Sunday, 22 February 2009

MEP's become millionaires and claim 47% pay rise

From those wonderful chaps over at the taxpayers alliance comes a shocking report that has been held in secret.

New research for the TaxPayers' Alliance and The Great European Rip-Off reveals that MEPs stand to get a 47% increase in their take home pay this year. Through a combination of increasing pay levels, a new lower tax rate for all EU officials and the plunging value of the Pound to the Euro, politicians in Brussels will see their pay rise hugely despite the rising unemployment being suffered by their consituents. As well as their soaring pay, the new book demonstrates that over and above their salaries an MEP can personally earn a further £1 million during a typical Parliamentary term through their generous allowances and expenses. The research note can be read here.

Key Findings:
After the European Elections in June 2009, British MEPs stand to get a 47% increase in their take home pay. MEPs currently earn the same as a Westminster MP, £63,291, on which they pay British income tax of 26%, leaving them £46,835 in take home pay. Three crucial changes in their pay arragements will increase their salaries sizeably:

i) After June, all MEPs will move to a new, standardised salary of €91,980 - at 2008 exchange rates, that is a pay rise of 16% to £73,584.
ii) At the same time, they will cease to pay British income tax and will instead pay a new, reduced EU tax of only 15%, boosting their take home pay to €78,183. At 2008 exchange rates that means their after-tax pay will increase from £46,835 to £62,546 - a 33% rise.
iii) The new MEPs' salary will be paid in Euros, which have gained greatly in value against Sterling since 2008. If exchange rates stay at around €1:88p, then MEPs will gain a further increase in take-home pay to £68,801. Going from earning £46,835 in take home pay currently to £68,801 under the new arrangements is a 47 per cent rise.

It has been calculated that due to the generosity and laxity of the MEPs' allowances, expenses and pensions system, it is possible for an MEP to personally save enough money to become a millionaire over their 5-year term.

Full methodology and calculations can be found in the research note itself, which can be read here.

Well, Hairy Moneyballs MEP, I know you read Old Holborn. Got anything to say for yourself, you bloated maggot?

It's not just me that's getting very close to hanging the lot of you.



Prodicus said...

It's called buying the pro-EU vote. Or 'stuffing their mouths with money'.

(If your numbers are correct, I'd like to know how MPs only pay basic rate tax on a £60k+ salary.)

Mike Shandals said...

hanging is to ogood for the moochers. they should all be lined up against the wall and shot through the throat so they can have a few minutes of excruciatingly painful reflection before they die.

Dick the Prick said...

It's not necessarily their fault tho is it? These cunts are just a pointless waste of space, money - fucking everything.

The European Parliament is a fucking joke - there needs to just be a bit of the FCO ratifying the Council of Ministers decisions rather than the abortion that exists now with opt out clearly demarkated thru Westminster - Nurse, nurse.......

Shirking From Home said...

Excellent post. They don't give a fuck. They need stopping. The EU has always been about shady deals and people making shit loads of money from them.

Extra piano wire all round.

Anonymous said...

How do they keep getting away with it? Little wonder that most mainstream politicians will not publicly speak out against the EU. It represents a potential second sitting at the trough

Mitch said...

Looks like we have to do it the old fashioned way

So if you've seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you then I would suggest you allow the fifth of November to pass unmarked. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me one year from tonight, outside the gates of Parliament, and together we shall give them a fifth of November that shall never, ever be forgot.

how about it?

Biluś said...

'Those wonderful chaps at the Taxpayer's Alliance', eh? Here's a more balanced assessment of this right-wing alliance.

Anonymous said...

There time will come, sooner rather than later. One hot summer, more immigration, more unemployed, more pitiful laws and less privacy, it will boil over.

Anonymous said...

What about this one then?

Britain's most powerful policing organisation has set up a private company to cash in on its own orders to send speeding drivers on retraining courses.
The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has told all police forces that from April hundreds of thousands of motorists should be sent on Speed Awareness Schemes rather than receiving penalty points and fines.
At the same time it has set up a new company which will earn millions of pounds running the only database recording which motorists are eligible for 'retraining'.
ACPO is already under fire after The Mail on Sunday disclosed that, despite setting police policy on everything from anti-terrorism to speed cameras, it is a private company - dubbed Police Chiefs PLC by this newspaper - with an annual income, mostly funded by the taxpayer, of £18million.
Now it is set to earn an estimated £5million a year checking speeding drivers' eligibility for the national Driver Offender Retraining Scheme.
The work is being done by ACPO subsidiary company Road Safety Support (RSS). It will oversee a database that holds records on whether speeding drivers are disqualified from taking a retraining course because they had already taken one in the previous three years.
According to the DVLA, this database was set up by the Government agency but in January 2008 was turned over to ACPO.
Now RSS has the job of running the database and police forces will be charged £5 for each driver's details checked. Last year 2.1million drivers were caught speeding in the UK.
If only half qualify for a training course, the company will generate an income of more than £5million a year by checking drivers' eligibility.
RSS also makes money from around 30 police and local authorities running safety camera partnerships.
RSS is yet to file accounts with Companies House but it has told local police that this operation will generate a turnover of £900,000 in its first year of operation.
It earns this money by charging speed camera partnerships a percentage of the £110million Government grant each area gets to spend on road safety projects.
The speed camera managers are promised access to RSS's self-styled 'Dream Team' of experts to combat 'loophole lawyers' who get clients acquitted of offences on technicalities.
But RSS lawyer Andrew Perry actually works for the Crown Prosecution Service and his work is already funded by the taxpayer.
Last night a CPS spokesman said: 'Andrew Perry is a Crown Advocate, employed by and paid by the CPS, who is seconded to work with Road Safety Support. RSS pay the CPS the full cost of this secondment.'
An ACPO spokesman said: 'ACPO is introducing speed awareness courses nationally. Driver Offender Retraining course attendance held with the Police National Computer. Administration will be provided by RSS.
'The database administration charge is £1.50. It is proposed that this will increase to £5. RSS does not make profits and any surplus will be returned to road safety initiatives

Anonymous said...

OH, you've made the same mistake many others do when complaining about politicians or others raking in big piles of cash.

You've used variations of the word 'earn'.

Although there are various definitions of the word I always see 'earn' as implying something was deserved, which is hard to see in this case.

Better to say they were paid, same thing but without any positive implication.

Anonymous said...

Biluś said... 12.40

"'Those wonderful chaps at the Taxpayer's Alliance', eh? Here's a more balanced assessment of this right-wing alliance".

Are you serious?

I would go with Old King Cole if he was able to stop apparatchiks from stealing my tax money. They should be prosecuted for theft, false accounting, anything, it is just crime. There is no excuse for their greed for my tax money. But it doesn't stop there, they steal your future as well, they control the levers, they dictate what you see and hear, just to push their own interests. National interest is a word my father used - it belongs in his era, you don't hear it now.

Your name sounds like Hungarian so perhaps your parents can explain to you how the nomenklatura lived on the backs of the people whilst screwing them down hard, and keeping them down. I worked with two Hungarians in Australia, one spent 7 years in Krasnoyarsk for being a diplomatic radio operator (on the wrong side) and was only pardoned in the Kruschev Amnesty. The other was a footballer and fighter pilot (Korea - 'easy to shoot down Americans') but had to eject on landing and destroyed his feet (crap Russian ejector seats). He was useless and sidelined. They didn't get a very good deal from the one-party state.

I don't support fascist organisations in any form and definitely want rid of a greedy, corrupt nomenklatura that use the system to enrich itself and hold others down. Quoting the Guardian to Libertarians is a real joke, almost sad. But I am not a Libertarian. That's funnier.

mikey said...

Congratulations Bilus. The shortest route possible to making sure everyone knows you are a retarded wanker is to quote that pointless sack of shit Toynbee. That fuckpig pretends she speaks on behalf of the working class. Trust me she doesn't, not now nor ever has done, likewise her twat of a father.

Biluś said...

And you do, Mikey? And 'those wonderful chaps' at the taxpayers alliance? That is a genius name, by the way, suggesting a kind of respectability and bringing most of us into their fold by stealth. If you're not keen on Saint Polly, then try this from another Guardian journalist:

There are about 30 million taxpayers, yet the "alliance" that says it speaks for us all was created by three people, now with seven full-time staff. The three founders, Andrew Allum, a former Conservative councillor, Florence Heath, a geologist and former Young Conservative, and Matthew Elliott, co-founder and former Tory researcher, are hardly representative. (Patrick Barkham)

Keen advocates for the working class, every one!

RW ;)

Biluś said...

No, not Hungarian, 'DZ/anonymous' - although your post is very interesting. Actually, though, I didn't say anything at all about the issue at question here, simply that I don't believe in basing an argument on biased evidence. And, imho, this is biased evidence because of the nature of this organisation.

mikey said...

Biluś said...
And you do, Mikey?

You cretin. I don't write for the guardian nor any other publication so the chances of me speaking on behalf of the working class are somewhat limited. I am however working class and am here to assure you that there are more of us in number than you guardian reading twats. But for that advertising rag that funds the guardian as a vanity publication it would not exist at all nor would pollytwat and her patronising "championoftheworkingclassesexcusemewhileivisitmytuscanvillapaidforbyidiotslikebilus"

Anonymous said...

Biluś said... 15.33

To me, your polite 'defence' doesn't work. The value or verity of evidence does not depend on the organisation presenting it. In my view, that is the classic authoritarian approach - the state is always right. It's fascist really. The only objective criterion must be the law. And not the crooked law of the one-party state. Reporting on a trangression is acceptable to me. Covering up transgression of the law is not.

BTW .... on release from the labour camp, my friend was allowed to emigrate (to Australia). At his first Christmas in his new home he received a Christmas card from the USSR consulate. No message. Just a card posted to his new address.

Biluś said...

Is that a promotion, Mikey? A retarded wanker to a cretin in two moves! Anyway, despite the wonders of your argument, you still seem to veer away from the whole basis of my point: are this handful of rightwingers who call themselves 'the taxpayers alliance' to be trusted or do you think they might just have a hidden agenda? And, more to the point, does this blog broadly go along with that point ('those wonderful chaps')? And if you think there might be an agenda, then isn't the basis of the blog post here similarly suspect?

Biluś said...

Anonymous/DZ said...
The value or verity of evidence does not depend on the organisation presenting it.

I agree with you. However, given that I have challenged the credentials of the particular organisation presenting this evidence, wouldn't it be reasonable to source the argument more widely. I don't see much of that going on here, I'm afraid (and, sorry DZ, but this is nothing like 'fascist').

ps I hope your friend sent a 'fuck you' reply to his tormentors. :-)

Katabasis said...

Bilus have you perhaps attempted something as breathtakingly rational as reading the auditor's report that the TPA have republished?

Anonymous said...

Biluś said... 16.40

No, he didn't - he was too scared.

But, just to end my side, 'fascist' has become a term of abuse. I don't use the word abusively, just descriptively, for the mind-set that cannot accept dissent and is set in the modern version of the bureaurocratic - state business - military group.

BTW I saw a little bit of fascism in Russia during the Brezhnev era and (now I guess you are Polish) in Warsaw at the same time, just at the very beginning of Solidarity when reading one of their posters on a church wall was dangerous.

Biluś said...

I'm neither Polish nor scared - good try! I just decide not to trust information from an organisation made up of jaded Conservatives and whose biggest donors also give money to the Conservative Party (or is it all okay for you if they are 'Lords'?)

Anonymous said...

Biluś said... 16.40

It was my Hungarian pal who was too scared to say 'boo' to the Soviets, not you!. Still, he learnt to be a tailor in the camp and taught me how to iron shirts properly. I win, he lost.

This could go on .... OK ...

So why trust information in the Guardian?

They don't have a 'balanced assessment' they verge from the hard Left to ecomentalists. Although Non-Conformism shows through sometimes and is very readable.

and Lords?

You mean, like Mandelson? And those crooks selling access to Amendments?


Biluś said...

lol - apologies, DZ, 'too scared' looked like a follow-on from Katabasis' comment!

I agree, it's getting to a natural end, but you do ask...

The Guardian has a good reputation as a news source, based on a very long history - their their editorial code states that “A newspaper’s primary office is the gathering of news. At the peril of its soul it must see that the supply is not tainted.”

I've just always found them reliable.

and Lords? Let's just get rid of these embarrassing and phoney bloody titles, for goodness sake!

Do Widzenja, Biluś :-)

Katabasis said...

Do I take that as a 'no' Bilus?

Biluś said...

Katabasis, of course I haven't read the 'auditor's report that the TPA have republished' - in the same way that I didn't read the auditor's reports of any number of failed banks here in UK and around the world, which I'm sure were similarly squeaky clean. This is because: 1) i have a life; 2) it doesn't make them more trustworthy; 3) even if one did lay great store in such documents, the fact still remains that 'those wonderful chaps' are clearly a splinter group from the ultra-right Conservative Party - and for that, I don't trust them!

Right, my last word - do widzenja and milego wieczoru to you, Katabasis :-)

Anonymous said...

I doubt government employees (MEP's) will be paid in foreign currency.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Prodicus - given that (at present levels, anyway) the upper rate of UK income tax kicks in at about £40K gross, then the numbers quoted by the TPA aren't accurate...unless there's some sort of exemption that states MEPs only pay basic rate.

wv: doughso - quite appropriate!

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