Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New Apartheid

Following on from Leg Iron's excellent post below, I watched Lee Jasper on Channel Four news last night.

Lee Jasper. A self appointed spokesperson for black yoof. A champion of the victim. A complete and utter Hoon in fact.

Lee (who spent rather a lot of Londoners money on flash cars) has decided the only thing that can help black boys achieve more than 1 GSCE in knife sharpening is to remove them from the racist white education system.

So he wants to set up black only schools.

Never mind that Chinese, Asian and African kids are thriving in schools, the reason black kids are failing is because you, me and the education system are vile, filthy racists. Not the fact their Dads are useless wankers at all and that black culture is not geared to achieving anything at all.

Over my dead body Lee. Don't you DARE introduce Apartheid in my country. Too many people suffered and died to get rid of it elsewhere for you to simply ignore them. YOU are the vile little racist, not me.

Watch and note the Righteous who back him. They are the real enemies.


Arseholes said...

What a complete and utter divisive cunt that nasty piece of work is.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Another fantastic own goal coming up here.

Henry Crun said...

Love the piccie. Aaahhh those were the days....

The Penguin said...

Waste of skin, that leech on society Lee Jasper the corrupt cunt.

The Penguin.

Anonymous said...

May the bird of paradise fly up his nose.
He and his ilk are the true racists in our society.

Dick the Prick said...

Good sentiment OH as ever but are Jasper and his biatches the real enemy?

Aren't these uneducated niggaz the real enemy? The cunts that will rob, stab and rape your kids.

We all know education isn't working, and sure black fathers have a role to play but I couldn't give a fucking shit about how it's improved - just that something is fucking done.

Fuck it - try it, if it's shite, change it.

K. McEgan. said...

WE already have blacks only schools. Try Peckham.

Letters From A Tory said...

He is certainly asking for trouble with this. The last thing we need is some other idiot to draw a massive dividing line between different communities.

Anonymous said...

All together now, 'O Boereplas!, O Boereplas!, ek het jou lief, bo alles'


Old Holborn said...


It HAS been tried. In South Africa and in the Southern USA.

It doesn't work.

The only thing that will work is discipline at school and discipline at home.

But no one DARES to tell black people because the righteous will skin them alive and dip them in salt.

So everything that is done AVOIDS offending blacks but commits another generation of their children to crime, violence, servitude and failure.

Go to Nigeria as a black boy and try dissing your teacher or sucking your teeth at a policeman. Your feet won't touch the fucking ground.


Dick the Prick said...

I got raised by teachers and my bird of 8 years was a teacher and all her mates were teachers - bottom line - I fucking hate teachers - if they can't whinge then their word output drops to 1% of normal.

I don't give a toss if something appears racist, sexist, faithist(!!), ageist - just as long as it works.

I'm fed up with being lectured to by politicians with an agenda, with a philosophy or credo. Can the cunt do quadratic equations is all that matters.

Geez, all that needs to be done is authorize middle managers to make up their own minds and have devolved budgets, eliminate target crap and let teachers teach.

Education, health and human interest stories are 3 things that I will never be interested in (hopefully). Discipline is crucial - I fully agree.

zoomraker said...

OH joins the righteous brigade!

Dave said...

Wear your Robinson's jam badge with pride!

I'm not racist. I don't care what colour you are. I arrived in London in 1962 from the far west of Cornwall and I was as much an immigrant as all those from the West Indies. I will tell you this. Those first generation immigrants would hate the UK as much as I do.

Do these poor blacks not realise that they've been duped by the righteous? The righteous who used them as a meal ticket for years and years?
Who was it that made young blacks learn to play steel drums instead of learning their times tables? Who was it that so confused young impressionable blacks that they didn't know what nationality they were supposed to be. Who was it that mollycoddled and played up to their blackness so that they were in all respects illiterate and unemployable?
It wasn't me. It was the race relations and equality industry who feed on these poor people like leeches.
Who to blame? Not me.

It's the Phillips and Jaspers who are the villians. Wake up you stupid balcks and see who sold you down the river!!!!

Dave H said...

"Some of the greatest black leaders in the world - Dr Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, to name just two - attended all-black schools and universities."

What a parody. What an imbecile. What a cunt.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the likes of Lee Jasper should be given enough rope to hang themsleves.

Let them set up their black only schools with black only teachers and in a few years when the whole experiment's proven to be a shambles perhaps they'll have to face reality.

On the other hand it'll probably always be someone elses fault.

Philipa said...

You can't make it up. What a ridiculous conclusion for someone to make. I share your disgust, OH.

haddock said...

that cunt was annoying enough when he did the Halifax ads.....
old news about black only schools

head jasper said...

OBAMA! go to the black school boy!

odstack obama said...


But Sir! Sir! I want to go to Harvard and become President of the United States of America!

head jasper said...


Now don't be silly, Obama. Just do as I say and if you keep your head down you'll get to suck Mr Livingstone's dick like me. Shit. There's always one who wants to be different.

white power said...

no but im the victim

us poor whites in this country are the true victims

you know they had white slaves too

and those americans - giving black people the vote - its political correctness gone mad

"dave...im not a racist.."

fucking priceless

an ex-apprentice said...

Jasper! I'd forgotten about him. Why hasn't he been banged up yet? I thought Gilligan had him bang to rights?

mikey said...

Lee Jasper you fucking leech, scum sucking cnut. Do fuck off old boy...My grandfather fought slavery by hunting down slave ships off the coast of Africa in the early nineteenth century. My pedigree is quite 24 carat in that respect and I can look myself in the mirror every day because I have not, so far, encouraged Apartheid. Wanker...no wonder the newt lover loved your corruption.

mikey said...

actually my great, great grandfather..ahem...has another gin

Foxy Brown said...

And the msm have the audacity to call Carol Thatcher a racist.

When will the False flag event occur said...

Westminster and the EU are salivating at pushing the civil contingencies button.

tjn said...

from the wikipedia entry - 'The statement issued by Lee Jasper upon his resignation that his persecution was a "racist media witch hunt" organised by "London Tories and led by Boris Johnson"[citation needed] is now confirmed as fact.'

really?? that seems rather strong to me. would a libel lawyer agree?

spark up said...

the overriding problem with our education system is that it's compulsory. we get a choice between shit and shit and then get forced to pay for it. any parent who does not want the right to chose their children's manner of education is irresponsible. if people want to send their kids to 'black' schools, fine - we all know the fundamental motive here is finding the best school for the pupil in question - but, under the current gulag system, this scheme would simply afford already racist teaching staff the opportunity to pressurize 'undesirable' students into taking places at other 'special' schools, thereby reinforcing the existing culture of racial exclusion.

ps: old ho, i thought it was unemployed class white kids who were doing worst these days in state educational facilities? nevertheless, minority ethnic children would do far better in schools where racism was not a compulsory part of the curriculum - unfortunately, we do not currently have that choice.

Michael said...

Racist this racist that.


I've BECOME a racist because of all this shit since '97.

Never crossed my mind before, well done you facist left wing cunts you must be so proud.

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