Monday, 2 February 2009

New Bus Advert Campaign

Courtesy of Devils Kitchen


JD said...

What a very good idea.....

s'No said...

Sorry, mate, buses don't run when it's snowing. Check back in May.

Daisy said...

well they just impeached our governor so we are aware of that fact even without the buses...the great state of illinois...where our governors (the last two at least) support the state by making their license plates...

Frosty said...

London is inches deep in...the white stuff among other things.

Anyone know if Al Gore is in London at the moment? He might benefit from a bit of reality therapy in the shape of a well-aimed snowball or two or three....

Oldrightie said...

The Govermnent (Gordon SnotGobbler) will do everything to keep it snowing. Keeps their shit of the front pages. So get it on the buses, would be fabulous!

Odin's Raven said...

Great idea, but who will bell the cat?

Ampers said...

Count me in for a financial contribution if it ever gets off the ground!

bofl said...

all working for themselves......

freebies all round/expenses/multiple homes/holidays/free flights/cars/food/shopping trips etc.........

all stolen......from us!!!...

i just watched the beeb lunchtime news........

GORDON BROWN does NOT have a fucking clue.....

a single man(?)who has had freemans all his life.just how and where did he get the money from to buy his expensive homes????????

GORDIE CAME OUT WITH SOME BILGE......i will translate:
you strikers will do as i say because you are peasants and will be sacrificed if i say so.....

yes.the pm supporting the uk as usual....

Anonymous said...

Cunts are useful this shower of shit are not.

Why foreign worker row will erupt into a headache for Gord said...

worker row will erupt into a headache for Gord


Published: Today

THE only surprise in the row over Grimsby’s foreign workers is that it took so long to erupt.
When jobs are scarce, why should skilled Brits stand idle while hundreds of Italians are imported.

For years we have been told what we can and cannot do by unaccountable Brussels directives.

Now in hard times, we are no longer prepared to put up with the lunatic attempt to turn the EU into an artificial nation state.

Europe’s overweening power, and the Government’s refusal to act, are turning migrant labour into a toxic new factor in this slump.

Gordon Brown casually handed strikers their slogan when he promised “British jobs for British workers”.

“Deputy PM” Peter Mandelson fears unemployment — here and in Europe — could unravel the EU.

Yet Mandy fuelled the blaze by telling strikers if they don’t like Italians taking our jobs, they should go to Italy and take theirs!

He should understand that this clash over foreign workers is just the first puff of smoke from the volcano.

This small island was never going to cope long-term with three million uninvited, sometimes unwelcome and often illegal, guests in seven short years.

Nor, as times get tougher, will we quietly accept the Government’s prediction of ten million more.

The strikes at oil, gas and chemical plants are only the start.

There are plenty more foreign-only deals waiting to explode, not least the £12billion Olympics where thousands of non-UK workers are being hired.


Brits of all backgrounds, including established migrants, have been simmering over immigration for a decade.

They were treated with contempt as Labour recklessly opened the door to countless newcomers.

Yes, the vast majority are decent, law-abiding workers, grateful for our hospitality.

But there is an ugly side to immigration we are not supposed to talk about...

Freeloading on the welfare state, jumping housing queues and mopping up health and welfare provision for which they have paid no tax.

Immigrants feature disproportionately in criminal violence.

Organised gangs from Africa, Albania and Asia run ruthless drug and vice rings. And ministers do absolutely nothing about it.

Labour champions equality but ignores its own natural supporters — hard-working tradesmen priced out by EU rivals.

Labour vigilantly imposes Health & Safety fascism yet turns a blind eye to migrants exploited as slave labour.

Unions hail the minimum wage as their greatest triumph while workers compete with foreign rivals who work all hours for what they see as a king’s ransom.

Labour decided long ago that all immigration is good.

If it raises tax revenue, the more the merrier.

All minorities, even those with no link to this country, take priority over the established population.

Inner cities are colonised by entire communities who live, pray, dress and speak as if they still lived in tribal villages.

Shockingly, there are 300 schools where English is not the first language.

Labour is obsessed with its diversity agenda, yet it sits mute as women in ghettos are kept ignorant, forced into marriage or, in some cases, murdered for refusing.

Row erupts ... Brits demand jobs for Brits
Any attempt to raise matters like this is denounced as “racism”.

Labour effectively silenced Tories with this ugly smear. Now they are being forced on the back foot because the same charges are being levelled from their own side.

Trevor Phillips, black chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, has spoken bravely about his party’s mistakes on race.


Past and present immigration ministers have talked about action, while at the same time waving in 150,000 workers a year.

Dagenham MP Jon Cruddas warns Labour MPs risk a dangerous threat from an increasingly strident BNP.

But it is Birkenhead rebel Frank Field who speaks up for the whole country.

“Stakes could not be higher,” he warns. “The men and women on these picket lines are not just fighting for their jobs, they are asserting their national identity.

“Anger should be directed at this Government.”

Couldn’t put it better myself.

Mr Blunkett Bus Driver said...

Scrap that red bus and buy a shiny new yellow one - or I'll set my dog on you!

AngryDave said...

What an amazing idea!
Although if i saw a bus with this on i would probably lagh so much i would crash.

Anonymous said...


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