Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Our New Foreign and Defence Policy

What do you say to this as a Foreign and Defence Policy Milliband getting 'leading'British muslims to say on Pakistani television, Please don't attack us.


This is what happens when you put twelve year olds in charge of Government Departments



Kaygee said...

They release a video showing them sawing off the head of a polish engineer.

We release a video showing us begging for mercy.

No wonder we're fucked.

Gareth said...

I thought human shields weren't allowed? I am concerned that the Righteous Millibean is running up a massive white flag.

From the article:
"If the Pakistani campaign is successful, it will be extended in Egypt, Yemen and Indonesia."

How will they know it's been successful? No bombs in the next few months = green light for ploughing more taxpayer money into craven, feeble shite like this?

Goodnight Vienna said...

We take more shit from this government than they should reasonably expect. Day, in day out there's always corruption and mendacity and now this. It's probably based on some child's essay competition: How I Would Make the World a Better Place. Or, it could be straight from the mouth of a Miss World contestant. Grown-up thinking it isn't.

K. McEgan. said...

Percevals surrender at Singapore? The greatest loss in British military history.As a subaltern in 1919 Perceval had been in County Cork with the Black and Tans.He personally burnt Collins home "They knew how to hurt me". God repays-but not with cash!

David Milliband said...

I am not twelve, I'm not.......yet

Notory said...

We should build our own Nukes and send them pictures of mushrooms.

Anonymous said...

What price will "community leaders" quietly extract for pleading on our behalf?

Everything labour have been involved in is an embarrasing shambles.

Anonymous said...

We should build our own Nukes... (Notory 19,35)

Sorry, no we won't. Aldermaston or whetever it is called now has been sold. To USA interests, I think.

Katabasis said...

Build our own nukes?

MI5/6 and Customs ably assisted the Pakistanis in building theirs.

Tomrat said...

Miliband was definately the kid who got beat up at school a lot; shame no one beat any real sense into him.

Fibber Number 9 said...

Hasn't Milliband noticed all the fuckers who have bombed us and tried to bomb us are BRITISH CITIZENS try showing the fucking ads on Yorkshire TV you might get somewhere

frau kommandant jacksieboten said...

fib numb 9 23:30

good Thinkings. I vill arrest all You Britischers (just to being safesides)

fully integrated retaliation said...

incoming ads:

afghans enlist british soldiers to help dissuade uneducated uk citizens from bombing the fuck out of muslim families

stockholm stinkbomb said...


Fuck me. Those community leaders might become sitting ducks if there really were a serious bombing campaign against the UK. There isn't one, of course, because the jihadists know that the correct defence strategy is to drive western troops off their homesoil - such action is both moral and effective. The 'helpful' muslim community leaders who have taken part in this decoy action have now (in the eyes of fanatics) set themselves up as collaborators and have formed a possible target which previously did not exist. Does Millibrand actually want to increase the currently minimal threat against mainland Britain?

Dave H said...

"British Pakistanis" says it all.

Chris said...

David Miliband <==> Bluebottle

You never see them in the same place at the same time, do you?

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