Saturday, 7 February 2009

The perils of not considering consequences.

The morning rush hour in Hungerford
(picture dragged screaming from here)

An enterprising lunatic in Hungerford decided it would be fun to be towed behind a vehicle while standing on a snowboard. It's not my idea of fun but he wasn't asking me to do it. He did it himself. Well, it's his skeleton and he can rearrange it any way he wants.

This stunt was filmed and put on YouTube (the entertainment police have since removed it) and apparently showed both the car and the snowboarder bumping into parked vehicles as they progressed.

Now, that's got to be covered by criminal damage, vandalism, leaving the scene of an accident, and more. Plenty of scope to censure the crazed boarder there. The damage to other vehicles is barely mentioned. What has the Righteous in a tizzy is this:

Sergeant Andy Bone said: "It cannot be stressed enough that this was an irresponsible stunt.

State the obvious, please. We might have missed it ourselves.

"The high street is the main road through Hungerford, conditions were poor and the risk to the public and other road users was clearly not considered by those involved.

Nope. That's how our wonderful eccentrics act. The risks to public perception of the police when they arrest trainspotters as terrorists is another example of not considering consequences. Going to practise what you preach?

"If there had been an accident as a result of this, it would have entailed unnecessary strain on the resources of the emergency services.

But there wasn't. Nobody was hurt. Would they have been okay if they had filled out a risk assessment form first? Doing new things, especially bizarre things, involves risk. Smoking involves risk. Crossing the street involves risk. We calculate the risks and decide whether what we plan to do is worth that risk. It's a normal human being thing. You wouldn't understand, Sergeant Bone.

Oh, and there's this thing the emergency services were set up for. What was it again? Oh yes. Emergencies. Including accidents.

"We have a duty to protect the public, and behaviour which endangers pedestrians and other motorists will not be tolerated.

That last line is the most chilling of all. Anything they decide might be a danger to anyone at all under any circumstance, ever, will not be tolerated.

Say those last words again. Will. Not. Be. Tolerated.

I've mentioned them recently in a post about Mary Moneypot MEP. She used those same words to refer to TV sitcoms she doesn't like. They do seem to come up rather often, don't they?

Sergeant Bone thinks that his duty to protect the public involves stopping the public doing things that involve any risk at all. He has made no mention of damage to vehicles, for which he could, perfectly correctly, arrest the diver and snowboarder. His focus is on preventing the public behaving in any odd way at all. His duty is to keep us in line.

But hey, I'm always posting tales of misery and despair. So let's take the last part of the article and all have a really good laugh.

"There were people watching and taking photos. If anyone has photos or a video of the incident I would like them to contact me, and they will be treated as witnesses."

Only until the 16th, Sarge. After that they will be treated as suspects and you know it. Make the most of those public-spirited photographers. In nine days, you'll have banned and criminalised them.

Ah, irresponsible actions with no thought for the consequences. On the one hand, one snowboarder. On the other, the entire machinery of the police force and the total fabric of government.

I say we keep the snowboarder and throw the rest away.


Me an' my shadow said...

Ah! The good sgt Bonehead strikes again. Where DO they find these prix?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

The Police seemed to have lost idea of people having a bit of fun.
On a related subject I took a piss on the side of a country lane today without making the usual efforts to avoid exposing myself to any passsing vehicles or kiddies walking to school.
This was because it was in the middle of a howling snowstorm but that did not quell my momentary paranoia in case a Police Community Support Officer was lurking in the shrubbery who might have been 'offended' or 'outraged' and accuse me of innapropriatness ( the new "racism" ).

Anna Raccoon said...

"We have a duty to protect the public, and behaviour which endangers pedestrians and other motorists will not be tolerated.


Behaviour which endangers innocent Brazilians on tube trains on the other hand...........

Shirking From Home said...

Great post.

Mitch said...

Perhaps a list of phrases and their meanings is needed.

The right thing to do....Anything I do

Will not be tolerated....I don't like it and a law will soon be passed.

Anonymous said...

My father once mused 'they have taken our history away from us' when he was about 70. But he was born in 1901, so things had changed. Yesterday, when I saw the report on this lad's exploit in the Mail, loaded with PC crap, I knew my old Dad was right, but I was born in 1940. So I commented the article: 'Superb. Give that youngster a medal. Empty road. Thick snow, load of fun.' I was so sad, they didn't post it.

BTW Hungerford is a bit quiet. Nothing happens there.

Sue said...

They seem to forget that Britons are known for their inventiveness and eccentricity. It's what made us Great. They're trying to turn us into a bunch of mindless, serving drones!

JD said...

Their concern for public safety does not, however, extend to Brazilian electricians.JD.

Dick the Prick said...

What a crock of shit. Not like sergeant boner had anything better to do.

mikey said...

Sergeant Andy Bone obviously is a fucking cunt. Exactly the type of fucking cunt I think we all agree have it coming large style. I can't wait.

Whatever said...

I was on the High Street and saw it all happen. No cars were bumped into at all and they never went over 10 mph. It's all been blown out of proportion. No one in Hungerford even complained! Everyone was just having a laugh. I can't believe how ridiculous this all is. No one was hurt or offended and no one's property was damaged.

Gareth said...

For such a tolerant nation, the ruling class and their minions are remarkably intolerant.

Will there be a day when we stop tolerating them?

K. McEgan. said...

"When injustice becomes law,resistance becomes duty"(Mandela).

Leg-iron said...

Whatever 17:09 - that might be why they took down the YouTube video so smartly. They couldn't accuse these guys of criminal damage if there's evidence proving they didn't.

I wondered why they hadn't been charged with that, but I only had the news report to go on. Interesting to hear that it was just more lies.

Nobody needs to complain now. Our Righteous are proactive - they stop us doing things someone might possibly complain about. Most of all they want to stop us doing anything different from anyone else. That risks breaking the group-loyalty programming.

In the last week we've seen an apology for calling the Brown Gorgon names while certain Scots and a 'charity' profess outrage even though they weren't being called anything (but are now). A shop apologises for selling a popular stuffed toy in the face of no complaints at all. A snowboarder having some harmless fun blasted as a denager to the public, and the annoncement that photographing the police is illegal.

There's a snowstorm of silly little stories at the moment. What's going on in the background to need this much distration, I wonder?

Timothy said...

"will not be tolerated"

Its their biggest threat.

They are all about "tolerance".

If they "will not be tolerated" its an excommunication from society....

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