Saturday, 7 February 2009

Police community support officers accounted for more than half of all police staff gross misconduct cases during the last financial year

PCSOs were most often sacked or reprimanded for criminal offences, including drinking and driving and other motoring crimes.

Other PCSOs were disciplined after they were caught misusing police computers, behaving inappropriately and in one case, making a false allegation.

Twenty of the 35 PCSOs found guilty of gross misconduct were sacked, with the remaining 15 handed formal reprimands. A further 20 cases of less serious misconduct by PCSOs were recorded.

Martin Tiplady, director of human resources, said boredom and reduced motivation were partly responsible for indiscipline.

He said some PCSOs did not recognise the authority of their managers and did not understand the strict policing hierarchy within the force.


So basically the harrassment that members of the public receive at the hands of Jacqui Smith's plastic plods are due to the fact they are bored. My son is continually being stopped by them as he is seventeen, he has the good sense to tell them to go away, one of his friends however not being so robust was 'arrested' by a plastic plod for failing to have a good reason for having £1600 in cash on him (he was actually paying in his father's takings for the day at the local bank and had the paying in book with him), outraged father is now taking legal action, especially after the real policeman at the Station was more concerned about why his business was taking 'so much cash'.

It is a good job the plastic police are not armed otherwise they will be acting like the Black and Tans to liven up their days.

OH regaled us on November 5th when he went for a stroll in Westminster at their overbearing and incompetant manner in dealing with the stop and search paperwork.

Why am I so exercised about these jokers.

1. The Einsatzgruppen that operated behind German lines in WWII was purposefully recruited from low grade German provincial police and minor civil servants. They were dim witted enough and had a love of the little power they exercised to be easily moulded into a murderous force that exercised the power of life and death.

2. There is signal evidence from this Government that in the event of a civil emergency the attached
UK Resiliance framework CONOPS will devolve Civil authority to, under section 21, a private company ACPO This private company has the right to coordinate the Police Forces and Local Authorities to bring people to 'Justice'

It is bad enough that the Chief Constables in this Country are unelected, it is bad enough that they can shoot down innocent Brazilian electricians and not be censured by the Courts, but for a private company limited by guarantee to be handed control of the State is the short cut to what can only be described as a Police State. McCreedy will indeed take control.

Since this was made the Government of course, acting on behalf of the private company ACPO (Private companies do not have to publish accounts by the way) are making it illegal from this month to photograph the Police.

Perhaps it is this sort of thing, showing what we can expect in times of emergency that they do not want shown.

You have a duty to resist


Just been pointed to this, he could have been killed


Katabasis said...

Chimes perfectly with my experience - which included joining OH's walk last November.

I'm frankly terrified about the consequences of more of these jobsworths (in the form of council officials handed special powers) being produced.

I also feel fundamentally trapped. I wander around town and, one the one hand see police - who I then avoid, especially PCSOs, and on the other I see the plastic gangsters walking around, who I also avoid, yet have the constant feeling I'm going to end up being imprisoned for battering one of them when they threaten me for not showing enough respec' innit.

The ONLY thing from our lords and masters that has given me strength in the last year has been the "strengthening" - well, just restating - of self-defence law.

Old Holborn said...

a PCSO has less "authority" than a traffic warden and certainly cannot arrest anyone or demand ID, your name and adress etc.

Do as I do. Laugh at them. They absolutely hate it.

Dick the Prick said...

Let's not forget that Hitler was just a coporal. There's a little bit more to this tho in that all coppers unions absolutely detest PCSO's and CSO's.

I used to work with the police quite a bit and the way they treat their civvies or any cunt without a warrant card is disgusting. Then when any one with higher rank walk in they pucker up and start sucking cock.

It's really very odd. Have you ever met any 'special cuntstubbles'? Now those fuckers are really scary. I worked with a proper jobsworth fat cunt from trading standards who was a special for over 10 years. He'd applied every single opportunity to join the feds and failed. I don't think I've met a more irritating twat in my natural.

"You know what's wrong with that Richard?"
"No cunt, I don't, and frankly there's no hope of me ever giving a shit!"

I got quite rude in the end, not proud.

Dick the Prick said...

Just remembered - the last time I spoke to the cunt he asked me if I thought my boss was a sex pest. Fortunately, i'd been to the boozer at lunch so asked him if it was a diversionary tactic and walked off.

These cunts think they are the law, all off them do.

If the shit does hit the fan this summer, which is a decent bet, these cunts will never question the rules of engagement Jacqui Spliff issues and the fake coppers will go along with it.

I've always thought there was an intelligence exam to be a copper - not too bright is excellent. Some of them wouldn't get a job running a whelk stall but being a fat, odious, opinionated cunt is ideal.

Anonymous said...


They have no absolute right to demand your details but it is an offence to refuse to give name and address to a PCSO if they believe you have committed an offence.

My son was stopped and 'warned' for extinguishing a cigarette on the pavement. The PCSOs lied about what had been said and a prosecution followed.

Don't laugh at them. They are officious pernicious cunts, every one of them and should be dealt with using the thick end of a baseball bat.

someday said...

PCSOs are about as much use as tits on a bull.

Old Holborn said...

On my walk, the Beast of Clerkenwell threatened to arrest one using a citizens arrest.

I was expecting the Beast to rip off his head and shit down his throat but some Ladies were present.

Chalcedon said...

We all need to buy guns. Rifles and shotguns. The only recourse to be able to resist these bastards is to have some firepower.

Guthrum said...

I think the bit you are all gliding over with the justifiable hatred of these idiots, is that an unaccountable private company, with 280 members, is running the Police in this country

In my humble opinion ACPO is a private para military force that has very little to do with the Peelian principles of Policing

Katabasis said...

Sorry Guthrum you're right.

The whole PCSO / plastic gangster thing just seems more immediate (and regularly occurring) to me, so I had to get it off my chest.

I didn't want to expend extra energy thinking through the ACPO issue because I'm seriously wondering how much further I can go before I completely snap.

I've cancelled my pension now because I don't see any future for me in the next years other than death or prison.

I'd rather take either of those options than go willingly to the virtual gallows of subservience in the coming years.

It's not enough just to survive.

Tory treason new documents uncovered said...

Tory treason documents recently uncovered - will Guido publish?

Cato said...

I took this from ACPO's website:

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) is not a staff association (the separately constituted Chief Police Officers' Association fulfils that function). ACPO's work is on behalf of the Service, rather than its own members.

The Association has the status of a private company limited by guarantee. As such, it conforms to the requirements of company law and its affairs are governed by a Board of Directors.

It is funded by a combination of a Home Office grant, contributions from each of the 44 Police Authorities, membership subscriptions and by the proceeds of its annual exhibition.

ACPO's members are police officers who hold the rank of Chief Constable, Deputy Chief Constable or Assistant Chief Constable, or their equivalents, in the forty four forces of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, national police agencies and certain other forces in the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, and certain senior non-police staff. There are presently 280 members of ACPO

I'd still be interested to know why ACPO (as a private company) has sanctioned to installation of new traffic cameras. I don't recall anyone being asked if this was a good thing.

As for the PCSO in the first clip, he was lucky to have walked away. He'd certainly have received a most serious complaint from me! Arrogant twat!

Guthrum said...

'and certain senior non-police staff'

Makes you wonder who these boys and girls are ?

Oldrightie said...

ACPO is heavily involved with Government and The Cabinet.

The Economic Voice said...

ACPO is listed at Companies House as a Ltd Company ( ) and ( ). But issue guidance to police officers ( )

Seems very unhealthy!

Guthrum said...

Their only income is from the State, their only customer is the State, therefore it is a State Organisation ,but with something to hide obviously

Anonymous said...

My ex son in law was a PCSO even though he had a criminal record.
He was as thick as shit and had spent most of his life on social and doing as little work as possible.
Fuck knows why anybody would employ the cunt and fuck knows why my daughter married him.

Dick the Prick said...

Anon - 14.10 - bit over qualified by the sounds of it.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought. If they are a private limited company they can be sued.

What for I leave up to cleverer people than me, there's always something though.

bofl said...

if they are bored and lack motivation then sack them-trying to find anpther job should liven them up!

ps re the snowboarder......

in 1986 when it snowed heavily in essex my friends and i did this in a field behind a 4x4 truck!

bloody good fun!

my amigo boarded up the cliffs and along the road to his home.about a mile!!!!!

fuchsia groan said...

Can't we just kill them?

chance to kick the guardian of shit liberal fascists said...

Please vote no in this poll conducted in the Guardian today.

At the moment it is running by 2% in the BBC's favour.

Lets kick the PC brigade into touch!

bofl said...

fuchsia.i think it is closed the moment.....

Anonymous said...

ACPO is was created at the behest of the UN. There is an equivalent organisation in every developed country on the planet.

Guthrum said...

Anon 17.02 your evidence for this ?


Comprehensive school report for pcso;
He would do well if only he´d concentrate and he´s easily lead!
Them fuckers will be the first to hide(burn) the uniform of shame like the ss at a concentration camp and mix with the inmates!

K. McEgan. said...

Citizens arrest is VERY thin ice. I was going to post a delightful Nottingham vignette of a chap who used the snow in view of a spy camera to spell out get the message.

Anonymous said...

BBC slipping slightly behind in the Guardian gollywog poll

Don't see how the Guardian can claim any high moral ground considering the cunts' attitude to paying tax!

That PC/PCSO going 'shut up, shut up' needs an official complaint made about him. Maybe cops behave like that in whatever shithole he comes from but he's now working in the UK & his ideas need straightening out.

Blue Eyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Those evil terrorists who filmed the police van in the puddle should be locked up and beaten with electrical cable for 42 days.....

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Some while ago I saw a very interesting post, possibly at Guidos place.
It was by a German who was describing how his Granparents looked at the rise of the nazi state.
In retrospect it seemed clear to them that it originated in the over-zealous enfocement of petty regulations by various newly formed forces of coercion. In this way the State got the population used to being bossed around.

"1. The Einsatzgruppen that operated behind German lines in WWII was purposefully recruited from low grade German provincial police and minor civil servants. They were dim witted enough and had a love of the little power they exercised to be easily moulded into a murderous force that exercised the power of life and death."
That matched their experience too, the people employed were, as you say, low grade nobodies who revelled in their power.

I see clear parallels here with the introduction of PCSOs and the fact that minor traffic regulations are no longer a Police matter but are subject to Local council enforcement via their CCTVs and the little known army of Civil Enforcement Officers by means of fines and non-judicial removal of your property.
If not totalitarian we are certainly becoming the subjects of a Confiscation State " do as we say or we'll take your stuff".

NB. Baillifs can now break into your house and physically restrain you to enforce a Local Authority fine. And no, you won't get your day in court the'll just fine you again and steal more of your stuff until there's none left.

electro-kevin said...

17-year-olds stopped regularly.

Good. It's that age group (12-21) causing much of the trouble that people worry about.

A 16-year-old kid with £1600 cash on him gets stopped and questioned ? Good work - make that man a substantive copper ASAP ! The station copper asks how the money was made so quickly ? Probably to see how his crap rate of pay compares. But also a legitimate line of questioning in this case.

Let's also be careful to delineate between 'arrest' and an ordinary stop. I so often hear people saying " I was nicked for this ..." or "I was arrested for that ..." only for it to be established very quickly that it was nothing of the sort. I've even had a mate - pulled over for driving like a total arse and given a bollocking - saying "A copper tried to nick me for speeding but I told him I'd sue, so he backed off." A total lie, I was there when it happened, and this from a Local Authority official.

As kids we were being stopped by bobbies all of the time. Society was better for it. What is wrong nowadays is the absence of beat policing by REAL police officers for sure. But let's report facts in our complaints about them.

Guthrum said...

Electro Kevin, you kow this is coming- you are a fuckwit.

The seventeen year old in question had the paying in book on him and the £1600 in his inside pocket. The PCSO just stopped him for the hell of it, then his eyes lit up when he saw the money.

Are you seriously advocating that all forty year olds be routinely stopped because they are the ones most oftern caught drink driving.

Selective repression of those groups you don't like is a really good idea, never did me any harm as a kid.

Elby the Beserk said...

Nor, as a private company, are they subject to FoI requests.

"ACPO is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act - for more information click ... ACPO is not a police force and therefore does not investigate crime. ..."

TheBigYin said...

As we sit here thumping at our keyboards Jackboot Jacqui Smith is recruiting another little army of lunatic snoopers and reprebates under the name of the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme:

Be afraid, be very afraid.

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