Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Perfect Pravda

Tonight, the BBC have decided to lecture us white devils about the evils of racism in the UK, using Eastenders as the publicly funded vehicle to do so.

With perfect irony, tonights show will only allow black actors to perform. Yes. Really. I'm not joking.

When it is decided that the UK is a less racist place to live, Chelsea questions this, saying it still exists but in a less obvious guise.


UPDATE: QUOTE OF THE DAY FROM killemallletgodsortemout

"For fuck's sake, if they want more blacks on the BBC, just show Crimewatch four times a week"


The Penguin said...

Are they bringing back the Black and Black Minstrels Show?

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

It must be April 1st today. This and in the Guardian, Blind Pew is ranting on about protecting liberty. Fucking Cunts to a man.


Guthrum said...

FFS not even a token whitey in the programme ? This is more of the righteous panic over the rise of the BNP-

A few years back I saw a childrens 'education' programme, laughingly called Modern History.

In this programme it had a West Indian Father and son watching TV with a working class white Father and son toasting the Queen at her Coronation whilst watching the TV together in 1953.

Not many Working Class families had a TV in 1953, and those that did had half of the street in watching the Coronation. Four years after Windrush, the idea that a white family would be having a comradely drink or two with a black immigrant was pure BBC indoctrination and wishful thinking instead of History.

The BBC are still at it, anybody who challenges this travesty of History will be deemed racist.

I can guess what the One Show will be about tonight then

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Don't be too shocked OH. "The Archers" was conceived as an advice vehicle to farmers - "Time to get the sprouts in, Dan". The BBC has long been a target for deep-cover government agents from without and within because it is so effective.

They would also argue that drama needs to deal with the ishhoos.

Of course, they are not averse to dirty tricks either. Papers released recently show that the BBC actively sought to sabotage the Pirate Radio stations when they realised it was a threat to their cosy monopoly.

Time, I think, for the BBC to be sold off to commercial interests. Then we shall see what happens to all the credulous boy producers and the gay mafia.

Gollywog Central Command said...

Any Gollywogs on it .

Love Thy Neighbour said...

No wogs. Oops, I mean no golly wogs.
Maybe nig-nogs though!

Telly Tax Rebel said...

I haven't watched eastbenders since they killed off Den for the second time.


and they wonder why I won't pay the tax


Chalcedon said...

I never watch Eastenders. It is trite, claptrap and utterly unintersting, just like all the other soap operas. I shall certainly make a point of not watching an all black cast either.

The Al Jolson biopic has the actor performing as Jolson without blackface makeup. Yet old Al was way before his time, in gighting segregation and the colourbar in the US. It would seem few know of this.

A quick burst of " Mammy" works wonders.

Chalcedon said...

That would be FIGHTING as he wasn't a ventriloquist.

Chris said...

Appalling racism by the BBC but what would you expect?

I watched it from when it started (mainly because I had a teen crush on Sharon Watts) but gave up on it circa 1995 when Ian Beale survived a car crash.

Absolutely gutted at the time but think of all the hours I have saved since 95.

Anonymous said...

Guthrum said...
FFS not even a token whitey in the programme ? This is more of the righteous panic over the rise of the BNP-

I find that hard to believe. Surely they must realise that this sort of clumsy social engineering drums up recruits for the BNP? Please reassure me that they aren't so hoplessly out of touch.

Anonymous said...

If they want to illustrate racism why dont they do a hidden camera documentary of a young muslim girl introducing her new west indian boyfriend to the family.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off BBC cunts.

Comment Deleted said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator. The following joke was found to offend the viewers of the One show.

'Whats black and runs down windows?'


Apologies to all offended parties.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

The programme was representative of the current East End population.
However, whilst there was an all black and effnick cast, no one was mugged, stabbed, shot or raped, Operation Trident was not called in and no drugs were seen to be sold during the programme. So - hardly realistic.

For fuck's sake, if they want more blacks on the BBC, just show Crimewatch four times a week.

Do you think this could herald the return of the Black & Black Minstrel Show?


Anonymous said...

just show Crimewatch four times a week.

QOTD I think.

However: So - hardly realistic.
I dunno, no-one's at work, right?

Anonymous said...

I was employed at Borehamwood, during the recording of the first eight episodes of this show, then there was only the token'golly' (who incidently, was suspected by many of pissing on the gents floor). So the increased ethnic ratio accurately reflects the immigration policy of our enlightened government.

Perhaps, to avert criticisms of bias, the BBC should commission an all white episode, where, for example the storyline could evolve around honest cockneys bemoaning how, at their old schools you would no longer, spot a white face.

Old Holborn said...

QOTD agreed

Thanks Killemall, I need a new keyboard.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Anon "who incidently, was suspected by many of pissing on the gents floor" ROTFFL !

Any guesses for the viewing figures for the next episode ?
Or will they try to boost numbers and outdo " HEAT ! " magazine by showing Dot Cotton dying miserably of cancer.

I have not watched Eastenders for at least fifteen years.

IUnknown said...

"For fuck's sake, if they want more blacks on the BBC, just show Crimewatch four times a week."

I concur, definitely QOTD!

Right up the BBC's diversity, taxpayer funded, waste of non-wealth creating, divisive, socially subliminally manipulative bullshit.

And breath....

wv: logers

The Jolly Golly said...

Careful now, or Dolly will take you off his blogroll.

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