Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Old holborn travels to Switzerland

I took a Swissair flight to Zurich yesterday from London City. It appears my demeanour is rubbing off on those around me.

A PILOT furious at being searched before flying dropped his pants and exposed himself to security staff, then raged: “Do you want to search this?”

His flight had to be cancelled as police were called and the pilot was quizzed — but not arrested. Thirty-seven passengers on the Swiss International Airlines flight from London City Airport were delayed for two hours yesterday as the row erupted.
A source said: “The pilot was asked to take off his shoes and belt like everyone — but completely lost the plot.
“He pulled down his trousers and pants to completely expose himself, then turned to the security guard and asked angrily, ‘Do you want to search this?’”
The incident happened at the East London terminal’s downstairs security gate, which is not used by the public.
The source said: “All pilots have to go through these procedures so no one can understand why he reacted the way he did. Perhaps he was having a bad day.”
An airport spokeswoman said staff followed Government guidelines on searching pilots. The passengers caught the next flight. -
The Sun

UPDATE: Polly says Alfie's baby is due to low taxes and a weak State.

There will be plenty more Alfie, Shannon and Baby P stories - testaments not to a worsening "broken Britain" but to a low tax, weak social policy century that Labour has only started to improve.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

It is fucking ludicrous to search the pilot, isn't it?

Old Holborn said...

Not at all.

He is not an MP and is not wearing a gummint uniform. Therefore he is automatically a suspect. We ALL are. No exceptions (other than above of course)

polaris said...

He could have been thinking of flying his plane into something, a cavity search would find that... Wouldn't it??

IUnknown said...

Many, many years ago I used to joke with my friends at how funny it would be to go through airport security with my sandwiches wrapped up in tin foil sellotaped to my chest like a "ham and pickle" mule...

... wouldn't even contemplate that now.

The security is simply a farce and just adds another layer of unacceptable tension for travelling.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Polly talks pish.

Gareth said...

"low tax"?

Only if you can afford a Tuscan villa and work for a tax 'planning' state subsidised media behemoth.

Alfie is a symptom of the bribery of the 'poor' and the nanny state's infantilisation of everything.

Harrithebastard said...

Oh for Farks sake .
I put it on the wrong one .. Bollocks
Harrithebastard said...
A mate of mine was at that hell hole of an excuse for an airport Stansted , he has Addisons disease: and therefore requires a Stymer bag attached via a tube to his bowels.. before he reached the scanner he explained and produced a letter from the hospital that gave a full medical explanation that this person requires a bag around his stomach and could prove embarrassing if ' searched ' the so called boy of a security guard asked him what was in the bag ? my friend calmly replied ... Shit ? still did not stop them though .. he was escorted into a side room by armed police with his two children in tow .... he was made to undress , and guess what they found ..... a bag full of ... SHIT ?

Mind you i would not want not be on the plane if it did explode , fuck it if he can laugh about it then so can i .. still a fucking disgrace though .

18 February 2009 10:54

K. McEgan. said...

I've a million "stopped at airport" stories but a year ago went through Dublin.Two lines,one shoes removed,but mine shoes on.If "bombers" ever get wise to being white & wearing a suit yer fucked!

Anonymous said...

What the fuck are they looking for when they search the pilot? Something he could use to damage the plane?


Jesus Christ on a Fucking Bike. These people should have been euthanized.

(Just think how much the average IQ could increase if the Labour cabinet and everyone that voted for it were killed!)


Cato said...

Low taxes and and a weak state?

She means low morals and weak parents.

What a pile of shit that woman is!

an ex-apprentice said...

"I took a Swissair flight to Zurich yesterday from London City."

Topping up the safety deposit? I wouldn't advertise this if I were a rich bastard, like you.

And why don't you answer your fucking E-mail?

Katabasis said...

That comment from Polly is one of those you hear and wonder if the person who said it is even the same species as you.

Polly: "FOR FUCKS' SAKE!!!!"

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Quoted in the Telegraph today, a pilot who was searched and had his nail clippers stolen by security staff " Perhaps they thought I was going to hi-jack myself ?"

Also in the news, L'ill Alfies' Mum was in Court today to answer charges relating to his (alleged) non attendance at School.
" Too busy briefing Max innit " was her expected defence says an insider.

Leg-iron said...

Do they search air hostesses?

Are there any vacancies?

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