Sunday, 22 February 2009

Racism of the Ripper.

A leaked Home Office memo on immigration, today.

(Picture surgically excised from here)

Jacq the Ripper has decided to clamp down on immigration. Are you out there, Spark-up? You might want to psychoanalyse this:

Although the majority of the people affected by the new measures come from the Indian sub-continent or Africa, Ms Smith strongly denied that they were racist.

Ah, but she doesn't know she's racist, does she? It's deep within her psyche, wearing a little moustache and holding one rigid arm aloft. Eh, Righteous Ones? Look how she continues her denial.

"It genuinely isn't. I hope in our debate about immigration we have got beyond that," she said.

Most of us have, Ms. Ripper, most of us 'got beyond that' a long time ago. Your drones, however, have not. They are still here. Still pointing out racism wherever they imagine it to be. Still regarding every barrier to totally free movement as the work of Satan himself. Anyone who says they are not racist are definitely so, they just don't realise it. That's the training you gave to your collective, Jacqui, and they continue as instructed.

There is a book that all those who head this Righteous movement should read. A somewhat cumbersome but worthwhile volume by Mary Shelly, entitled 'Frankenstein'.

Labour have played the race card to silence dissent since they came to power. They have boosted and encouraged those who wish to label us thought-criminals in order to exert some petty control. They have stated that any opposition to immigration must mean the opposer is a far-right racist of some type. They created a monster.

Now, they want to control immigration. Therefore, by their own monster’s logic, they must be racists. The problem is compounded by the fact that there is no control they can exert over EU migrants, most of whom are white, so all the control is on Asian and African migrants. Oh dear, that monster is going to be very angry indeed.

You know what? I don't agree with what she proposes. I agree we need to control immigration but not by selectively picking out target groups. Besides, it’s pointless. EU citizens are unrestrained. All anyone needs do is gain EU citizenship in any EU country and they can wander wherever they like. This is not control she proposes, it’s deflection. It’s designed to appeal to those who have defected from Labour to the BNP and they won’t be fooled at all, because that wasn’t why they moved to the BNP. The ‘universal racism’ was all in the Righteous monster’s head.

We cannot control immigration as long as we are part of the EU. We can make it hard to move directly to here from a non-EU country, but all that means is that anyone outside the EU just gets Spain or Poland to stamp their card, and then get on a plane and they’re here. We have no control at all.

There is no need for armed guards at the borders. If there were no freebies on arrival, then only those who want to work will come here. Turn up with no intention of working and you’ll be on the street. Unfortunately the Righteous won’t allow that. Anyone and everyone must come here, and the more dependent they are, the better.

There is no problem with people from India setting up corner shops here. There is no problem with African businessmen or building workers coming here to work. There is no problem with Polish bus drivers or Bangladeshi restauranteurs, or with anyone who wants to earn a living in this country.

What people object to are the spongers who are encouraged to claim benefits on arrival, accept every freebie, and then write home and tell their family and friends to come because the British are a bunch of suckers who give away everything for nothing.

Spark-up, you and your kind will call me racist for that last paragraph while ignoring the previous one. It is not, never has been, an issue of race. It is an issue of taxes paying for the dregs of other countries to come here. It is an issue of those who are unemployed here finding that they are passed over in favour of the incoming unemployed.

If a family from Pakistan move here, get jobs and rent or buy houses, there is no problem. If a family from Romania moved here, had no intention of looking for work but were housed and given all assistance while our own unemployed are sidelined, there is a problem.

Despite Jacq the Ripper’s pronouncement that ‘we have got beyond’ the race issue in immigration discussions, it should never have been about race in the first place. The Righteous linked the two, not the people. Now she plans to block Africans and Indians and Pakistanis from coming here while the Romanians and the Italians can come and go as they please, and she says it’s not a racist policy.(OH here, this doesn't apply to Dutch MP's)

Try to grasp this, Righteous, before it’s too late. Most of us don’t care where people come from. We don’t care what colour their skin might be or which God they worship. We don’t care about any of that.

We care about what they do when they get here.


Dick the Prick said...

Leg-Iron, err... soz. We do need to pick out groups and languages and demeanours and characteristics and gait and information.

At what point is it daft to recognize the frequency and politics of cunts?

These cunts are talking about border control now because the horse has fucked off. People are usually lovely to each other - it's only death throwes.

Oldrightie said...

Very, very good. What blogging is all about. Get the hypocritical, two faced shit for the duplicitous, grasping, greedy scum they are.
This should on every notice board in the land.

Harrithebastard said...

LI without a shadow of doubt , outfuckingstanding.

Xenon said...

Yeah, I'll second Harrithebastard there, 'outfuckingstanding'.

This glass is raised to you LI.

Anonymous said...

I am an immigrant and I hate immigrants.

Unlike most immigrants, I've always been on 40% tax, my English is excellent, and I have a degree. Not only that, I will piss off back to Australia when I've had enough.

That said, I feel more English than Australian. I barracked for our boys in the last Ashes as I shall do this time around. Tebbit test, and all that.

Had it been necessary to do so, I would have qualified for a visa on the basis that no-one was available to do what I do. It was on this basis that I obtained my visa for Germany (to which I had no ancestral rights), prior to my coming to England.

To cut a long story short, I am dismayed at the evident inability of the authorities in detecting people who might in some way, shape or form, contribute to this community.

Awash with people incapable of speaking English, greedily availing themselves of the benefits with which the State has become turgid, this land is fast becoming a vile conurbation of Arab and African lifestyle ('culture' is not the right word to describe it).

I love this country. It is the land of my ancestors. I stand in awe at the majesty of our capital. I stroke my neighbour's dog beside the fire at my local pub.

Oh sod it. I have forgotten the bloody point.

Dick the Prick said...

Anon - 9.36 - nah lad, you did alright. Head bow to Anzacs. Love the territory where your mum is.

I think we are able to isolate threat: there's money to be made in smack, weapons & religion. Palestine is shit - every cunt hates them.

Ooops I've forgot me point too.

Xenon said...

Anon 21:36

When you piss off back, couldn't take me with you could'ya.

I can see fuck all here.

wv=equit. Indeed he does.

K. McEgan. said...

Dear Mr Prick,I don't hate the palestinians,nor the jews.(Hate plod mind!)cant fucking stand the cowardly corrupt racist shites!!

Katabasis said...

Great post LI,

sorry to hijack the comments, however, I believe most of you will agree this is incredibly essential reading.

Guthrum said...

I caught this bollocks on the news, alongside the Jade Goody bollocks-

Never mind the policy, feel the populism

Its just desperation

spark up said...

how about abolishing the precious welfare state (which has always been subsidized from the proceeds of slavery, colonialism and whatever we call the current crop of control-crappery) and then not worry ourselves with the burden of border-obsession. sorry about the brevity - i'm bogged down on another thread and may not surface for a few days, if ever.

ps: didn't the previous generations of our commonwealth cousins do enough to qualify their children for ni numbers? jussa fort.

ms kitsch (a romantic) said...

congratulations jade darling. i'm probably not the first person to ask this...but any chance of releasing a dvd of the wedding-bonk?

Anonymous said...

Great idea Jacky luv! However, as an ex-Labour voter, I'll still put down my 'X' for the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Oops! forgot the vital sentence, meant to be after 'luv'- 'Unfortunately its a load of bollocks because, as part of the EU there's f*** all you can do, so go spin your lies somewhere else - preferably in a country miles away from here - on a one way ticket'.

Old Holborn said...

Thanks Leg Iron

You got it.

I don't care who comes here as long as I'm not paying for it in any way shape or form.

I quite fancy living in Monaco myself.

Anonymous said...

"If there were no freebies on arrival, then only those who want to work will come here."

Or those who want to rob those who work. Or those who want to take over the country and turn it into an Islamic state. Or... etc, etc.

The idea that you can open the borders to all and only the nice people will come in is naive in the extreme; I thought only commies believed that 'we're all the same under the skin' nonsense.

If you wouldn't leave the door of your house open for anyone to walk in, why would you do the same with the door of your country?

Anonymous said...

The system (our system) is against us. My partner has terminal cancer, she has worked all her life and paid taxes all her life. She is now being made to jump through hoops in order to claim unemployment benefit. Virtually every day she gets demands for doctors certificates (sent and sent again) appointments for job interviews (breast cancer plus secondary cancerous tumour on her spine means difficulty in walking, sitting etc) yet every day we are seeing people from around the world moving in our street, unable to speak English, dozens of kids and holding there hands out. The Country is being raped.

Anonymous said...

They simply have no intention of controlling immigration. Announcements by Smith and Woolas are designed to appear in red tops and stop the heamorrhage of votes to other parties, especially the BNP.
As you point out anyone can come here via any eu country. That will not change at all.

Lying is just second nature to them. It's an autonomic response to hide something or to achieve an objective.

Dave H said...

1) NuLabour are going to get a grip on immigration.

3) NuLabour are going to ban 100% mortages.

4) NuLabour are going to get in a time machine, return to 1997 and campaign not to be elected.

5) because NuLabour are the party that would knowingly preside over 12 disastrous years of uncontrolled immigration and 100% mortgages.

5) The Cunts.

BTW I'm not with you about not caring who comes here provided they pull their weight. Over the past 12 years, 1.8 million have moved here, thats almost two fucking new Birminghams never mind all those missed by the census. Where the fuck are they going to live? England already has a higher population density than Japan. I don't want the place to resemble a scene from Blade Runner.

And even if they earn every single penny they have, if they want to introduce Absent Dad culture or Sharia law they can fuck off too.

sconzey said...

Indeed, Spark Up, I too would argue that the immigration-related problems outlined by Leg-iron are actually problems with the welfare system.

spark up said...


actually, sconzey, i would not argue this. immigration is not a problem, our economy invites it. immigration falls when there are no jobs available in the uk. the majority of immigrants with whom i have spoken had no prior awareness of the crazy tax/benefits system we operate - in fact, on arrival here, they were flabbergasted by its absurdity. they may have heard that the city of london was paved with gold, but never really expected it to be true...they had also heard that we were gentlemen and believed in fair play.

no, abolish the welfare state, lower taxes, foster a business friendly environment, and watch immigration soar you arse.

of course, the welfare state is open to abuse - mainly by british citizens who piss the money up the wall as opposed to using it to set themselves up as a viable enterprise - that is why it needs scrapping.

microdave said...

"the majority of immigrants with whom i have spoken had no prior awareness of the crazy tax/benefits system we operate"

"they may have heard that the city of london was paved with gold, but never really expected it to be true"

What utter crap! Why do thousands of people work their way through numerous other EU countries to finish their journey in England? Answer: precisely because they DO KNOW about the crazy system we operate. No, sorry, I mean the crazy system the corrupt excuse for a government we have operate.

swamp thing said...


sorry to disappoint, but i think you'll find that most immigrants to this country get on a plane and arrive at heathrow airport. how's the weather over there?

Leg-iron said...

Okay, here's my current view (and it changes in response to new info because I'm not an immigration minister and never will be).

We can't have totally open borders. Consider the scenario of a truck loaded with a very big bomb that travels unimpeded all over Europe and ends up here. Nobody has checked it because all the borders are open.

Its driver sets the timer, hops on the Eurostar and is gone.

When it blows, we have no idea of where it came from or where the driver went. No means of checking when or where it or he crossed our or any other border.

So no, we can't have unmanned borders altogether. We can't just let all and sundry in.

But then, we can't discriminate on the basis of country of origin. The scroungers come from everywhere, but so do the engineers and the doctors.

If we say 'qualification', then qualifications can be faked. Are we to check with every university in the world? What if it's a stolen ID too?

The welfare state needs to be seriously curtailed. There are some who can't work through illness or disability but there are far too many milking the system (indigenous and immigrant both) and too many whose livelihoods depend on having all those system-milkers to look after.

Spark up, you say that most of the immigrants you have spoken with regard our system as absurd and wouldn't milk it. Most, it's true, don't, but too many do. I don't blame them. If France was giving away free homes and cash and promising an easy life, and I was unemployed, well...

So wide open borders aren't good. Too strict controls aren't good because that would keep out a lot of plumbers and electricians which we are short of. Selective controls, such as the Ripper proposes, are insane.

If we abolish the welfare state all at once, some who cannot work will suffer unfairly. If we don't abolish it, it's a magnet for every sponger on the planet.

We could reduce it over time, and instead of handing out cash, hand out food and clothing vouchers as part of the deal. They can't be used to buy booze or fags - you want money for luxuries, get a job. The other part is not reducing benefits pound-for-pound with earnings because that sets up a 'Why try?' mentality. Anyway, it's too complex to spout it all out in a comment box and it needs more thought.

Whatever we do, criminals will find a way to get in. As OH says, we would need a no-second-chance approach to crime: one strike and you're out. Then we would need border controls or they just walk back in.

For our own criminals, we need to slap some sense into the judges and point out that missing a council tax payment is actually a far less serious crime than murder. Serious crimes should attract serious sentences on conviction and that should be in law. Not at the discretion of the judge. Currently you can get away with far less jail time for strangling a baby than you'd get for photographing a policeman.

There is a hell of a lot to sort out and it's all interrelated. Immigrants come here for freebies, yes, but they didn't invent the freebies. We did. Human rights lawyers aid and abet criminals with impunity, and if they're immigrant criminals they can fight deportation for years.

Immigration, the legal system, the welfare state, the NHS and more... You can't fix one of them and hope it'll make a difference. Take away the benefits and the human rights lawyers will be on the case. Immigration issues can't be addressed without dealing with the benefits system. They all need to be fixed at once. Worse, every 'fix' has to consider its impact on the rest of the system. It's not an overnight thing.

You know, I'm starting to think that running out of money might be the best way to do it. Take it all down and start again.

knob-cheese-grater said...


"We can't have totally open borders. Consider the scenario of a truck loaded with a very big bomb that travels unimpeded all over Europe and ends up here. Nobody has checked it because all the borders are open."

private companies are allowed to enforce their own security, aren't they? and can't say much for the effectiveness of the uk border-scrutineers' present defence-strategy against dodgy-looking dudes - i mean how the fuck did you get in?

arnie, the most reasonable arms-dealer in the west said...


and if we stopped bombing muslim families in muslim countries, why ever would muslims want to carry bombs half-way back round the world to deliver to our doorstep? same goes for any other buggers we're antagonizing.

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