Sunday, 8 February 2009

The PC Lunatics In Charge Of The Asylum

Following hot on the heels of the nonsensical suspension of a nurse in Somerset for offering to pray for an elderly patient comes the news of an experienced foster mother being struck off the local authority's register and effectively made unemployed because a 16 year old girl in her care converted to Christianity.

Hopefully the glare of publicity and the ongoing legal fight will give the imbeciles at the local authority reason to reconsider their stupidity, as appears to have happened in Somerset. But I have my doubts. The Righteous will dig their heels in, because they have already surrendered to the Religion of Peace and Paedophilia, and are too craven to be even handed.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

You want to be careful making statements about the Righteous, they'll have the Confidential Intelligence Unit on you - if they haven't already...

Funnily enough CIU seems to be the creation of that private company called ACPO.

They must be getting worried. Good.

Anonymous said...

She could get on hers knees in front of me anytime.

JD said...

I'm sure there are lampposts in Somerset. Just add piano wire and councillor, and this won't happen again. Jeesus!

Slow Loris said...

Obviously rape by your brother or uncle is so much preferable to leaving the religion of pieces for one that might treat you as a human being and not just a sex slave or chattel up for auction.

No doubt the women in the council department consider themselves feminists! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea. I just thought of it over a cup of tea and 6 Rich Tea bikkies: the problem is too much sociology and social science in colleges and Universities, and vastly too much money spent on it.

Close the lot. Save billions. You probably have no idea of the hundreds of conferences each year in places like Hawaii, Surfers Paradise, Cape Town, that everyone tries to get to. Shut the lot.

Then re-open a few, with a requirement of Physics Maths Statistics Chemistry at degree level for staff and an entrance requirement of A level in two of the above.

Then we may start hearing some sense in politics and newspapers.

Anonymous said...

I forgot Biology - at a scientific level, it's quite interesting.

And something else - with due respect to the many very pleasant people living in Weston. It isn't a twee holiday resort any more, with nice factories round the back making helicopters and things. That's all gone. It is a bit rough now. Although the hospital is excellent by UK standards.

Golliwogg said...

Time to trash the PC brigade, busted for Golliwogging is a step too far. Join TheGolliwoggClub -

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thanks for alerting me to this.

You may wish to read what I think about it

Katabasis said...

You folks are going to love this:

Barack Obama has been warned by the CIA that British Islamist extremists are the greatest threat to US homeland security.

Katabasis said...

Interesting. The Telegraph has been doing a big push on these spy-vs-spy issues these last two days - in addition to the above articles:

"The Government suppressed evidence on the torture of terror suspect Binyam Mohamed because the documents reveal that MI6 helped his interrogators."

"Britain under attack from 20 foreign spy agencies including France and Germany"

OK, so what's the agenda this time?

I notice the internet gets a mention again as one of the reasons the intelligence "services" claim to be struggling.

Time for everyone to get up to speed on PHORM

Especially important given that, as Guido noted recently, "Distributed defiance of lawyers is something the Dead-Tree-Press can't do. Bloggers are the free press."

Katabasis said...

Oh, and apparently Basra is now safer than Manchester.


Anguished Soul said...

Cranmer has an interesting post on this too and another on Lord Mandywhatsit.

bofl said...

England has been under attack from Scotland for 11 years!!!!

Aided no doubt by Russia nd china....

look at the govt. backgrounds....

nearly all commies.....

it happened before(philby,mclean etc) so why not now?

haddock said...

The girl who converted from Islam to Christianity is a very brave girl, her family or 'community' will probably now seek to kill her, it's all part of the Religion of Peace and Perpetual Outrage.
Had the social services shut their mouths she would have been safe; now any muslim girl that is/has been fostered is under suspicion by their families.... it could get very nasty indeed for them..... and all for some stupid fucking social worker to tick a box.

Anonymous said...

Have just left this for Julia Middleton on the Common Purpose website:

"If Sharon Shoesmith is an example of the sort of leadership you are promoting then God help us all."

I encourage others to let her know what your feelings about this subversive and crooked organisation, especially as there's no commnet mod. at the moment.

Fill your boots.

Common Purpose Arseholes Website

Anonymous said...

Re above. Moderation is on.

Goodnight Vienna said...

I could be wrong but I reckon we've passed the point of no return. It's one thing to vote out 646 MPs in an effort to claw back some semblance of integrity and accountability to politics, but quite another to clean the local authorities, the quangos, fakecharidees, the schools, ACPO and so on. It needs the honest endeavours of an honest and co-operative Parliament - and that we ain't got, no matter how many times we vote to skim the scum from the surface. *Big Sigh*

Someone on another thread suggested non-payment of taxes - passive mass non-compliance could be the way forward. Eg, if you're charged extra for emptying bins, knock it off your council tax; if your street lighting doesn't work, knock it off your council tax; if you're burgled and the police don't visit for over a week, knock it off the precept. Just query everything; give them lots of paperwork and don't forget to forward your junk emails to your MP of choice in June.

OH, can you keep the info about the photographic meeting somewhere to the top of your page so everyone knows about it?

Funambulist said...

I see Julia Middleton, CEO of Common Purpose, is also a member of 'the Shadow National Advisory Board of the UK National Centre for Diversity.'

Wow. Is that anything like SPECTRE or SMERSH?

Melisa Marzett said...

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