Thursday, 19 February 2009

Shut It Down

On the first day of your government, you should close down the BBC. You should take it off air. You should disclaim its copyrights. You should throw all its staff into the street. You should not try to privatise the BBC. This would simply be to transfer the voice of your enemy from the public to the private sector, where it might be more effective in its opposition. You must shut it down - and shut it down at once. You should do the same with much of the administration. The Foreign Office, much of the Home Office, the Commission for Racial Equality, anything to do with health and safety and planning and child protection - I mean much of the public sector - these should be shut down. If at the end of your first month in power, you have not shut down half of the State, you are failing. If you have shut down half the State, you have made a step in the right direction, and are ready for still further cuts.

Let me emphasise that the purpose of these cuts would not be to save money for the taxpayers or lift an immense weight of bureaucracy from their backs - though they would do this. The purpose is to destroy the Establishment before it can destroy you. You must tear up the web of power and personal connections that make these people effective as an opposition to radical change.

Dr Sean Gabb 16th Feb 2009

Read the speech- The proceedings were ended by

[At this point, some unfortunate woman began screeching that I was a fascist, and the debate came to an end.]

The shape of things to come


James said...

Hell yeah ! Hang the motherfuckers !

The Penguin said...

And ban fucking ACPO and sack the Justice Ministry.

Line up all the Permanent Secreataries of all the rest of the government departments, shoot every third one, and tell the rest to get a grip or else.

The Penguin

Guthrum said...

So thats a yes then ?

Old Holborn said...

Do it.

The vile tentacles of the State know no boundaries. East Germans had more freedom than us.

Defend the borders, uphold the law.

End of your remit.

Oldrightie said...

Count me in!

Anonymous said...

I think the ordinary people of this country are becoming so incensed that it may well end in trials, shootings & hangings. Certainly a majority of the Labour MPs should be tried for Treason as they have deliberately done their best to destroy this country. Some from other Parties should face trial too.

K. McEgan. said...

1st March.Consolidation of the revolution.April.G8 summit.Harmony of pen and sword.Any police in uniform on the day it starts will be tried in absentia."Justice will be done".2009.We get to win.

Ampers said...

Sean is a good man, and yes I had read about that BBC meeting when he was thrown off the air.

Sean is a true Libertarian with a CAPITAL L. Google: Libertarian Alliance for more of his writings.

Doctor Cat said...

What would Dr Cat prescribe for a fucked country?

Normally cats don't care about these things - we need the farm but are not part of the farm establishment. Cats aren't tagged animals, unlike the sheep, the dogs and even the pigs. We might suck up to the pigs for a quid pro quo but cats are slaves to no one.

When cats need to spell out the writing on the wall, things are beyond repair.

Leave the EU. At once. No ifs, no buts. Default on all debt. Anyone is free to leave the UK – and millions will – but few allowed to enter. “Britain is closed for repairs”.

Repeal all post-1997 laws – from double jeopardy to the national minimum wage – scrap the lot.

Tear down, perhaps not literally, Whitehall and the town halls. Sack the entire civil service and town hall staff. Everything to be rebuilt at county level with the absolute minimum, especially at the top – courts, police, defence, foreign affairs. Banks to be allowed to fail. Establishment of regional banks and building societies to replace the banks.

Political Correctness in all forms, including multiculturalism to be outlawed. This is the true cancer that has been destroying our country. New Labour is merely a secondary tumour. “English is the official language. If you want to interact with what remains of the State, you speak English. Do not ask for an interpreter – pay for your own.” All official forms to state this message – in all the usual languages.

People following Islam can have a free one-way ticket out of the country, abandon their religion or accept loss of civil rights in this country. This country will be built on equality and one law for all and this wicked religion cum political system has no place in a civilised society. Live by our ways and stop demanding special treatment or fuck off to Pakistan or Saudi or wherever, you hypocritical cunts. A prophet? Fuck off – he married a six year old. George Orwell was more a prophet than Meccan molester. Racism is hateful and wicked but Islamophobia is utterly sane.

Multiculturalism is responsible for many evils in this country. For the most part, these evils tend to stay “in culture”. While other foreign cultures occasionally rear their ugly heads from time to time e.g. witchcraft, female circumcision for Africans, flying bullets from warring Jamaicans catching innocent bystanders and pikeys stealing from, er non-pikeys - Islam is the only one that consistently seeks to impose its dogma on others.

Islam is presented by its apologists as a religion of peace. Wrong – Islam will only be peaceful when the whole world submits to Islam. Throughout the whole world, Muslims fight with their neighbours. It is this fatal oversight that has put this country in peril on so many fronts.

Sell the NHS. Set about dismantling the welfare state – swiftly. In fact, no – rip it down overnight before the whole rotten edifice falls on someone's head. If we can afford to give all claimants a years “redundancy pay”, we will. Pay anyone £3000 if they will be sterilised – watch the queues form round the block – every one of them just the sort of person who should never have kids.

Anyone unable to feed their children shall have the children taken into an austere care system – perhaps on military lines. Corporal punishment, no mobile phones, no Xboxes – just a good education and some hope for the future.

The parents can have the kids back any time they like, as long as they can support themselves and their kids. If the parents cannot even feed themselves, tough shit – they can die in the street. Pensioners needn't worry. Compulsory education for all to 14. Proper apprenticeships.

Fuck Global Warming – it is a big con. Reopen the mines and get building some nuclear power stations – it might not be too late. Build some more motorways and reopen some more railways. Nationalise the railways and privatise them properly this time.

There is no terrorism, only crime. Death penalty for war criminals and traitors. A form of “Civic Death” for those politicians and officials and banksters found to have stolen from the country. Corporal punishment used for bogus officials, drunks, burglars (assuming they survive the fury of the householder) and people who cheat the elderly. Bastinado takes the swagger out of any bully.

ACPO delenda est. The National DNA Database to be scrapped. Contrary to ACPO propaganda, the NDNAD is not needed in order to make use of DNA forensics. DNA forensics, although a useful tool, are not the 'Final Solution' ACPO presents it as. ACPO wishes for the magic word “DNA” to stand for “Do not ask, Do not argue.” Just say “DNA” in court and it's ours. The NDNAD makes for lazy policing at best and a blueprint for genocide at worst. Get rid of it.

Disarm the police. Feed them well, take all their toys off them and get them walking the beat. All plastic police to take an exam – if they pass, they get to be real live cops. If they fail, they are out. Give the police the biggest administrative kicking they've ever had and get them back to being servants of the public rather than the state and maybe one day the public will learn to trust them again. Make them wash their blood and semen-caked uniforms in public and let them win back their pride. We need good proper old fashioned cops, not the snide paramilitary monsters of today.

Simplify the tax system, scrap VAT. Replace the NI Ponzi scheme with a proper insurance scheme or scrap it. Confiscate assets from those deemed to have stolen from the country – whether this is a foreign energy company or a married MP couple renting their own house back to themselves at taxpayers expense.

Scrap the BBC. Fuck off Jonathan Ross, you talentless tosser. Fuck off Russell Brand, you fucking junkie little cunt. Go and sign on the dole – oh, sorry – you can't – we abolished it. Scrap all the quangos and fake charities. Legalise and tax all drugs. The age of consent remains at 16. Over this age, anything goes as long as it is in private and all parties consent. Adoption is only permitted by married couples.

All of the above can be on an England-only basis, or better still, a giant version of the Good Friday Agreement with the UK, Ireland and the Isle of Man being run by a Council of the Isles. The other countries can go it alone if they wish – they will not be able to survive.

Few would ever vote for any of this, thanks to the massive client state that has been built up – almost half the country is living off the back of the other – it will have to be imposed. I think silent civil disobedience is the way to do it – feline insolence and ovine indolence can only lead to canine confusion and porcine panic.

I choked on my pipe when I read that our way of protesting seems to be “smoking substances, signing on the dole and stay at home listening to music” but then I thought, “Well if everyone did that it would soon be over wouldn't it?”.

JD said...

A change this big will happen when the state can no longer pay its payroll vote's wages. Until they have nothing to lose they will keep voting for more of the same. It will be easier to dismantle the welfare state once it has gone bust and no longer delivers. I don't see how it will happen otherwise, but it has to go. JD.

Carl said...

Sean sounds more like a cunt with a capital C.

No fucking idea about what really goes on in social services, just what he's read in the Daily Mail. And equally no idea of what really goes on behind the doors of White City, again just what he reads in the Mail and the Sun. And a pretty fucked up view of British (and Irish) history to boot.

The kind of fucker who when it all starts to go wrong will run to his bunker and screech at his generals. Twat.

I like cats said...

Dr Cat suggests a promising start...

Anonymous said...

Carl - please don't take this the wrong way but, I think you're a fucking cunt.

Old Holborn said...

Doctor Cat

Good post

I can't condone the State executing anyone, but other than that, it is becoming apparent that 4 million people being paid to sit at home belching Stella IS bringing down a Government.

Tomrat said...


Problem is, when a government cant pay its workers wages, they tend to eviscerate said government and form something more autocratic.

Better to burn the edific down whilst its still in its infancy; it could still be a hell of a lot worse.

Doctor Cat said...



For the death penalty, notice that I only advocate it for two crimes. Either way, there must be some iconic images - probably on YouTube in the modern age. Ceaucescu, Saddam Hussein - you get the idea. When the fat lady finally sings, there'll be no sloping off to watch a cricket match like in 1997.

If no death penalty then "Civic Death" is a must - all of ACPO, all Banksters, Capita etc as well as all MPs, MEPs etc must never be allowed to do more than sweep the floors and clean the bogs.

The Stella swillers will indeed bring the system crashing down but it's what happens after that - they'll still want their Stella. There's been a genocide - the people just haven't yet died.

My friend Steve has chosen a rat existence throughout his life – he has chosen to live off the leavings of the farm. His mannerisms and his anecdotes betray his rodent nature at every turn. All of his attempts to do the work of other farm animals have swiftly ended in disaster – poor timekeeping and/or petty pilfering ensuring his career was always very short – measurable in days. Computer engineer, ice cream man, storekeeper.

Always a rat trying to do a farm animal's job. No chance – it never works. He's like the ill-tempered cider swigging Rat in Fantastic Mister Fox, or perhaps Templeton in Charlotte's Web. The rat as a metaphor has always been a powerful one for me.

Notwithstanding this rather unflattering comparison – which Steve cheerfully endorses – a rats eye view is still a valid view, and a pensioner rat (Steve is 60) has plenty of experience to share. A farm needs a few rats – just not too many. Steve was a bit surprised at this attitude – he thought I would be in favour of getting rid of every last rat.

“Oh no, Steve – the farm needs a few rats. If you have dogs chasing all over the farm after the rats, the sheep will be terrified. A rat should never have certainty, and woe betide a rat caught brazenly stealing the grain. A rat should never be able to waste food, nor lend money, nor snort class A drugs, even for a treat. Rats are needed, Steve – I'm a cat after all – I understand.”

Unfortunately the farm has become overrun with rats - the pigs being to fucking greedy to know or care.

Neither the cat nor the rat are very keen to be trampled under terrified hooves once the disgusting, corrupt pigs finally get rumbled. The dogs, as always, will try and uphold the status quo for as long as possible – indeed the dogs may even try and seize the farmhouse for themselves this time.

The pensioner rat, with his Pension Credits and his dubious DLA claim, seems to think it won't affect him. I'm sure you are right, Steve – you'll be fine. Your lights will stay on because you get a Winter Fuel Payment and Cold Weather Payments. They'll make sure all the recipients of these benefits are on the same phase so they don't get disconnected with the rest of us, and the looters will loot your corner shop but leave your preferred beer untouched. The benefits systems will completely collapse but your claims will still stay open and be paid into your bank account, which will have been kept open especially just for you even though the rest of the banking system has gone to the wall. They'll leave a cash machine switched on just for you. It won't affect you Steve, of course it won't.

Steve has an internet connection but doesn't use it except to listen to the BBC – he gets all his information from the TV and so his brain is washed and addled simultaneously by alcohol and propaganda. He doesn't hear about the riots across Europe because they aren't being widely reported on the BBC/MSM.

There are generations of people like my friend Steve.

What does the cat do? Apart from hiding under the sofa for a good long while, smoking dope and listening to Pink Floyd, nipping across to the pensioner rat at intervals for some more dope, a game of chess and maybe a good squabble with the rat?

This cat is a freelancer - usually successful but very quiet this year. He doesn't drink or smoke tobacco. His only vices are catnip (class B now) and his elderly 70s motor car - only 18 months younger than the cat - always a good age gap. This cat doesn't care much about what kind of farm - and it is all farming make no mistake. When the sheeple eventually wake up and realise they are being ripped off, the system collapses. Ad infinitum. George Orwell's Animal Farm and Pink Floyd's Animals use the same characters –one is about communism, the other is about capitalism. The end result in both works is the same.

When cats get pissed off, the farm is surely in trouble. History is repeating itself – what we are seeing today happened in Germany in the early 1930s. The state now has a vast army of prodnoses who might seem comical at first glance but are incredibly dangerous. The sheeple are being slowly but surely conditioned to accept ever-increasing interference and regulation in their lives and there is never so much of a bleat of protest.

Non-payment of civil penalties or credit card bills will lead to forced entry to peoples homes with bailiffs being allowed to restrain people if they try and defend their property. A 78 year old man found this out the hard way not so long ago– he collapsed and died of a heart attack on the way to a cash machine after a bailiff threatened to force entry into his home.

Even very silly redundant sheep will take offence when the banksters start repossessing their homes after being bailed out with the sheep's own money.

As a cat, I have a natural, if not to say rabid dislike of dogs. It wasn't so bad in the old days – the dogs were all of one breed and were mostly well trained. Nowadays they have all different kinds of breeds of dog – poorly trained, some semi-literate perhaps – the smart ones. These dogs have few teeth but are very annoying to cats, rats and sheep alike. If you kick out at these yappy little dogs, the big dogs will come out and rip you to pieces.

The pigs have made it easy for anyone to set themselves up as a dog – the “Extended Police Family” as it is known. Somehow I think the big dogs – the real police – would have contempt for anyone but a real policeman, but for a modest fee it is a simple process to become an “accredited person”. Such a person gets a plastic ID badge and powers similar to a PCSO. What is to stop any gang of thugs getting themselves “accredited”and using the badges as a license to mug? I bet it has already happened.

Sometimes the big dogs rip someone to bits just for a thrill – like an electrician from Brazil perhaps. This is how its going to be from now on – do as you are told or ZAP – Taser if you are lucky, bullets if not. If you are innocent you have nothing to fear – just like Jean Charles.

This cat doesn't think there will be a General Election – the pigs will declare an emergency – maybe because of the economic crisis but maybe because of a new threat – a convenient biological attack on a major city perhaps? Something to really scare the sheeple. Maybe they will blow up Parliament during a recess and blame it on the Muslims.

This cat's seen a bit - spending a lot of kittenhood in an Arab country; boarding school in the UK then taking my A Levels in the Middle East. As a white Englishman, doing your A Levels in the Gulf with six Arabs and six from India/Pakistan gives a good balanced view and a knowledge that the only way to overcome racial prejudice is to show that you are the best. Later on, working in pubs on rough council estates gave a very different perspective. Most of the people I served alcohol to had serious drink problems. If it ever seemed that I didn't give a toss about this, there was a good reason - I didn't give a toss. Alcohol is liquid dynamite - it destroys lives and families. It killed my mother and it nearly killed me. 7 years apart, my mother and I were rushed to the same hospital and we both said, "I'll never drink again". We both spoke the truth, only in 1994 my mother left hospital in a hearse, and in 2001 I left in a taxi. Like I said, we both spoke the truth.

Sometimes the truth is painful. We are screwed - the UK is completely fucked.


Anonymous said...

"Legalise and tax all drugs."

Fuck off.
Why should my drugs be taxed?
How'd you like tax on your catnip?

Bald headed John.

Old Holborn said...

If the cat would like to put claw to paper, this old rat would certainly be interesting in giving it a bigger audience

Old Holborn said...


If you think your drugs aren't taxed already, you are a fool.

If tobacco was banned tomorrow, would the price go up? or down?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Doctor Cat, thank you.

I recieved a communication from my Prospective Conservative MP which asks some fairly inane questions of local interest only , hardly the stuff of Parliament.
At the end is a little box asking me for " Your Comments ".
I shall fit in as much of Dr Sean Gabbs speech as possible.

On the first day of your government, you should close down the BBC. You should take it off air. You should disclaim its copyrights. You should throw all its staff into the street. You should not try...

Anonymous said...


I, er, wasn't talking about those drugs.
I'm a smoker that always buys my baccy from a gentleman I know. Much less tax and none of it goes to McIdiot.
I just don't want to see my other little indulgences being abused by the treasury. Can you give me a valid reason anything should have a "punitive" tax on it?

Bald headed John.

Chris said...


You missed the point - twice over.

If baccy was banned your mate's prices would treble/quadruple/.. overnight.

If drugs were taxed and legalised, we'd find out who the real criminals are. People could grow their own weed avoiding tax altogether.

Anonymous said...

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