Saturday, 28 February 2009

Modern Liberty - Fuck Off

It was an interesting day

I arrived in full costume at the Modern Liberty Convention in Cambridge, ready to do battle with anyone who wants to take my rights away

I was faced with 80 people from Academia

I watched two Labour Apparatchiks give the usual spiel of “ with us or against us” whilst grey haired academics nodded and tutted.

Those who say Nay, please walk through the “Noes” door.

Nope. This won’t work.

Two Labour Apparatchiks laughed their fucking heads off today, in the full knowledge that only 1 in 5 of us voted for them. They couldn’t have given a shit.

Tomorrow, academic papers will be published detailing the fall of democracy. Fucking historians.

Bollocks to this. The streets it is then.

God, I’m mad

Hat tip to Frank Fisher who put up a damn good fight.


Snowolf said...

'The streets it is then.'

No, to the ferries, the Eurostar terminal or the airport. That's the problem, too few people know or care enough to do anything about it.

It reminds me of the old sectarian joke about the boys from the Orange Order who pitch up at the gates of Heaven.

St. Peter asks 'What do you want?' They say 'We've been good Christians, we'd like to come in.' St. Peter laughs and says, 'The big man's pissed off with you, down you go.'

And they find themselves in the pit of hell, knee deep in boiling shit, and they cry out 'Lord! We didn't know, we didn't know!' And the beetles and snakes are biting them and eating their flesh, and they cry out 'Lord! We didn't know, we didn't know!' And the Devils of hell are stabbing at them with flaming pitchforks, feasting on their eyeballs, and they cry out 'Lord! We didn't know, we didn't know!'


People won't realise they've had the choice between a pup, a lemon and a limp lemony-Europup until the 'Police' 'knock' on their door at 3am.

Tory Poppins said...

I was looking for you every where in that photo!! Wonder where you had disappeared too? ;-)

The Grim Reaper said...

These apparatniks just don't get it, do they? Boy oh boy are they in for a shock over the next few years!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Are you saying Old Holborn that academe has been bought into Post Democracy in the hope and expectation of being left alone ? You'd think they would know better, especially the historians.

Anonymous said...

"Our liberties are safe with Labour" says Tom Harris MP, apparently blogging in his sleep.

I am so glad that everything is fine; I was beginning to worry!

Anonymous said...

o/t but anyone else see Mandy twat in full 'how very dare you' mode about the pension fat bastards?

What a cunt, who does he think he is??

wv - throtl - exactly.

Anonymous said...

o/t Motorway cameras let police and MI5 track all car trips across the country.


Shirking From Home said...

Illegitimus non carborundum

TOP secret contingency plans have been drawn up to counter the threat posed by a “summer of ­ discontent” in Britain.

Guthrum said...

Will Post later on the London Convention, Tom Paine sitting next to me has done a live blogging.

London was a bit more confrontational, a LPUK member got up and said you lot in the Westminster village have been wringing you hands,some of us are going to have to start civil disobedience and risk losing our jobs, when are you lot going to start risking yours?

Another woman, if I hear one more word about being a citizen I am going to spontaneously combust, I am not a citizen I am treated as a subject.

I was amazed Lord Goldsmith got out of there in one piece.

During the proceedings, the Police issued sec 44 notices to protesters outside the Convention, just how stupid are plod

More later

defender said...

Hang on to your breakfast when you read this.

REVEALED: 'There was no Cabinet debate in run-up to war,' says Short as Government refuses to release minutes

The Government is refusing to release minutes of Cabinet meetings before the Iraq War because they would reveal there was no discussion on the issue.
Details surrounding two crucial meetings on the eve of the conflict were laid bare for the first time yesterday when former Cabinet Minister Clare Short, who was present at both, gave a full account of what happened.
She told The Mail on Sunday the main reason for the ‘scandalous’ decision not to publish the minutes was not to protect confidential discussions about the war, but to cover up the fact there was no such discussion.

At the last Cabinet meeting, no debate on the legality of the war was allowed and Tony Blair, then Prime Minister, said brusquely: ‘That’s it.’
The official records would also put an end to claims by Gordon Brown’s supporters that, in private, he had grave doubts about the war, said Ms Short. In fact, he led the Cabinet campaign to accuse France of sabotaging British and American attempts to win United Nations support for the attack on Saddam Hussein.
‘It is extraordinary when you hear people like Jack Straw say that the Cabinet minutes cannot be published because you have to preserve Cabinet confidentiality and robust decision-making,’ said Ms Short, who resigned as International Development Secretary after the war.
‘The bitter irony is that what they are doing is concealing the fact there was no robust decision-making. The minutes will reveal there was no real Cabinet discussion about the Iraq War. That is the real scandal.’

Anonymous said...

Although it makes great reading, talk of taking to the streets is misplaced: it isn't going to happen the way you want. The only time 'the street' was effective was against poll tax, and don't we wish we had that now?

But it was the great unwashed, the workshy, the people who didn't pay rates and didn't want to, the fashionable left, the professional protesters, that took to the streets. Middle England didn't. They were at work.

That's the weakness of the lamp-posts and piano wire bit: we are the wrong audience. And lamp-posts are too high nowadays, without that convenient bit for ladders.

OK. is there a Plan 2?

Anonymous said...

People won't realise they've had the choice between a pup, a lemon and a limp lemony-Europup until the 'Police' 'knock' on their door at 3am.

Snowolf 00:17

Not even them I'm afraid. Any uprising will be as a result of the economy, nothing else. Only when they can't afford the licence fee to watch Eastenders, Coronation Street, et al, will anything happen.

The vast majority think this is just one of those recessions and, in a couple of years we'll be back to the good times. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Right now we are living in a bubble of government borrowings. The Shites in Charge are gambling they can keep on raising money until May next year. If they can't (and I don't think they will), the whole edifcie collapses - see Iceland. No dole money, no public servants paid, no pensions paid. Then there's trouble...

But, silly me, if there is a gilts strike, they'll print, won't they. Back to drawing board.

defender said...

is there a Plan 2?

01 March 2009 08:56

There is, but you will have to bleed a bit more before you see it.

JD said...

Anonymous said 8.56:

But it was the great unwashed, the workshy, the people who didn't pay rates and didn't want to, the fashionable left, the professional protesters, that took to the streets. Middle England didn't. They were at work.

Soon a great part of 'Middle England' will be out of work, so next time could be very different. 'Middle Englanders' have been employed while the workshy etc. have not, for good reason. They are good at getting things done, hence their record of employment. When they turn their talents to the task of social change we can expect results. I am optimistic that the spirit that won WW2 is still alive somewhere in Britain.

Delphius1 said...

The parallels with Nazi Germany are all too chilling. Acedemia went along with their grand plan until the whole country was under state control and then it was too late to protest as you'd more than likely lose you liberty or life.

defender said...


Sunday March 1,2009
By Geraint Jones
TOP secret contingency plans have been drawn up to counter the threat posed by a “summer of ­ discontent” in Britain.
The “double-whammy” of the worst economic crisis in living memory and a motley crew of political extremists determined to stir up civil disorder has led to the ­extraordinary step of the Army being put on ­standby.
MI5 and Special Branch are targeting activists they fear could inflame anger over job losses and payouts to failed bankers. One of the most notorious anarchist websites, Class War, asks: “How to keep warm ­during the credit crunch? Burn a banker.”
Such remarks have rung alarm bells in Scotland Yard and the Ministry of Defence. Intelligence sources said the police, backed by MI5, are determined to stay on top of a situation that could spiral out of control as the recession bites deep.
The chilling prospect of soldiers being drafted on to the streets has not been discounted, although it is regarded as a last resort.
What worries emergency planners most is that the middle classes, now struggling to cope with unemployment and repossessions, may take to the streets with the disenfranchised.
The source said “this potent cocktail is reminiscent of the poll tax riots which fatally wounded Margaret Thatcher’s government in 1990”.
Last night Scotland Yard vowed it was ready to face any threat. A source said: “We do have a policing plan in place and we have riot police officers trained for such measures.”
But other senior police leaders fear the force will be unable to cope.
Were that to be the case, the ­Government has a contingency plan to deploy troops on the streets of Britain’s major cities.

the rest here

Anonymous said...

OK. is there a Plan 2?

Thanks for the replies - it is refreshing that somebody out there reads this. But I don't quite agree with JD 9.48, because I have been there.

In 1990 a career mis-step saw me out of work and located in a very awkward place. So eventually a similarly-stricken colleague with contacts suggested we go into business together selling high-end software. We started in a potting shed rented at £50 a month, and had to make crippling decisions - shall we have a voice line AND a fax line? But it worked, slowly. We did not even know there was a depression on in the 90's.

That's the problem - work ethic. We found a way. Most people find a way. Even today most people will find a way.

The effort of 12 years buying a client base will not be overcome in the empty streets. So when Plan 2 arrives I will be listening.

Harrithebastard said...

Civil contigencies act , here we come.

If you have not got a plan 'B' then maybe now is the time !

defender said...

If you have not got a plan 'B' then maybe now is the time !

01 March 2009 10:16

When you can write this without the "maybe" then you will be up to speed, so to speak

Anonymous said...

"OK. is there a Plan 2?"

Yes, actually there is. And its one that doesn't involve going out onto the streets and rubbing shoulders with a load of smelly, professional protesters all wearing the exact same 'alternative' clothes.

You can find out more about that Plan B here :

Join The Resistance !

FrankFisher said...

C'mon OH, it wasn't that bad. For one thing, not one speaker from the floor agreed with or defended those two twats. There was, from where I was sitting, universal contempt. The chap sitting behind you who spoke of his "confession" - to trusting Blair on Iraq - represent millions. The feller sitting besides me who said he admired my speech that morning on net censorship represented millions more when he said that he had been scared of defending what had seemed indefensible, hadn't felt able to, but he could now. YES, this is in part a desperate effort by the centerist soggy left to subsume fury and put a social liberal cap on the building anger - and no one is more worried than me that twats like Chuka Umma might have a hand in writing our constitution. THAT is why I was there, and that's why they won't shake me off... Anything that comes from this *must* have a libertarian slant - that's up to people like us to ensure it happens. For fuck's sake, David Davis quoted Bob Heinlein... or at least he reckoned so, I think it was Arthur Clarke first. But a british politician calling on Robert Heinlein? Blimey. Who's next, Ayn? If it happens via this conventional route, great. If it doesn't.... it will happen.

It is the first day of Spring my old chum. Christ, these are interesting times.


Harrithebastard said...

Defender .

I put my plan 'B' into action five years ago.

I emigrated .

I 'got out' while it was still possible (and legal) before it became nesseccary to dig a very long tunnel .

I went past the 'up to speed' point a long time ago , so it's off to the pub for me ... and i am going to sit down have a pint and a smoke ! without me or the Landlord getting arrested for it .

defender said...

I put my plan 'B' into action five years ago.

I emigrated .

I did that once before from another place 30 years ago to the UK, thinking it would be safer and more benificial to my need for liberty. Some options remain for me to emigrate, but I will stay and fight this time.

Anonymous said...

Is there a list of the names and addresses of the 646 scum on the net?

Old Holborn said...

If you know where to look, yes

defender said...

North Wales British National Party on the streets of Wrexham Saint Davids weekend 2009

How fucking disgusting, vile and raciest.

Michael said...

The BNP are part of the "same shit, different pile" establishment.

Coconut said...

Michael 12:59 - I say give them a chance, they're the most different and these current lot are fucking useless.

electro-kevin said...

You libertarians face a formidable adversary ...

the Huge Comfy Sofa

Aaaargh !!!

Shirking From Home said...

They all look pleased with themselves whatever the outcome. Was the booze free and sponsored?

K. McEgan. said...

Didnt you just love Chakrabarti bullshitting away?The Belfast gig was mess well attended but I still got to dread my weird on Sinn Fein & the Orangistas!

Anonymous said...

Time to buy a crossbow.

time for change said...

Considering the BNP want out of the EU i cannot see how you can even begin to compare them to the rest.

We are currently nothing more than a satelite state of the EUSSR.

Until you withdraw from the EU you have NOTHING.

No democracy and no accountabilty.

The iron curtain is comming down and this side we are on the inside.

Anonymous said...

time for change 17:12 - I agree, the EU is a gravy train for those 'in the know'. Otherwise known as the UK parliament and ALL it's fucking 'constituents'.

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