Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Ministry of Truth protects its informant.

The BBC refuses to confirm who 'reported' the thought crime in Gollygate

H/T Raedwald


The Penguin said...

My money's on the adulterous brummie rather than the fat bag of poo.

The Penguin

pagar said...

Golly. What a fuss.

An unnamed informant is supposed to be mortally offended by someone comparing on unnamed tennis player to an old fashioned child's toy depicting a black man.

It is impossible to progress in any public sector environment without being vociferous about your PC credentials which is why they don't realise what wankers they sound to the rest of us when this kind of story breaks.

Anna Raccoon said...

Old Holborn!

Check your e-mail please!!!!!!!!

All Shook Up said...

She should have explained that she was only being "edgy".

Oldrightie said...

Should't Childs name be minus the 's'?
The little twerp supports West Brom, no wonder they do so badly. I hope is ex-missus gets a good settlement on the nasty little creep.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

There was some tart on R4's Toady programme this morning, breathlessly and robotically churning out a pile of PC crap in order to justify the demise of Carole Thatcher.

It seems that snitching is now an approved British trait. Lefty, PC bastards!

Old Holborn said...

I heard that tart on Radio 4 as well.

Frightening wasn't it?

Malthebof said...

Just shows that there will be no problem setting up the Stasi in GB

Anonymous said...

Who really gives a flying fuck? Bunch of parasites living off Browns propaganda service sack the lot of them.

TERRY WOGan said...

GollyGosh people, just because I have Wog in my name does not make me a racist.

Anonymous said...

The Brummie in question is of Balkan stock, could be why he got a job at Pravda in the first place.

Ethnic cleansing at the BBC, now that I would support.

Anonymous said...

He aint a fuckin brummie hes a yam yam,in another words a cunt from the black country West Brom or Wolverhampton or someother shithole,but he is an annoying pc shit,him and that fat ugly lefty toad id shoot em both!

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