Thursday, 26 February 2009

OK thats enough now- stop it

I have just returned from the centre of my town, after a lunchtime meeting.

Over the Conservative Club in the centre of the town the union flag was flying at half mast FFS.

The loss of a six year old boy is a terrible loss for the parents, I know I have been there, two decades ago. However the suspension of PMQ's has elevated the death of young Ivan Cameron to that of the death of one of the elect that is the political class.The wall to wall coverage on his death and the linked loss of Brown's daughter, was overblown. This was a personal tragedy, not a National one. Yesterday members of of the 1st Rifles were cut down by a roadside bomb. For their families a personal tragedy, but the procession of bodies on a weekly basis through Wootton Bassett is a a National tragedy. I do not see flags flown at half mast here for these young men and women, or Parliament suspended out of respect.

Ivan was not a Prince of the Realm, the mawkish tone of yesterday was off key. Matthew Parris writes on this, and I think he is right.

In my humble opinion I am cynical enough about Brown to believe he did not want to answer anything about the FOI veto, The Post Office rebellion etc, manipulation of grief is an ugly thing.


Anonymous said...

How thoroughly distasteful. I guess they were hoping to attract the Jades of the world to their mawkfest.

"look, ah, aint it sweet, they got the flag at half mast. Lovely, they are so caring and cuddly I am gonna give them my vote."

Oldrightie said...

"In my humble opinion I am cynical enough about Brown to believe he did not want to answer anything about the FOI veto, The Post Office rebellion etc, manipulation of grief is an ugly thing."

I agree with that, OH. As for the flag, are you sure about why it was at half mast? It was standard procedure for dead soldiers years back. Today they are dying each day so ergo the flag should remain so until they all come home. Hopefully safely.
As for your anon poster, makes you seem a pussycat.

The Penguin said...

I do not believe that the McBroon has an honest corpuscle left in his body. The reason he gets away with wetting his trousers is the stench of general putrefaction is more powerful than the piss.

The Penguin

JPT said...

I have a very simple and brief theory about all of this on my blog today...

Guthrum said...

It was actually a blue flag with Conservative Association on it- but could not find a jpg with that on it.

K. McEgan. said...

Good God!The flag is lowered for Jade Goody "The Peoples Princess".

Mitch said...

The real tragedy of brown/blair is that I immediately thought that he would be relieved PMQs was cancelled rather than out of real respect.
Another nulab legacy...extreme cynicism.

Dick the Prick said...

OT - some ODSTED cunt on Rd4 who has no access to home tutored kids has just wittered on about kiddy abuse. And the cunt said 'a lot og my kids' - any teacher called my kid 'theirs' i'd frown at them, any ODSTED cunt said it I'd slot the fuck.


Prodicus said...

Spot on. Worse, the papers today are all in Diana mode. Sickening.

Goodnight Vienna said...

There are rules, surely, governing the placement of flags?

I don't know much about the protocol of vexillology but I would have thought that a half-mast Union Flag wasn't warranted.

Total fuckwits all - no knowledge of what it means to be English or British.

Woman on a Raft said...

There's something odd going on. By 10pm the BBC seemed to be lining itself up with Cameron in a political fashion; I'm not the only person who noticed it. My cynical take is that there is a cloud free-form rage and grief rolling around, even the police have noticed it, and yesterday Ivan's death acted as a lightening conductor for it. The BBC could sense it and didn't want to be on the wrong side of the audience yet again.

Mind you, that's the kind of abjectly pop soc thing Dolly would say, so it's probably bollocks.

The Economic Voice said...

When Her Majesty eventually dies I am expecting the flags to NOT be flown at half mast so as not to offend anyone and prove how ordinary she is.

an ex-apprentice said...

By your leave, OH, I re-post a comment by Mr S, relevant here:

stanislav's blues said...

The television is revolting. All across the marshaled, suited ranks of the twitterati is phoney sorrow; maufactured, expert-led grief; crass, vulgar sentimentality collides with the repulsive insincerity which only Gordon the Ruiner can muster; the nation, again, gorges on Death by Association.

Who made us into wailing, breast-beating Arabs; who turned the chamber of the house of commons into an episode of EastEnders -show some respect, you slags - who crashed the levee of taciturn self-restraint and Decency, Death's quiet, dutiful attendants. Who launched a Come All Ye, a national Festival of Sorrow ? Who made jelly of our stiff upper lip?

Time there was when heads would bow, kindly and wisely; this, they would recognise, sorrowfully, was a mercy, for all concerned; this would never endure. The grieving would find comfort in remembrance and among survivors; others would mind such business as was properly theirs.

Here, Ruin at our throats, awash in engineered and inappropriate mourning, we feast on the dead and bereaved, snarling at one another's greed.

26 February 2009 01:29

Old Holborn said...


Thank you for reposting

Stanislav is a very important voice in this wilderness. You can be sure that almost no one will hear his voice, but those that do, like startled marmosets, will prick up their ears in alarm.

Nevertheless, a wilderness it is.

The desperate seek colour, texture, flavour wherever they find it. They squeal with delight as they pull nuggets of fools gold out of putrid stream.

Yesterday, I was silent on the subject. I have no comment to make. All I can do is silently wish I am never in the same position.

I have no problem with the colour grey, bland landscapes, flat flavours. It's all part of a much much wider tapestry.

Go and see the grey, flat, flavourless landscapes at Ypres.

And wear your bright red poppy with pride. Once a year.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Is it normal practise for CEOs, or anyone else, to take two weeks leave on the death of their child ?

Slanderous Bob said...

Reminds me of this.

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