Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Naughty Jackboot

Photo by Elvis

Jackboot says on her own website that she lives in Redditch

a 192 search shows she lives in Redditch and votes there

So why does she claim £116,000 for it as a second home? The thieving fucking witch.

Let's hang her

UPDATE: Oh look, she votes in London as well. How nice for her to have TWO votes when the rest of us are lucky if we get one.

She's actually not allowed to vote in two places unless she owns both of them,. according to section 4.13 of the guidelines. Naughty, naughty Jackboot . Perhaps she DOES own the London property and just uses taxpayers money to pay her sister "rent"? Who knows?

My my, she's a company Director as well! She doesn't mention that on her members interests? I wonder why not?


Anonymous said...

Well done.

Love it.


no longer anonymous said...

Haha, superb! Bring out the gallows!

Anonymous said...

Stuff her kebabs where the sun don't shine until she explodes.
Thieving scum

The Penguin said...

It's not just £116,000, that's just 6 years of 12.

The Penguin

Anna Raccoon said...

Respect Holborn!

Well done that man.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Any chance you could photochop that with stockings and jackboots?
I could do with a wank

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Some blokes prefer a woman in uniform...

wv: manti (quite!)

The Last Of The Few said...

John Lyon just announced no sleeze investigation.

No case to answer he says.

This lady has claimed 800K in exps since 2001.

Dave H said...

"Let's hang her" Be careful -that's incitement to violence.

It seems some 'diplomat' down at the gym said something similar about Israelis. He was thrown out (fair enough) but then the police arrived and he was arrested. What the fucketty-fuck has happened to my country?

Damo Mackerel said...

Maybe someone could do a spoof of Fergal sharkey's song you little thief?

I would but I'm crap at things like that.

Here's the lyrics:

You little thief
You let me love you
You saw me stumbling
You watched me fall
You left me broken
Shattered and bleeding
But there's no hard feelings
There no feelings at all

You little thief
You little savage
You little beauty
You little whore

You've taken everything
I had to believe in
Now there's nothing
To believe in at all

So tell me how does it feel
To make a grown man wanna die
Does it make you uneasy
Does it every cross your mind

You little dream
You little nightmare
You little nothing
You little girl

You left me broken ...
There's no hard feelings ..
Cos when I needed you
You watched me fall

bofl said...

i feel a need for a stroll......

how do the kids do it via facebook etc?



So much for being the mother of all parliaments......

more like a motherfucking rats nest!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

She is typical of the people that are supposed to 'serve us'. From the lowest local authority employee to the highest office in the land. They are ALL corrupt and treat their 'customers' with contempt. It's just a different level, that's all.

Sue said...

So she is lying. Her expense claims are fraudulent. Surely she has to be answerable now?

jacks said...

no no you see i do live in london really truly but due to security considerations i have to give the impression that i spend most of my time in redditch. it's just a little ploy to confuse the terrorists. honest. mi5 told me to do it and that's all secwet. so there.

The Penguin said...

If the cunt supposed to regulate MP's finances is this supine, he'll have to have some piano wire.

Still, if it means useless kebab stuffing Jacqui can remain as a lame-sitting-duck Home Economics Secretary, easy prey for any Tory or Lib Dump MP to slap on a dull day...

The Penguin

Guthrum said...

Vote early vote often, I bet she has got a postal vote as well

The Penguin said...

Blimey, does that mean that slum landlords have lots of votes?

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

you got a vote? i didn't get a vote.

Anonymous said...

ایران کےI will vote labour for you in Bradford صدر محمود احمدی نژاد نے امریکہ کی طرف سے مذاکرات کی

The Landlord

on the underground: playboy behind the times said...

is it all right to slag that cunt guido off on this blog?

i used to read the guido fawkes blog. it used to atract quite a lot of those long intellectual sort of comments. i never read any of them of course, coz i just liked to read the dirty jokes, but at least i could pretend to be interested in clever stuff. now it's all gone a bit short schrift n lightweight over there so i come here to keep up appearances. and you don't have to wait all month to see the fucking poxy stats either.

Arseholes said...

What a fucking bitch.

Anonymous said...

somehow, i don't think it would matter what you voted. but thanks for the offer Mr. The Landlord. it was a nice and giving sentiment. and i did'nt even have to pay. (can you imagine, getting something with the word 'Labour' in it for free? i will be laughing my head off for the rest of the day!)

bofl said...

more fucking lunacy.....


i am quite broadminded.i dont care if people are gay....

but leave 10 year olds alone!!!!

and stop wasting our effing money!!!!!

we are going to hell in a handcart and they STILL keep spending money like water.......

so what does it mean ' being gay'..???

will the nice constables tell the 10 year olds what buggery is?

perhaps they could provide demonstrations in schools between consenting officers?
if they dont agree then dismiss them for being homophobic!!!!!

if we go for a stroll maybe we should all claim to be gay?
perhaps plod would join in ??

Scan said...

Why are the age ranges different? Are they really the same person? I've never done a 192 search so don't know where the info's from. Apologies for being a novice.

Ruth Kelly's plaything said...

Scan said...
Why are the age ranges different? Are they really the same person?

Easy, mate. Living in Redditch ages you prematurely.

Oldrightie said...

"will the nice constables tell the 10 year olds what buggery is?"
They leave that to Snotty and Mandy.

bofl said...



Put either Timney or Jacqueline J Smith into a 192.com search

Using 239 Beoley Road East Redditch b988pb as the location and you will see that Both Jacquie and her husband Richard Jaqmes are registered as company directors at that address.

A simple google shows that the company operating from that address is M D Logisitics (WM) Ltd in Redditch MD Logistics WM Ltd is here to offer you and your company our courier services for your business needs.

Looks like miz Smith will be out driving the vans when she gets booted out of Parliament next year.Mr Timney must be very busy trying to fit this in around his full time job as Jacqui's secretary.

February 10, 2009 4:25 PM

looks like you have started something here.........

now what about the rest of them?

Tory Poppins said...

Absolute classic. Bravo!

mikey said...

What a big fucking surprise. Yet another endlessly replaceable, fat smelly, socialist f*ckpig (see also john prescott) with it's nose in the trough at my expense. Jackboot, you cnut, we really are coming for you and all your vile kind, once and for all...ain't long now you beeatch. Not one of my relatives fought world wars so slime such as yourself could fill your boots at my expense. Fine, you've done ok so far but those days are drawing rapidly to a close. We are going to change it all around...trust me.

Anonymous said...

How can she possibly get away with this? Is it because there is a deafening silence about this outrage from the opposition?

She is the Home Secretary FFS! She should be squeaky clean,have some dignity, not be a hard faced chancer!!

Hubby is on the payroll as well!

The Penguin said...


Dear Ms. Smith,

I am writing to you because I am concerned by the reports in the newspapers and on the internet about the amount of money that you have claimed over the years as an additional living allowance.
If the facts being reported are correct, and I have not heard of you refuting them, then you have claimed tax free allowances supposedly for the maintenance of a second home either close to Parliament or in your constituency so as to be able to effectively carry out your duties in those places. However, most reasonable people would not consider that lodging a few nights a week in your sister’s spare room and contributing to the household equates to maintaining a second home, let alone being able by some peculiar argument which defies logic that it is in fact your main home, thereby enabling you to claim the maximum possible within the guidlelines towards your home in Redditch as being a second home. After all, that “second home2 in Redditch is where you spend most (long) weekends with your family, including the husband who is on your payroll at taxpayers expense and who writes such nice letters to the local papers praising you.

How do you justify such behaviour? It may be within the rules as interpreted by other parliamentarians who are similarly taking advantage of an incredibly lax and overly generous system, but to the general public, including those who you would wish to vote for you at the next general election, and who do not have such a system of benefits and perks, that it is morally indefensible and completely unacceptable for an MP, let alone a minister of the crown to behave in such a money grubbing and insensitive way.

Many people would conclude that it is downright dishonest, and in any other walk of life would lead to criminal charges for deception and fraud. It is little wonder that people regard politicians with such suspicion and contempt, and little wonder that so few bother participating in our democracy. Are you proud of your behaviour? Do you think your children’s school friends will understand your position in claiming to have done nothing wrong, when similar behaviour by their parents would lead to prison? How is your case different to that of Michael Trend?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is o/t but Geert Wilders has been declared "persona non grata" by the British Government. He's due this Thursday (12th) and says, "let them arrest me in Heathrow." Have we really come to this?


Paul Pinfield said...

If anyone would like to ask Mr Timney about either his letter writing activities or whether he is living at his main residence, you could always call him on his mobile. His number is: 07884 103870.

No shit. Can you believe the Home Secretary's husband's mobile and landline number are posted on the internet? Beautiful...

zoomraker said...

wilders has been banned from visiting the uk.

there will be a complete news blackout.


Anonymous said...

'Great Britain is sacrificing freedom of speech,' said Wilders. 'You would expect something like this to happen in countries like Saudi Arabia but not in Great Britain. This cowardly act by the British government is a disgrace.'


Dennis said...

Dear Mr Penguin

I am in receipt of your communication, the entire contents of which I unreservedly reject.

With all good wishes,

Yours sincerely

J. Smith (Ms)

IanPJ said...

Wonder how many government contracts M D Logistics (WM) Ltd has managed to acquire.

someday said...


The Penguin said...

Write to your MP. http://www.writetothem.com/write

Dear Peter Bone,

Please would you press for a full investigation into the Home Secretary claiming Additional Cost Allowances in the circumstances widely reported in the media and not refuted. How can this be treated differently from the Michael Trend case which was exactly the same?

Yours sincerely,

The Penguin

Katabasis said...

Great work OH and others.

I'll be joining you, leaning on my MP etc.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Penguin,

Re: Your letter

Fuck off

Much love,


slushy mps said...

a disgrace to honest hardworking british dinnerladies countrywide. sentence to 800 years' spud-peeling duties.

Telly Tax Rebel said...

Ha Ha love the picture lol. Seriously tho mate be carefull or you'll be having a visit from the anti terror gestapo at your place of employment.

Shirking From Home said...

Just e-mailed this to LBC Nick Ferrari (who was wondering re. electoral register stuff)

Anonymous said...

Irony would be for an illegal immigrant working as a security guard to bleed that bitch in the name of islam.

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