on to expound
" I just try to give the information for people to live their lives by "
Cheers Bob, I'm getting on just fine without it.

Richard Cranium said...

It's Preston's hair that's most odd. I find it strangely unsettling...

observer said...

I can't be;lieve you missed "Lord" Ahmad and Keef Vazeline. 2/10

Alfie Patten said...

Max Clifford is going to get me and Chantelle on the one show. I'd like to give one to that Christine bird.

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