Friday, 20 February 2009

Scenario: 6000 Car Workers Lose their Jobs- Dead Man Walking

There was a near riot and threats of violence against Trades Union officials when 830 people lost their jobs at BMW Mini, imagine what is going to happen if 6000 lose their jobs in one go at one plant.

No wonder the hatchet faced scouser is getting in a state. People in this country are just starting to realise that the Party of the People and their paymesters have shafted them long and hard.

People are frightened and are not just going to meekly accept £58.70 jobseekers allowances a week, the Government is also frightened thats why all the Police Forces have been attending riot training since last August. The Contingency plan is in place, though the Government was getting upset that over fifty per cent of the Police Forces are not ready, and Armageddon for Labour is getting closer.

A major plant going down, will have the knock on effect of taking 50 000 suppliers jobs with it.

There is only one man who can stop this and that is Gordon Brown, it does involve the political equivalent of the revolver,brandy and library. Seriously this is now just about confidence. The Labour Party has confidence in its own leaders.

Seen today

I'm a Labour member and have tried to ask LabourList to allow some free talk. Most party members (I'm in Tower Hamlets) outside Scotland think Brown is a total liability and that we risk the party being ruined at the next election. That's not even healthy for democracy, yet alone Labour. But LL just won't allow any talk about whether Brown and others in the parliamentary party are fit to lead us. Until we confront these weaknesses, we're doomed.

Face it, Cameron is a lightweight but he's able to get a 20% lead just because Brown is going didlo.

But no-one I speak to in the Labour party seriously thinks we have any chance at all in the next election (nor the one after that, unless Cameron turns out to be even worse than we fear). That's why there's so little energy around at the moment - what's the point?

Andrew Rawnsley

Some of the bookies are now making Harriet Harman the favourite to be Labour's next leader. They or their punters clearly think her popular banker-bashing and appeals to party activists could propel the party's deputy leader into the top slot.

We asked our experts and insiders on the PHI100 whether they'd take a punt on Ms Harman becoming leader.

The big majority would keep their cash in their pocket. Nearly three quarters of the politically balanced panel reckon she's a bad bet. Less than a fifth agree with the bookies.

Left-leaning panellists are even more sceptical about her prospects than are those of the right. The Lib Dem panellists are unanimously of the view that she isn't a future Labour leader. The non-aligned panellists are a bit more inclined to take that idea seriously.

Brown is now the Political Equivalent of a Dead Man Walking, he survived last year, because a twelve year old was not upto the job, the Labour Party did not have the courage and now that their morale has collapsed, they are lining up behind either Straw or Harman.

They had better make their mind up, before 60 000 engineering workers turn up outside of number ten.


Anonymous said...

The scum voted Labour. They have sown the wind, now they shall reap the whirlwind.

Regrettably, the middle classes will be the first to suffer. I have an Australian passport, and am unmarried. For a reasonable sum I shall sponsor a fellow Anglo-Saxon to a less-troubled world. HB, will you ... will you marry me?

Actually, piss off - you are just as tall as I am and that mask scares me.

Anonymous said...

That fucker Woodley knows which plant it is, and when the management are going to have to call it a day, just like he knew before Christmas that BMW was going to have to get shot of 830 people and just lied to his members.

K. McEgan. said...

Firstly it is £60.15 per week DSS if over 25!Secondly plod at riot training?I'm a veteran of Brixton '81 & '85.We could smell the feces from 100 yds away!

Doctor Cat said...

The best bet is a mass stay-at-home.

They will shoot at people in the street but I do not believe even these arseholes would try forcing everyone from their homes – back to work at gunpoint. Actually maybe they would but I still wouldn't answer the door. When I say “they” will shoot, I mean the police. The army is busy chasing shadows on the other side of the world – no – you need the unique and very special qualities of a modern British police officer to fire on unarmed civilians.

Also, as Ireland's construction-based 'boom' economy has collapsed that will mean they will come over here looking for “work” - they always do, even if we are screwed as well. As I wrote to Cat Senior recently, "I suggest that you get a couple of big dogs (real dogs – or at least a sign) and a gate at the bottom of your drive. I will help you fit it. I know I am a doom monger but I can see a big increase in so-called petty crime – only there is nothing petty about it."

Travelling folk use chalk marks to tell other travellers what to expect - “Gives food”, “Big dog” - “Calls the police” (hah) “Old people here” - that kind of thing. Maybe there should be one for “these people have a son who hates thieving pikey cunts more than few other things on Earth”.

The pigs and the dogs must be praying for a wet summer – assuming they cling on that long. Don't be surprised if they seed the clouds in the big cities – anything to keep the herds indoors.

Don't be surprised if he barricades himself in at Number 10. He is completely, totally mad and he wants putting down. Because I have a strong cruel streak, I can laugh at the man's illnesses – his chewed fingernails, inappropriate facial expressions, endless repetition and if you believe the blogs, dubious bladder control. I cannot laugh at what is happening to the country.

Mieow for now.

JPT said...

I don't think anyone can stop this now to be honest.

Simon Weston said...

"Regrettably, the middle classes will be the first to suffer"

Its the middle classes who voted Labour in you fucking stupid cunt

Are engineering workers scum btw?

Fucking idiot, fuck off back to Australia and burn to death cunt

Gareth said...

We could well be saying Tata to a major employer. It has been denied that it is anything to do with Vauxhall. Honda is shut. Nissan is shut (I think). Toyota is too or on a go slow? Don't know about Ford. They make a lot of engines somewhere and a fair few Transit vans somewhere else but the van plant is off to Turkey soon.

If it's in a Labour area don't be surprised if they get just enough money to keep them quiet.

The pirates in the Government are all mouth and no trousers, either to distract from what they are doing out of sight (printing vast gobs of money) or to distract from the fact they haven't got a clue. Neither have I but a few of these shits swinging from the yardarm would make me feel a whole lot better.

Is this the beginning of the end or just the end of the beginning?

Is this a game changing event as much as, say WWI was?

Anonymous said...

Brown won't go of his own accord - he'll have to be dragged out - his gnawed finger stumps clinging to the door frame.

For purely cynical reasons, I'd prefer Harperson over Straw.

As a white English male that might sound like suicide but the country died a while back.

I think they are both lawyers.

Harperson is stupid enough to upset Plod. If you upset Plod, you are fucked. They need to be fucked. The country needs Plod on our side. It sounds crazy but Harperson might just be stupid enough to do it.

From memory, I think Straw upset Plod once when he was Home Sec a long time ago, but Farmer Straw will doubtless have learned his lesson.

Two Homes Spliff (nice tits Mrs Timney) upset Plod very recently, but Harperson will think she's much cleverer than Spliff and Plod is bound to see it Harperson's way because Harperson knows whats best for everyone.

Harperson please - she'll piss off Plod and then we can get down to the serious business of sealing her bartholin's glands once and for all with a blowtorch.

Mac the Knife said...

"...because Brown is going didlo."

Transpose two letters to create an accurate assessment... :)

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"Police Forces have been attending riot training since last August.
And at District Commander level they go to Belfast for that training, you know, the place where The Army supports the Civilian Power when it gets a bit sticky.

Anonymous said...

Anon 16.34, I thought it was millions of middle class people who fucked us up, you know, those who seemed to think it was their right to make money by slapping a few coats of magnolia onto a tatty little flat and flogging it off for a vast profit, and playing around with bits of paper claiming it was "work"?

They voted Labour did'nt they?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps now even the most cretinous Labourite cunt will realise that the Labour Party was never for the White working class but merely a vehicle which was/is a means for Marxists to place us in their Soviet Utopia, also the Unions are in no way there to protect or better the conditions of the working man/woman, the old adage 'the only ones who can/will shaft the worker is the Union'.

As one who was previously ambuvilent towards the Union, I now see them as tools of the Financiers to quell any workers voice of dissent and are commissars of the Labour/Soviet Party, and as such, to take a leaf from their own propaganda, they are the enemies of the working class and need to be taken out and swung from the nearest tree along with their Labour co-conspirators.

As regards Labour, I always hated them with a passion and anyone who votes for them needs to take a real good look at themselves and ask us for our forgiveness, for the unrepentant we'll see them swinging as well!

Chalcedon said...

I would love Harriet Harpieperson to get the top slot. She is such a strident, annoying feminist that she will keep them unelectable for ages. Grand stuff. Come on Harriet, go for broke! You would get my vote, except I'm not a member of your evil, authoritarian, control freak, theiving, vile, corrupt buch of tossers masquerading as a political party.

Odin's Raven said...

How well are the police trained. equipped and motivated to deal with serious rioting? Will they kill or will they run?

The tv clips of police anti-riot action in recent years have not been impressive. Probably the PC's are now too pc to be effective. Of course, they could recruit tough immigrants and local unemployed to do the dirty work whilst plod filled in forms as usual.

Long ago, when Hong Kong was still British, I recall seeing a short film of their riot police in training. Basically they used Roman infantry tactics. Standing shoulder to shoulder, on the word of command, they all stamped on an opponent's foot, shoved him back with the big shield, hit him over the head or shoulder with the long truncheon (less lethal than a sword in the guts), stepped over the body and left the second line to complete the execution/capture of an immobilised and suffering barbarian/rioter.

Nowadays simply machine-gunning mobs and media would be much simpler, but it doesn't go with the 'democratic' image. Still, some ballot stuffing can overcome a lot of electoral problems.

Doctor Cat said...

@Odin's Raven

The police will try and uphold the status quo for as long as possible - they always do. It's the same everywhere - when Ceaucescu was arrested, the arresting officers checked with their superiors to see which side they were meant to be on.

I think they will be ruthless - more savage than in the 1984 miners strike. This is going to be far, far bigger than 1984 - the only question is going to be who fights who. Civil war looms, surely.

As far as the police it comes down to morale - as long as they are well fed they'll uphold the status quo and will be extremely vicious. If the police get hungry they'll switch sides.

As this rumbles on, there'll be more outbreaks of thuggery from PCSOs, Civilian Enforcement Officers but the police will be largely invisible - tucked out of sight at purpose built units on industrial estates. These units are more like barracks - not open to the public. They'll be doing a bit more besides stuffing their fat faces with canteen grub, I can assure you.

In the event of large scale disorder, the plastic PCSOs et al will discard their uniforms and try and mingle with the sheeple. The long term unemployed won't help - the scratter scum will be rioting too because their Stella tokens have stopped - the system having collapsed.

If they turn the internet off - as they might - we'll all be in the dark because of the new laws banning photography of the police.

I see Latvia's gone. Ireland next, surely? The sheeple are awakening and that is very scary - in the short term at least. What's happening in the UK is a bit like having cancer - you always thought it was something that happened to someone else.

I'm off to change my litter tray.

Anonymous said...

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