Saturday, 21 February 2009

Politics Are Ruining The Economy

Ignore the grating accents, listen to the message, a bunch of lawyers and politicians are trying to buck the market, until we bottom out we will not even start to recover.

Politicians are trying to save their own necks not the economy.

Obama is making inflammatory speeches to children, rather than business in the States, the honeymoon is over, the 'chosen one' has feet of clay.


Dick the Prick said...

Some dudes are talking the FTSE to get to 3,000 - we may not be all racist now but we're sure as fuck gonna soon be back with Mohammed in the fucking dark ages. Cocksuckers.

Gendeau said...

Agreed OH, the accent grates, but could be worse...could be preston.

At least Schiff only irritates with his voice, he hasn't damaged his country with insider leaks.

PLEASE can we have a nuremburg style trial after this government?
Instead of the usual cosy promote the cunts in charge to the HOL?

I WANT THESE FUCKERS TO PAY. NO FUCKING PENSION, NO SAVINGS, NO 'HONOURS'...they have fucked up my country, they belong in a small flat in the middle of a chav estate, surrounded by the evil poor and gun & knife toting cunts.

Anonymous said...

At least in the US there's a discussion. Time will tell who's right (I think I know already!).

All I hear in the UK is fucking Will Hutton, prize prick, singing the praises of every bailout possible. Particularly for his wife who is, unfortunately, leveraged up to the hilt. But then Will 'never saw this coming'.

The media here are simply so compliant. Don't those wankers at the BBC realise that no one will be able to afford the fucking licence fee and they'll all lose their jobs? Are they that fucking thick?

Katabasis said...

Some of my friends are amazed that I saw this coming - because they didn't see anything about this on the idiot box.

I tell them Helen Keller could have seen this coming.

Gareth said...

It's like having Alan Carr presenting Newsnight! But it is also straightforward and upfront about the shitstorm the US Government has created.

We had a steady decade here in the UK despite socialists trying to fuck things up running a command economy. Now the banks have run out of the credit that was masking the repression and their solution is a greater command economy. The delusions in Downing Street still persist - that the good times were Gordon's doing, that this is all some foreign threat, that if we just pull together (with Gordon at the helm of course) we can weather this storm. The Downfall satires are wholly appropriate.

"Obama is making inflammatory speeches to children ..." The leftists like to pick an audience that won't ask difficult questions. Over there, children. Over here, the media.

Damo Mackerel said...

Peter Schiff predicted this a couple of years back.

Watch these stupid clowns mock him.

Anonymous said...

The "free" market is a bunch of rich guys deciding what is in their best interests (greed to you and me), we get thrown the crumbs, time to regulate, put down lines in the sand and keep a close eye on the shady sides of this casino.

Prison for those that break the rules.

Gareth said...

Huge protest over Irish economy

"Up to 100,000 people have gathered in Dublin city centre to protest at the Irish government's handling of the country's recession.

Many are angry at plans to impose a pension levy on public sector workers.

Trade union organisers of the march said workers did not cause the economic crisis but were having to pay for it."

Public sector pay and welfare payments have been partly a cause and partly a symptom if the irrational boom.

In the UK the numbers reliant on the state for their income has increased by somewhere between 1 and 1.5 million. The tax taken from the rest of us goes to higher and higher public sector wages and more and more of them. These people then in turn borrow money for things. As their wages have gone up and up they can borrow bigger and bigger figures.

But as spending on stuff increases, revenues from VAT, NI and PAYE from a booming retail and construction industry feed into the mix.

The public sector did help cause this.

Prodicus said...

Why don;t we have angry, well-informed men like this (well, in addition to Hendry) on British TV? Oh - wait. I remember why.

Delphius1 said...

Peter Schiff speaks a lot of sense.

The next kicker in the UK groin is inflation. Last year petrol pushed prices (and therefore inflation) up, but it was balanced by cheaper imports from abroad. Sorry to say, the era of the cheap plasma is about to end. The pound has slumped, which means that not only oil, but ALL other imports (including food) will cost more to buy from international markets. So ironically just as the government begins to debate the only option open to them, printing more money (euphamistically called "quantative easing") its now just about the worst time to be doing it.

The idiots in charge of finance still insist on propping up the status quo, when it will do nothing. I just wonder if we default, what conditions our lenders will impose on us in exchange for renegotiating terms?

Anonymous said...

The UK is about to experience a shitstorm of housing foreclosures the likes of which you have never seen.

Stan the BNP man said...

And where are those who have their houses repoed going to find accomadation, especially if they are white and middle class. No council houses for those families, however if you just happen to be....... then nothing but the best for you and your well many wives, and children and ........
A job and benifit after all British jobbies and british health, and british school and british taxpayers money, and british laws and whatever else is required. How can we do ought else, it would be raceist to do otherwise.

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